REPORT by Dragomir Radev

My term started in January 2002 so there is not too much to report.

Breaking news: as of today (June 28!), the NAACL exec finally has
check writing privileges!

  1. NAACL-01 conference finances. Alon Lavie had done an excellent job
    keeping the conference books so even that task was quite easy for
    me to approve his numbers. After consultations with Priscilla
    Rasmussen and Kathy McCoy, the following are the final numbers for

    Income: $202,927.25
    Expenses: $159,945.34
    Surplus: $42,981.91 of which $33,104.27 belong to NAACL. The
    rest goes the the different SIGs that had workshops at the 2001

  2. ANLP/NAACL-00. The books have been successfully closed. The NAACL
    portion of the surplus amounts to $3,275 which, added to the
    NAACL-01 surplus, gives us a total of $36,379.27.

  3. NAACL shadow account. The NAACL exec, in consultation with the ACL
    exec, decided to create a shadow account for NAACL which will
    include all surplus from ANLP/NAACL-00 and NAACL-01 as well as
    future NAACL events. The account will be used for the following
    purposes: JHU summer school, advances for NAACL-HLT-02, as well as
    for current expenses.

  4. JHU summer school. The NAACL exec decided and the treasurer
    approved $10K from the NAACL budget to be used to fund students to
    attend the newly revamped JHU summer school in Baltimore and to
    also register for ACL-02. Ten students out of 51 applicants were
    funded, with amounts ranging from $475 to $1,225. Owen Rambow's
    report will describe the summer school in more detail.

  5. 2002 NAACL conference. There is no separate NAACL conference in 2002
    (ACL-02 subsumes the NAACL meeting) so there are no numbers to
    report. However, after the SIGs get paid off, the surplus of the
    conference will be shared between ACL and NAACL.

  6. NAACL-HLT-03. A decision was made to create an account with $5,000
    in it for Ed Hovy, Marti Hearst, and Mari Ostendorf for use (after
    NAACL exec approval) for expenses related to the 2003
    conference. As of this time, the account has not been used.

  7. Getting funds from NAACL. If you are organizing an NAACL-related
    event or if you think that you may incur NAACL-refundable expenses,
    please send mail to the treasurer ( first. It is
    highly unlikely that you will get reimbursed if you don't get an
    email confirmation from me before you incur the expenses.