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Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computational Semantics
Proceedings of the 11th Joint ACL-ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (ISA-11)
Proceedings of the Workshop on Models for Modality Annotation
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Language and Ontologies
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Argumentation Mining
Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature
Proceedings of the The 3rd Workshop on EVENTS: Definition, Detection, Coreference, and Representation
Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Multiword Expressions
Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation
Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology: From Linguistic Signal to Clinical Reality
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Semantics (ExProM 2015)
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Metaphor in NLP
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Vector Space Modeling for Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of The 9th Linguistic Annotation Workshop
Proceedings of the third International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media
Proceedings of the 20th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2015)
Proceedings of the fourth workshop on NLP for computer-assisted language learning
Proceedings of the workshop on Semantic resources and semantic annotation for Natural Language Processing and the Digital Humanities at NODALIDA 2015
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (Depling 2015)
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Parsing Technologies
Proceedings of the 14th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MoL 2015)
Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Learning
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Discourse in Machine Translation
Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Linking Computational Models of Lexical, Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Vision and Language
Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis
Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Proceedings of the Eighth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Arabic Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks (GEAF) 2015 Workshop
Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Semantics-Driven Statistical Machine Translation (S2MT 2015)
Proceedings of the ACL 2015 Workshop on Novel Computational Approaches to Keyphrase Extraction
Proceedings of the 9th SIGHUM Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities (LaTeCH)
Proceedings of BioNLP 15
Proceedings of the Fifth Named Entity Workshop
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Continuous Vector Space Models and their Compositionality
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation (HyTra)
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics: Resources and Applications
Proceedings of the Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Natural Language Processing Techniques for Educational Applications
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Computing News Storylines
Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue
Proceedings of the 15th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG)
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing 2015 (FSMNLP 2015 Düsseldorf)
Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Asian Translation (WAT2015)
Proceedings of SLPAT 2015: 6th Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
Proceedings of the Workshop Natural Language Processing for Translation Memories
The 5th Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Language Technology for Closely Related Languages, Varieties and Dialects
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Linked Open Data
Proceedings of the 10th Brazilian Symposium in Information and Human Language Technology
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Natural Language Processing

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computational Semantics

W15-01 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-0100: Front Matter

W15-0101 [bib]: Guy Emerson; Ann Copestake
Leveraging a Semantically Annotated Corpus to Disambiguate Prepositional Phrase Attachment

W15-0102 [bib]: Daniel Bailey; Yuliya Lierler; Benjamin Susman
Prepositional Phrase Attachment Problem Revisited: how Verbnet can Help

W15-0103 [bib]: Omid Bakhshandh; James Allen
From Adjective Glosses to Attribute Concepts: Learning Different Aspects That an Adjective Can Describe

W15-0104 [bib]: Stefan Bott; Sabine Schulte im Walde
Exploiting Fine-grained Syntactic Transfer Features to Predict the Compositionality of German Particle Verbs

W15-0105 [bib]: Maximilian Köper; Christian Scheible; Sabine Schulte im Walde
Multilingual Reliability and "Semantic" Structure of Continuous Word Spaces

W15-0106 [bib]: Julian J. Schlöder; Raquel Fernandez
Clarifying Intentions in Dialogue: A Corpus Study

W15-0107 [bib]: Luana Fagarasan; Eva Maria Vecchi; Stephen Clark
From distributional semantics to feature norms: grounding semantic models in human perceptual data

W15-0108 [bib]: Max Kisselew; Sebastian Padó; Alexis Palmer; Jan Šnajder
Obtaining a Better Understanding of Distributional Models of German Derivational Morphology

W15-0109 [bib]: Jakub Szymanik; Camilo Thorne
Semantic Complexity of Quantifiers and Their Distribution in Corpora

W15-0110 [bib]: Alessandro Lopopolo; Emiel van Miltenburg
Sound-based distributional models

W15-0111 [bib]: Preethi Vaidyanathan; Emily Prud’hommeaux; Cecilia O. Alm; Jeff B. Pelz; Anne R. Haake
Alignment of Eye Movements and Spoken Language for Semantic Image Understanding

W15-0112 [bib]: Patrick Ziering; Lonneke van der Plas
From a Distance: Using Cross-lingual Word Alignments for Noun Compound Bracketing

W15-0113 [bib]: Henry Anaya-Sánchez; Anselmo Peñas
Unsupervised Learning of Coherent and General Semantic Classes for Entity Aggregates

W15-0114 [bib]: Oier Lopez de Lacalle; Eneko Agirre
Crowdsourced Word Sense Annotations and Difficult Words and Examples

W15-0115 [bib]: Sapna Negi; Paul Buitelaar
Curse or Boon? Presence of Subjunctive Mood in Opinionated Text

W15-0116 [bib]: Matic Horvat; Ann Copestake; Bill Byrne
Hierarchical Statistical Semantic Realization for Minimal Recursion Semantics

