SIGLEX Report 2002

At ACL01, SIGLEX held the SENSEVAL-2 wokshop. SENSEVAL-2
was an evaluation event in which there were Word Sense
Disambiguation exercises for twelve languages, with around ninety
participating systems from thirty-five research groups. The workshop
was attended by 86 people.

Following SENSEVAL-2, it became evident that, while the exercise was
clearly a success, some people felt that the highly informal
organization should be regularized. Thus we set up SENSEVAL as an
organization with its own committee and constitution, answerable to
ACL-SIGLEX. We sought candidates for Chair and committee, and in the
event returned Phil Edmonds (unopposed) as Chair, with a committee of
nine, all of whom had been organisers or participants in SENSEVAL-2.
This group is now proceeding with an ACL-02 workshop:

Word Sense Disambiguation: Recent Successes and Future Directions
co-chairs: Phil Edmonds, Rada Mihalcea (to incorporate a special
session on Prepositions, chaired by Patrick st-Dizier)

which will look forward towards SENSEVAL-3. A Special
Issue of the Journal of Natural Language Engineering (editors: Edmonds
and Kilgarriff, publication: early 2003) also came out of SENSEVAL-2.
SENSEVAL also has a mailing list, see

SIGLEX took a role in initiating the First Conference on Global
WordNet, in Mysore, India, in January 2002, in which 81 people from
19 countries participated.

SIGLEX is also sponsoring another workshop at ACL-02:

Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition (chair: Joseph Pentheroudakis)

and is co-sponsoring, with SIGSEM, the 5th International Workshop on
Computational Semantics, in Tilburg in January 2003.

Adam Kilgarriff