OLAC Report for 2004
OLAC - Open Language Archives Community - www.language-archives.org
Steven Bird and Gary Simons

OLAC, the Open Language Archives Community, is an international
partnership of institutions and individuals who are creating a
worldwide virtual library of language resources by: (i) developing
consensus on best current practice for the digital archiving of
language resources, and (ii) developing a network of interoperating
repositories and services for housing and accessing such resources.

OLAC was launched in 2000, and now has some 30 participating
repositories with about 30,000 documented language resources
(articles, corpora, tools, etc).  These can be searched using the new
interface hosted at the Linguistic Data Consortium.  Features include
result summaries by archive, result ranking, approximate language name
matching, and country-based searches:


OLAC now invites language resource providers of all kinds to
participate by contributing resource descriptions in a standard XML
format.  For more information, please visit www.language-archives.org
and join the OLAC-General mailing list.