Computational Linguistics Book Review Editor's report 
Graeme Hirst
June 2004 


In 2003, published an average of two book reviews plus a couple of
brief notices in each issue of Computational Linguistics.   As
predicted in my report last year, this number was much lower than in
2002 (five reviews per issue), as the number of books published in
computational linguistics and closely related areas has dropped
noticeably over the last year or two.  At present, it looks like the
average will be three per issue in 2004.

Most reviews are published in a timely manner -- that is, within 12
months of receipt of the book.  This allows six months for the
reviewer (some take less) and five months for journal production.


I am continuing to be fairly strict in deciding if a book is to be
reviewed, but try to include all books that are in "core"
computational linguistics, as well as a variety of books from
adjacent and overlapping disciplines that are likely to be useful in
CL.  We do not review technical reports, doctoral theses, conference
proceedings, or workshop proceedings, except if revised for
publication as a book by a recognized publisher.


I am indebted to Nadia Talent for long hours of reading out loud with
me to check the galleys.