ACL 05 local arrangements report
Dragomir R. Radev

ACL 05 will be held jointly with NAACL in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The
conference site will be the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

The dates are set to be June 25 to June 30, 2005. We will be following
the standard schedule: the tutorials will be on the first day, the main
conference will follow during the next three days, finally, the
workshops will be on the last two days.

The general conference chair is Kevin Knight. Local arrangements chair
is Dragomir Radev. The local committeeincludes Steve Abney, Joyce
Chai, San Duanmu, Kurt Godden, Acrisio Pires, Martha Pollack, Rich
Thomason (associate chair), Keith van der Linden.

The local chair and associate chair will be supported by the
Conference Management Services at the University represented by
William Vlisides and his team.

Ann Arbor is located in southeastern Michigan, less than an hour from
Detroit.  It's small but cosmopolitan, with many restaurants, museums,
galleries, and cultural opportunities. Most activities are reachable
by foot or taxi or AATA buses.

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, is one of the largest, most
diverse, and most prestigious centers of learning in the United
States.  The University has three campuses in Ann Arbor, over 50,000
students, and --- a startling statistic --- more graduates than any
other university in the world.

Michigan's Central Campus includes the 80-acre Medical Center, the Law
School with its picturesque ``quad,'' Hill Auditorium, the Rackham
Graduate School building, the ``Diag'' where students hang out, as
well as many other historic buildings.

Nearby is the Arboretum, with its flower gardens, fields, and forests,
through which the Huron River runs.  The Arboretum is a favorite spot
for jogging, walking, picnicking, and just relaxing.

The University's North Campus is home to the schools of Engineering,
Music, and Architecture and Design.  To the south is the Athletic
Campus, which includes stadiums and arenas for University of Michigan
varsity teams.

The shopping area immediately to the northwest of Central Campus has
many new and used book stores, including the original Borders, as well
as shops and restaurants.

The Main Street area, a few more blocks from Central Campus, is a
great place to dine, shop, and stroll.  Attendees can eat dinner at
any of a large number of excellent restaurants, sample fresh beer at
one of Ann Arbor's three brewpubs, or listen to live music at The Bird
of Paradise jazz club or The Ark.

The Kerrytown area of Ann Arbor is several blocks further to the
north.  The Farmer's Market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday;
indoor Kerrytown shops are open every day of the week and include
everything from fish markets to flower sellers to designer clothing
stores.  Just around the corner you'll find Zingerman's, Ann Arbor's
famous New York-style deli, one of the most popular eateries in the

The corporate side of Ann Arbor is flourishing.  Industrial parks and
new corporate complexes house such companies as Domino's Pizza and
Borders Group, Inc., all of whom have made their headquarters
here. Additional major companies such as Pfizer have research
facilities in the city.

Ann Arbor is home to numerous museums, parks, galleries, and shops,
including the Hands-On Museum, University of Michigan Exhibit Museum
and Planetarium, Matthaei Botanical Gardens as well as several outdoor

An Ann Arbor events listings and restaurant guide can be found at Other relevant URLs are and .

Ann Arbor is easy to reach by air, rail, or highway.  An Amtrak
station is located less than two miles from the University of
Michigan, and Detroit Metropolitan Airport is a brief 30-minute drive.
Detroit Metro is a hub airport for Northwest/KLM, and direct flights
link Detroit to a large number of cities around the world, including
London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Osaka, and many other

The Ann Arbor area has an unusually large number of hotels for a town
of its size.  There are two hotels within walking distance of Central
Campus: The Bell Tower Inn, and the
Campus Inn, . We have reserved rooms
in both of these hotels as well as two other hotels which are not
within walking distance. Transportation from and to these other two
hotels will be provided on a schedule to be announced later. Additional
hotels are also available:

Students will be able to stay in campus dormitories which are within
walking distance from campus.

There are a large number of parking garages in the Central
Campus area, and temporary parking stickers are available for a fee.

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