REPORT by Dragomir Radev


o The ACL Web site is getting significantly more popular. From June
25, 2001 to June 25, 2002, the top-level page has been accessed
273,000 times. That is an average of 748 hits (accesses) per day
(or an increase of 8% over the previous year).


o A vote for an ACL constitutional amendment was carried out
electronically on the ACL Web site.

o A new online election will be held soon after ACL-02.


o The ACL NLP/CL Universe, the catalog of Web-based NLP/CL resources,
has grown at a steady rate. Since last year there has been a 10.1%
increase in the number of pointers, bringing their total from 2279
to 2509. There are now 332 personal pages, 641 pointers to various
resources (corpora, software, etc.), 366 academic or industrial
labs, departments, and institutes, 65 professional organizations,

Babawole Akin-Aina has been in charge of adding new entried to the
Universe. Mary Taffet helped a lot too.

o The mailing list acl-news is used to announce new additions to the
NLP/CL Universe. Currently, the list includes 587 subscribers, an
increase of 60 since last year.

o The unofficial Natural Language Processing FAQ (list of Frequently
Asked Questions and Answers) is still available through the ACL
Volunteers are sought to contribute to the list.

o A major new initiative is the ACL Anthology, an online digital
library consisting of all ACL, ANLP, NAACL, and CL journal papers
ever published. More on the Anthology in Steven Bird's report.


o ACL members should make an attempt to announce all events,
resources, or personal and lab pages to the site using
the on-line URL submission mechanism.

Please feel free to send me mail with suggestions or comments