Policy on General Student Travel Funding for Conferences

The following comprise a set of guidelines for awarding travel grants from funds designated for general student travel. It does not pertain to funds that are specifically earmarked for a particular purpose, such as an NSF grant awarded to the student research workshop.

The student workshop chairs make recommendations to the treasurer and the general conference chair about who should receive travel grants and the amount of each grant. The final decisions are made by the treasurer and the general conference chair. Students receiving travel grants are expected to serve as student volunteers so that their registration fee is waived.

The student workshop chairs are responsible for doing the following:

Students will be reimbursed by the office manager, Priscilla Rasmussen, after the conference and upon providing original receipts and an accounting of the requested funding (that is, a business expense report). In cases of urgent need, funds may be provided in advance with proof of purchase of airline tickets; in such situations, original receipts must be provided after completion of the conference travel.  Here are the instructions for submitting expenses for reimbursement that were used for the ACL-05 student research workshop.