Computational Linguistics
Squibs and Discussions report for 2001
Pierre Isabelle, Squibs editor

At the beginning of year 2001, there was only one submission in the
pipeline. In the course of year 2001, 11 additional papers were (re-)
submitted. At the end of the year, there was only one submission left
in the pipeline. Thus, 11 decisions were made during year 2001. The results
were as follows:

* 4 papers accepted
* 4 papers rejected
* 3 invitations to revise and resubmit

The mean time taken for these 11 decisions was 83 days.

The geographical distribution of the 11 submissions by location of
first author was:

* Asia: 1
* Europe: 6
* Israel: 1
* North America: 3

Thus far, 4 papers only have been (re-) submitted in 2002.