Requesting Corrections

How to submit corrections to the Anthology

November 16, 2019

Types of corrections

The staff of the ACL Anthology can process requests for both many types of corrections to data in the ACL Anthology. These include correcting metadata and posting errata and revisions for scholarly works that are already published. While this service can help correct post-publication problems, due to certain difficulties and liabilities, the corrections have certain limitations, which we describe here.

Please take note of the following regarding errata and revisions:

Filing Corrections

For requests to change paper metadata (that do not require any PDF changes), please file a Github issue. Be sure to indicate the Anthology ID of the paper (e.g., P19-1017). If you are savvy, you could correct the data yourself in our authoritative XML files and issue a pull request. This will expedite the processing of your request.

To request a revision or erratum, please use this form. For revisions, you will need to provide a paragraph-form summary of all the changes in the revision. This description will be published together with your revision and should be written in a neutral scientific tone. Please ensure that the link you provide is directly to a downloadable PDF that works with wget. If the metadata also needs to change, follow the instructions in the above paragraph for that as well. Anthology staff will respond to your request as time permits.