W15-0117 [bib]: Fatemeh Torabi Asr; Vera Demberg
Uniform Surprisal at the Level of Discourse Relations: Negation Markers and Discourse Connective Omission

W15-0118 [bib]: Daoud Clarke; Bill Keller
Efficiency in Ambiguity: Two Models of Probabilistic Semantics for Natural Language

W15-0119 [bib]: Islam Beltagy; Katrin Erk
On the Proper Treatment of Quantifiers in Probabilistic Logic Semantics

W15-0120 [bib]: Aurélie Herbelot
Mr Darcy and Mr Toad, gentlemen: distributional names and their kinds

W15-0121 [bib]: Elias Iosif; Alexandros Potamianos
Feeling is Understanding: From Affective to Semantic Spaces

W15-0122 [bib]: Corina Dima; Erhard Hinrichs
Automatic Noun Compound Interpretation using Deep Neural Networks and Word Embeddings

W15-0123 [bib]: Julie Hunter; Nicholas Asher; Alex Lascarides
Integrating Non-Linguistic Events into Discourse Structure

W15-0124 [bib]: Casey Kennington; Livia Dia; David Schlangen
A Discriminative Model for Perceptually-Grounded Incremental Reference Resolution

W15-0125 [bib]: Julian Hough; Casey Kennington; David Schlangen; Jonathan Ginzburg
Incremental Semantics for Dialogue Processing: Requirements, and a Comparison of Two Approaches

W15-0126 [bib]: Željko Agić; Alexander Koller; Stephan Oepen
Semantic Dependency Graph Parsing Using Tree Approximations

W15-0127 [bib]: Alexander Koller
Semantic construction with graph grammars

W15-0128 [bib]: Emily M. Bender; Dan Flickinger; Stephan Oepen; Woodley Packard; Ann Copestake
Layers of Interpretation: On Grammar and Compositionality

W15-0129 [bib]: Julian J. Schlöder; Raquel Fernandez
Pragmatic Rejection

W15-0130 [bib]: Arash Eshghi; Christine Howes; Eleni Gregoromichelaki; Julian Hough; Matthew Purver
Feedback in Conversation as Incremental Semantic Update

W15-0131 [bib]: Antoine Venant; Nicholas Asher
Dynamics of Public Commitments in Dialogue

W15-0132 [bib]: Reyadh Alluhaibi
Simple Interval Temporal Logic for Natural Language Assertion Descriptions

W15-0133 [bib]: Andre Freitas; Juliano Efson Sales; Siegfried Handschuh; Edward Curry
How hard is this query? Measuring the Semantic Complexity of Schema-agnostic Queries

Proceedings of the 11th Joint ACL-ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (ISA-11)

W15-02: Entire volume

W15-0200: Front Matter

W15-0201: Harry Bunt
On the Principles of Semantic Annotation

W15-0202: Ludivine Crible; Sandrine Zufferey
Using a unified taxonomy to annotate discourse markers in speech and writing

W15-0203: Volker Gast; Lennart Bierkandt; Christoph Rzymski
Creating and retrieving tense and aspect annotation with GraphAnno, a lightweight tool for multi-level annotation

W15-0204: Julia Bosque-Gil; James Pustejosvsky
The Semantics of Image Annotation

W15-0205: Jet Hoek; Sandrine Zufferey
Factors Influencing the Implicitation of Discourse Relations across Languages

W15-0206: Elisabetta Jezek; Rossella Varvara
Instrument subjects without Instrument role

W15-0207: Kiyong Lee
The Annotation of Measure Expressions in ISO Standards

W15-0208: Steven Neale; Joao Silva; Antonio Branco
A Flexible Tool for Manual Word Sense Annotation

W15-0209: Silvia Pareti
Annotating Attribution Relations across Languages and Genres

W15-0210: Rashmi Prasad; Harry Bunt
Semantic Relations in Discourse: The Current State of ISO 24617-8

W15-0211: Hegler Tissot; Angus Roberts; Leon Derczynski; Genevieve Gorrell; Marcus Didonet Del Fabro
Analysis of Temporal Expressions Annotated in Clinical Notes

W15-0212: Jeremy Trione; Frederic Bechet; Benoit Favre; Alexis Nasr
Rapid FrameNet annotation of spoken conversation transcripts

Proceedings of the Workshop on Models for Modality Annotation

W15-03: Entire volume

W15-0301: Luciana Beatrix Ávila; Amália Mendes; Iris Hendrickx
Towards a Unified Approach to Modality Annotation in Portuguese

W15-0302: Liliana Mamani Sanchez; Carl Vogel
A hedging annotation scheme focused on epistemic phrases for informal language

