Report on SIGGEN 01-02

CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: The major NLG event of the year is INLG-02,
which SIGGEN is sponsoring and supporting. It will be held in Columbia
University's Arden House, near New York City, just before ACL. For
more information see the conference web site at
SIGGEN did not this year receive any requests to offer "support
in name" for NLG workshops. This is probably because there are no
specific NLG events this year other than INLG. This would be worrying
if it marks the start of a trend, but we hope it is just a one-off
blip, and that next year we will again see NLG workshops either stand-alone
or as part of other conferences.

MAILING LIST AND WEB SITE: One technical change, which is that the
mailing list was moved to a new server. But in general both seem to
bw working well, and providing useful information to the community.

ELECTION: An election was held for new board members. Owen Rambow and
Helmut Horacek replaced Daniel Marcu and Keith vander Linden as
permanent board members, and Noemie Elhadad replaced Irene Langkilde
as student member.

CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES: Comments were solicited from the community on
a formal constitution, and a draft constitution was posted on the
SIGGEN web page. We expect to discuss the constitution at INLG-02,
and then hold a formal acceptance vote.