2000 Regional Session Invitation

Dear ...

As you know ACL 2000, the first international ACL conference
(http://www.cs.ust.hk/acl2000/index.html), will be held in Hongkong,
October 3-6 2000. As a part of this conference the program committee
for ACL 2000 has asked me to organize a special session: Computational
Linguistics in South and South East Asia).  The main purpose of this
session is give an opportunity for researchers in these regions for
presenting an overview of Computational Linguistics (CL) activities in
their regions, including, of course, their own activities. The reason
for this special session is to promote CL activities in these regions
as well as to recognize the current activities in these regions, which
although quite considerable, do not have the visibility they should

I have the honor to invite you to this special session. I sincerely hope you
will accept our invitation. Your name was recommended to me by Professor
Christian Boitet from Grenoble, France. Please let me know as soon as possible
about your acceptance. This will allow me to plan the session effectively. 

As a participant of this special session you will need to send a two page (2
columns per page--ACL style) paper briefly describing CL activities in your
region, including, of course, your own work and references as appropriate. The
paper will not undergo any further review. There may be some editorial comments
that I may ask you to consider. The papers associated with this panel will
appear in the Proceedings of the Conference.

As a small token of appreciation ACL has authorized me to tell you that the
Conference Fee (about $200 US) will be waived for you. In addition ACL will
provide you a stipend of $250 to cover some of your expenses. These are small
contributions but we hope they will be useful to you.

I would greatly appreciate it if you can let me know about decision (hoping for
a YES!) by July 15 2000. I will then send you the information about the format
and style-files for your paper. I will need your paper by August 1 2000 in
order to be included in the proceedings. I suggest that you send me a draft by
July 25 at the latest so that I can send you some editorial comments if
needed. Please include your e-mail address and fax number in your

I do hope you will come and make this a wonderful session.

Best wishes,


Aravind K. Joshi
Henry Salvatori Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science
Co-Director, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science

Department of Computer and Information Science
Room 555 Moore School
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104

Phone: (215)898-8540 (office)
       (215)727-0513 (home)

e-mail: joshi@linc.cis.upenn.edu

Fax: (215)898-0587


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