Basic Timetable

The generic timetable for organizing the conference, from which a specific one can be built.

1. Phase I : A Glint in the Eye

2. Phase II : Making it Known

3. Phase III : Building the Structure

4. Phase IV : Assembling the Details

5. Phase V : Getting Close

6. Phase VI : Conference!!

1. Phase I: A Glint in the Eye

T-20 months: Issue Call for Bids


T-17 months: Accept preliminary call and select main candidates

ACL Exec

T-16 months: Accept bid

ACL Exec and principal bidder

T-13 months: Finalize location and dates

General and local chair (see local-arrangements-chair)

T-13 months: Finalize Local Arrangements Committee

Local chair (bidder)

T-13 months: Create Sponsorship Committee

General and sponsorship chairs (see sponsorship-chair)

T-13 months: Create and issue initial conference announcement

General, program, local, and publicity chairs

T-13 months: Establish website

General and local chairs; webmaster (see webmaster)

2. Phase II: Making it Known

T-12 months: Create and disseminate Call for Participation

General and local chairs; Priscilla

T-12 months: Create and disseminate Call for Papers

General, program, local, and publicity chairs

T-13 to T-4 months: Apply for funding

Sponsorship committee

T-11 months: Assemble program committee

Program chairs

T-11 months: Solicit tutorials, workshops, and demos

Tutorial, workshop, student, demo, and program chairs

T-9 months: Select tutorials and workshops

Tutorial, workshop, program chairs

T-9 months: Issue workshop calls for papers

Workshop and student chairs

T-9 months ongoing: Locate and sign up exhibitors

Exhibits chair

3. Phase III: Building the Structure

T-8 months: Update financial picture

Program and sponsorship chair

T-7 months: Accept and distribute submitted papers

Program chairs

T-7 months: Finalize invited speakers, panelists, etc.

Program, workshop, sponsorship chairs

T-7 months: Confirm venues

Local chair

T-7 to T-5 months: Apply for corporate funding

Sponsorship committee

T-7 months: Arrange conference social program

Local chair  (see local-arrangements-chair)

T-6 months: Process workshop submissions

Workshop and student chairs

T-6 months: Call for demos

Demo chair

T-6 months: Find Proceedings printers

Program chairs

T-6 months: Update website

General chair

T-6 months: Create and issue registration form

Priscilla, general, program, and local chairs

T-6 months: Plan registration process

Local chair

T-5 months: Process reviewed papers and create program

Program chairs

T-4 months: Collect Proceedings descriptions

General, program, workshop, tutorial, exhibits chairs

T-4 months: Set up exhibit

Exhibits chair

T-4 months: Arrange demos

Demo chair

4. Phase IV: Assembling the Details

T-3 months: Update financial picture

Program and sponsorship chairs

T-3 months: Confirm local events

Local chair

T-3 months: Confirm invitees

Program, tutorial, workshop, demo, student, exhibits chairs

T-3 months: Finalize exhibit spaces

Exhibits chair

T-3 months: Set up demo AV equipment

Local chair (see local-arrangements-chair)

T-3 months: Advertise conference

Publicity chair and Priscilla

T-3 months: Receive final papers and create Proceedings

General, program, tutorial, workshop, demo, exhibit, sponsorship, student chairs

T-3 months: Create tutorial and workshop material

Tutorial, workshop, and student chairs

T-2 month2: Assign session chairs

Program chairs

T-2 months: Finalize on-site admin

Local chair (see local arrangements chair)

T-2 months: Create conference registration material

General, program, tutorial, workshop, student, exhibit, local chairs

T-2 months: Give registration update

Priscilla, local, and sponsorship chairs

5. Phase V: Getting Close

T-1 month: Perform local outreach

General and publicity chairs

T-1 month: Finalize all Proceedings and tutorial material

Program, tutorial, workshop, student, exhibit, demo chairs

T-1 month: Finalize demo AV equipment

Local chair

T-1 month: Give registration update

Priscilla, local and sponsorship chairs

T-1 month: Finalize registration package

Local chair (see local-arrangements-chair)

6. Phase VI: Conference!!

T: This is it. Enjoy it. There will always be last-minute problems.

Author: Eduard Hovy, 1998, from timetables of previous AMTA conferences
Updates: Eduard Hovy, from AAAI conference schedule and notes by Marie Meteer.