Document Declaring the EACL as a Dutch Foundation

On the _______ day of one thousand ninehundred and ninety-six before
me, Cornelis Casper Jurphaas van Rietschoten, civil law notary, having
my office in Amsterdam, came:

The Appearer declared that he institutes a Foundation aiming at the
realization of the Object specified below and governed by the



Article 1.

The name of the Foundation is: "Stichting European Chapter of the
Association for Computational Linguistics"; it may also be known as
"Stichting ACL-Europe".  The Stichting hereinafter to be mentioned:
"the Chapter".

Registered Office

Article 2.

The registered office of the Chapter will be situated in Amsterdam.


Article 3.

1. The Object of the Chapter is to form the European Chapter of the
Association for Computational Linguistics as it was chartered by the
Executive Committee of the Association for Computational Linguistics,
an association and legal entity according to the laws of Virginia,
United States of America, on eighteen June one thousand nine hundred
eighty-two in accordance with Article IV, Section 3, item g of the
Association Constitution as amended seventeen June one thousand nine
hundred eighty-two.  The Chapter is a constitutent of the Association
and is subject to its Constitution and to all its rules and
regulations unless expressly exempted.

2. In addition to those of the Association as expressed in its
Constitution, the purposes of the Chapter are:

  1. To encourage and facilitate membership in the Association by
     persons and institutions in Europe.
  2. To provide a regional focus for members of the
     Association in Europe and a source of information on European
     activities for the Association Executive Committee.  

  3. To establish banking facilities in Europe that simplify financial
     transactions with the Association by its European members.

  4. To establish distribution facilities for the dissemination of 
     Association and Chapter publications and information materials.

  5. To promote cooperation and information exchange among related
     scientific and professional societies within Europe.

3. Excluded from the Object shall be: making any distributions to the
founder of the Chapter or to those who are members of its bodies.

Article 4.

Within the rules of the constitution of the Association, the Chapter
will serve all members of the Association who reside in Europe and
Association members in adjacent regions by application to the Chapter


Article 5.

1. The administration of the Chapter shall be a board by the Chapter
Advisory Committee, which consists of a Chapter-head,
Chapter-secretary and Chapter-treasurer and three Chapter-members.
They shall be elected by the persons to be served by (as mentioned in
article 4) for a two-year term of office.  The Association Officers
are ex-officio members of the Advisory Committee.  If vacancies occur,
the Advisory Committee shall appoint replacements, subject to approval
by the Association Executive Committee, to serve until the next
election.  The Chapter Treasurer, under the direct supervision of the
Association Secretary-Treasurer, is empowered to receive, deposit, and
disburse funds on behalf of the Association and the Chapter in Europe
and, with the Chapter Secretary, to make arrangements for handling the
affairs of the Association and the Chapter in Europe.  The Chapter
Secretary and Treasurer shall provide reports on the activities and
finances of the Chapter as directed by the Association Secretary-

2. The Advisory Committee shall (a) determine the place and time of
the Chapter meetings and appoint members to be responsible for
organizing its programs and for local arrangements; (b) select the
editors of any publications prepared for the Chapter; (c) appoint
members to various positions and form committees to assist in
conducting the activities of the Chapter; (d) fix registration fees
for Chapter meetings; (e) select a representative to attend the
Association Executive Committee meetings.  All actions taken by the
Advisory Committee are subject to review by the Association Executive

3. There shall be a Nominating Committee consisting of four members,
who shall serve a four year term of office, two elected every two
years.  One of the members whose term is about to expire shall chair
the Committee.

4. Elections shall be conducted biennially as follows: the Nominating
Committee shall by the first of September preceding the end of a term
of office nominate one person for each position to be filled.  The
Secretary shall send to the persons mentioned in Article 4 notice of
the nominations.  Additional nominations, supported by at least three
of these persons, may be submitted until the fifteenth of October;
evidence must be presented that the nominee will serve if elected.  If
there is more than one nominee for any position, the Secretary shall
send ballots for that position to the persons mentioned in Article 4.
A majority vote of the ballots received by the fifteenth of December
will determine the results of such contests.  Those elected shall take
office on the first of January following.

Administrative Duties and Representation

Article 6.

1. The Board Administration as defined by Article 5 paragraph 1 shall
have power to perform all such acts of administration and disposition
as it will deem necessary or desirable for the realization of the
Object, and be empowered to enter into any agreements for the
acquisition, alienation and encumbering of registered property and to
enter into any agreements whereby the Chapter grants security or
becomes several co-debtor, or answers for any third party, or
undertakes to grant security for a debt of another.

2. The Chapter shall be represented by two officers of the Chapter
acting jointly without prejudice to the power of the Administration to
make special provision for representation in certain cases.

Financial Management 

Article 7.  

1. The financial year shall coincide with the financal year of the
Association.  The Administration will be under the obligation to keep
such account of the financial position of the Chapter and of
everything concerning the activities of the Chapter in accoordance
with the requirements arising therefrom, and to keep the books,
records and other data carriers belonging to the accounts in such way
that the rights and obligations of the Chapter can be learned at all

2. Before the first day of the seventh month of each new financial
year, after the end of the preceding financial year, a balance sheet
and a statement of assets and liabilities shall be prepared and put
down on paper by the Administration.  After being approved, these
annual financial statements shall be signed by all officer and members
of the Advisory Committee and be accompanied by a report on the
activities and operations in the financial year concerned.

3. The Administration will be under the obligation to keep the books,
records and other data carriers mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 of
this Article for ten years.  The data recorded on a data carrier,
except for the balance sheet and statement of assets and liabilities,
set down on paper, may be transferred to and kept on another data
carrier, provided that the transfer takes place with correct and full
reproduction of the data and that such data will be available during
the full period they must be kept, and can be made readable within a
reasonable time.

Amendment of Articles.

Article 8.

Amendments to the Constitution must be approved by a majority of the
Chapter Advisory Committee or proposed by not less than ten of the
persons mentioned in Article 4, thereupon circulated to all persons
mentioned in Article 4 and ratified by a majority vote of those
persons whose ballots are received within two months of circulation.
Amendments go into effect upon approval of the Association Executive
Committee.  No alteration can be made in the Articles of the Chapter
except by a resolution of a Meeting of the Administration convened by
a notice stating that an amendment of the Articles will be proposed


Article 9.

1. If the Administration is of the opinion that the Object of the
Chapter cannot or can no longer be sufficiently realized, the Board
may resolve to dissolve the Foundation that forms the Chapter of the
Association; such a resolution concerning dissolution shall be passed
in accordance with the provisions of the preceding Article.

2. In case of dissolution, the liquidation shall be effected by the
officers and Advisory Committee members then in office; with regard to
such liquidation the Articles shall correspondingly apply, also with
respect to the filling of vacancies.  3. Any balance of the capital of
the dissolved Chapter remaining after settlement of all debts shall be
paid out to the Association.

Article 10.

All cases falling within the scope of these Articles but not provided
for therein shall be met by a resolution of the Chapter Advisory