Conference Proceedings

The conference Proceedings are the responsibility of the Publications Chair, assisted by the Program Chairs. The Student Workshop Proceedings are a companion to the main conference Proceedings, shrink-wrapped together and sold as one.


The proceedings generally contains:


Look at previous Proceedings for details.

The ACL style sheets tailored for the ACL-2005 conference are available from style files .

The cover page of the Proceedings should read:


Proceedings of the **th Annual Meeting of the

Association for Computational Linguistics

The spine should read:

ACL PROCEEDINGS **th Annual Meeting **date** 20**

The back cover should contain, in the lower right corner, the ISBN Number bar code:

ISBN 1-55860-XXX-X

(bar code)

781558 60XXXXX


Morgan Kaufmann does the Proceedings for AAAI, and IJCAI conferences. Omnipress (800-745-7323) is a very responsive and dependable smaller printer. When shopping for printers, they need to know the approximate page count, the weight of the paper (140 m is fine), what kind of cover page you want (with artwork is more expensive, but a standard one-color job is easy), and what kind of lamination you want. Generally, turnaround time for camera-ready copy is about 2 weeks.

The AMTA-96 proceedings (250 books, 135 pages each, double-sided) cost $1200 to copy and $600 to bind in 1996. The ACL-2000 proceedings cost approximately $13,000 for the main proceedings and approximately $2,600 for the companion volume (assumes 114 pages and same number of copies as the main proceedings). Morgan Kaufmann also says that it will cost $0.30 per volume pair to shrink-wrap them for subsequent distribution.

ISBN numbers should be requested.

Author: David Yarowsky, with additions by Eduard Hovy, 2000. Modified, 2005