Requesting Corrections

How to submit corrections to the Anthology

January 22, 2020

Types of corrections

The staff of the ACL Anthology can process requests for both many types of corrections to data in the ACL Anthology. These include correcting metadata and posting errata and revisions for scholarly works that are already published. While this service can help correct post-publication problems, due to certain difficulties and liabilities, the corrections have certain limitations, which we describe here.

Please take note of the following regarding errata and revisions:

Correcting Metadata

A request to change paper metadata (that does not require any PDF changes) can be submitted in several ways.

The Anthology team will attend to the correction as we find time. Metadata changes are generally accepted if they are consistent with the PDF, which we take as authoritative.

Requesting revisions or errata

For requests to change paper content (either a revision or an erratum), please use this form. Please note the following:

If the metadata also needs to change, please also follow the instructions in the above section.

These conditions help us to process corrections more quickly. We will do our best to process revisions or errata within six weeks, but do not make guarantees as to the processing time. Submissions not meeting these standards will be rejected, potentially without notice.