Guidelines on Travel To PC Meeting

For travel to the PC meeting, ACL would greatly appreciate it if those
PC members who can find either partial or total support would do so.
For those who cannot, the ACL will cover the travel expenses
associated with the meeting.  PC members who need travel support
should make sure that the PC chair is aware of the situation and is
kept apprised of the needed funding.  ACL will only be reimbursing
economy (coach) fares.

The ACL Secretary/Treasurer has asked that we pass on the following

"As the ACL succeeds in involving people from all over the world in
its meetings, the associated travel costs have risen substantially.
In order to keep conference registration fees as low as possible, we
ask you to support your travel through other means if at all
possible. We realize that in this time of limited research funds, that
is not always possible and thus, if you do need support ACL will
reimburse travel expenses. We ask that you keep your travel as
economical as possible.  We will expect people to keep airfare under
$500 when overseas travel is not needed (e.g., travel within the US or
Europe), and airfare under $1000 for overseas travel. ACL will not
reimburse for airfare above this amount unless explicit approval is
given by the Secretary Treasurer (Kathleen McCoy,
*before* ticket purchase."

How to handle reimbursements:

The easiest way to handle reimbursements is for the PC chairs to
handle the individual reimbursements locally at the time of the PC
meeting.  This can be done by requesting the lump sum from the
business office in advance, and either opening a temporary checking
account or using an existing account for the purpose of writing the
checks.  The travelers should include original receipts with their
requests, and these receipts and an accounting of the individual
reimbursements made should be given to the Business Manager shortly
after the meeting.

We recognize that every situation is different and that all
possibilities cannot be anticipated.  Thus, we anticipate that special
arrangements may need to be made to handle the situation at any given