CUP/ACL Book Series "Studies in Natural Language Processing"

Bran Boguraev and Steven Bird

The goal of Studies in Natural Language Processing is to identify and
publish state-of-the-art work on topics of interest to the CL/NLP
community. Feedback from sales suggests that interest in the
community is maintained at level similar to prior years; levels of
sales are in line with the types of scholarly books that have been
published recently. The editors welcome proposals for new book

The series is currently migrating between Acquisitions Editors at CUP,
from Andrew Beck to Andrew Winnard, and moving the series headquarters
from the CUP office in New York to the CUP headquarters in Cambridge.
The series will shortly be up for renewal.


1. Books published during the last 12 months:

0521631963 HB KIRAZ Computational Nonlinear Morphology 12/17/01
0521780489 HB BUSA/BOUIL The Language of Word Meaning 01/15/01

2. Book projects approved, with manuscripts under review:

* Wilks,Y., "Machine Translation; Its Scope and Limits"
* Karttunen,L. & "Finite State Morphology"

3. Forthcoming titles, without projected publication dates:

* Asher,N. & "From Discourse to the Lexicon:
Lascarides,A., Interpretation in Context"
* Basili,R. et al., "Lexical Acquisition for Practical NLP Systems"
* Carroll,J., "Practical Natural Language Parsing"
* Wilks,Y. "Language, Cohesion and Form:
Selected Papers of Margaret Masterman"
* Carl Pollard "Generalized Phrase Structure Grammars"