CUP/ACL Book Series "Studies in Natural Language Processing"

Steven Bird and Bran Boguraev

The goal of Studies in Natural Language Processing is to identify and
publish state-of-the-art work on topics of interest to the CL/NLP
community. Feedback from sales suggests that interest in the
community is maintained at level similar to prior years; levels of
sales are in line with the types of scholarly books that have been
published recently.

The series has a new acquisitions editor at Cambridge University Press
(Helen Barton), based in the Cambridge office.  The series is
undergoing a renewal and reprofiling process with the Press, and we
welcome proposals for books addressing current research topics in
CL/NLP.  Breadth of scope and audience is of particular importance.


1. Books published during the last 12 months:

0521650585 HB ASHER/LASC Logics of Conversation SNLP  7/1/03

2. Book projects approved, with manuscripts under review:

* Masterman,M. "Language, Cohesion and Form"
  Edited, and with an introduction and commentaries by, Y Wilks
* Daelemans/Bosch "Memory-Based Language Processing"