Exhibitor Chairs Report for 2004

Deborah Dahl, Exhibitors Chair

Antonia Marti, Local Exhibitors Chair

Fortunately, as the ACL is going to take place in the context of the
Forum of Cultures, the Forum provides the facilities and some services
for free.  So far, we have:
two one-day exhibitors: Answerbus and Forsip;
three book exhibitors (Benjamins 22-23, Elsevier 22-23, and
CambridgeUP 22-24);
and, as Exhibit space is also included with Platinum, Gold and Silver
sponsors, we need to add another exhibitor (Comprendium).

Local Research Groups are given an exhibit space to (CLiC, Centre de
Llenguatge i Computaci_, from the University of Barcelona and GLICOM,
Grup de Linguistica Computacional from the University of Pompeu

Point for discussion:

In addition to the contact list mentioned in the Sponsors Report, we
can provide a list of about 50 Spanish companies, which we have used
for individual mailings.