SIGMOL Report for 2002
During the past year, the activities of the
Mathematics of Language (MOL) SIG have included:

+ a joint Formal Grammar/Mathematics of Language Conference
last August in Helsinki in conjunction with the
European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information
(ESSLLI), including invited lectures by Jaakko Hintikka
and Aravind Joshi, and a symposium on Model-Theoretic
Syntax with contributions from Geoff Pullum (keynote),
Patrick Blackburn, Jim Rogers, and Uwe M"onnich; for
conference information, see:;
for the program,
The proceedings of the conference are being published
by Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science,
volume 53, accessible via the ENTCS home page at
a selection of the papers will appear in a special issue of the
Journal of Language and Computation, in preparation;

+ a one-week workshop during the first week of the ESSLLI
summer school, with presentations by Christian Wartena,
Aravind Joshi, Yiannis Moschovakis, Michael Moortgat
& Dick Oehrle, and Ed Keenan;

+ a MOL-sponsored symposium at the 2002 AAAS Meeting in Boston, entitled
`Reconciling Expressivity and Tractability: Finite State Methods in Natural
Language Analysis', with contributing talks by Aravind Joshi, Ron Kaplan, Lauri
Karttunen, Steven Bird, and Richard Sproat.

+ Jim Rogers was elected VicePresident (2001-2003)/PresidentElect (2004-2005).

The MOL community would like to acknowledge their gratitude to Larry Moss
for his contributions as President for the past two years.

Dick Oehrle
MOL President
20 June 2002