W15-0303: Volker Gast; Lennart Bierkandt; Christoph Rzymski
Annotating modals with GraphAnno, a configurable lightweight tool for multi-level annotation

Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Language and Ontologies

W15-04: Entire volume

W15-0401: Hans-Ulrich Krieger; Christian Willms
Extending OWL Ontologies by Cartesian Types to Represent N-ary Relations in Natural Language

W15-0402: Artemis Parvizi; Yuan Ren; Markel Vigo; Kees van Deemter; Chris Mellish; Jeff Z. Pan; Robert Stevens; Caroline Jay
Ontology Authoring Inspired By Dialogue

W15-0403: Michael Roth; Ewan Klein
Parsing Software Requirements with an Ontology-based Semantic Role Labeler

W15-0404: Fahad Khan; Francesca Frontini
Using Ontologies to Model Polysemy in Lexical Resources

W15-0405: Daniel Couto-Vale; Rodrigo de Oliveira
Modelling time and space in Brazilian culture

W15-0406: Julien Corman; Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles; Laure Vieu
Trimming a consistent OWL knowledge base, relying on linguistic evidence

W15-0407: Federico Cerutti; Artemis Parvizi; Alice Toniolo; Dave Braines; Geeth R. de Mel; Timothy J. Norman; Nir Oren; Jeff Z. Pan; Gavin Pearson; Stephen D. Pipes; Paul Sullivan
When is Lying the Right Choice?

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Argumentation Mining

W15-05 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-0500: Front Matter

W15-0501 [bib]: Christian Kirschner; Judith Eckle-Kohler; Iryna Gurevych
Linking the Thoughts: Analysis of Argumentation Structures in Scientific Publications

W15-0502 [bib]: Nancy Green
Identifying Argumentation Schemes in Genetics Research Articles

W15-0503 [bib]: Huy Nguyen; Diane Litman
Extracting Argument and Domain Words for Identifying Argument Components in Texts

W15-0504 [bib]: Lucas Carstens; Francesca Toni
Towards relation based Argumentation Mining

W15-0505 [bib]: Johannes Kiesel; Khalid Al Khatib; Matthias Hagen; Benno Stein
A Shared Task on Argumentation Mining in Newspaper Editorials

W15-0506 [bib]: Joonsuk Park; Arzoo Katiyar; Bishan Yang
Conditional Random Fields for Identifying Appropriate Types of Support for Propositions in Online User Comments

W15-0507 [bib]: Paul Reisert; Naoya Inoue; Naoaki Okazaki; Kentaro Inui
A Computational Approach for Generating Toulmin Model Argumentation

W15-0508 [bib]: Christos Sardianos; Ioannis Manousos Katakis; Georgios Petasis; Vangelis Karkaletsis
Argument Extraction from News

W15-0509 [bib]: Parinaz Sobhani; Diana Inkpen; Stan Matwin
From Argumentation Mining to Stance Classification

W15-0510 [bib]: Adam Wyner; Wim Peters; David Price
Argument Discovery and Extraction with the Argument Workbench

W15-0511 [bib]: Yonatan Bilu; Daniel Hershcovich; Noam Slonim
Automatic Claim Negation: Why, How and When

W15-0512 [bib]: Toshihiko Yanase; Toshinori Miyoshi; Kohsuke Yanai; Misa Sato; Makoto Iwayama; Yoshiki Niwa; Paul Reisert; Kentaro Inui
Learning Sentence Ordering for Opinion Generation of Debate

W15-0513 [bib]: Andreas Peldszus; Manfred Stede
Towards Detecting Counter-considerations in Text

W15-0514 [bib]: Filip Boltužić; Jan Šnajder
Identifying Prominent Arguments in Online Debates Using Semantic Textual Similarity

W15-0515 [bib]: Shereen Oraby; Lena Reed; Ryan Compton; Ellen Riloff; Marilyn Walker; Steve Whittaker
And That's A Fact: Distinguishing Factual and Emotional Argumentation in Online Dialogue

W15-0516 [bib]: John Lawrence; Chris Reed
Combining Argument Mining Techniques

Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

W15-06 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-0600: Front Matter

W15-0601 [bib]: Lisa Beinborn; Torsten Zesch; Iryna Gurevych
Candidate evaluation strategies for improved difficulty prediction of language tests

W15-0602 [bib]: Anastassia Loukina; Klaus Zechner; Lei Chen; Michael Heilman
Feature selection for automated speech scoring

W15-0603 [bib]: Zahra Rahimi; Diane Litman; Elaine Wang; Richard Correnti
Incorporating Coherence of Topics as a Criterion in Automatic Response-to-Text Assessment of the Organization of Writing

W15-0604 [bib]: Scott Ledbetter; Markus Dickinson
Automatic morphological analysis of learner Hungarian

W15-0605 [bib]: Swapna Somasundaran; Chong Min Lee; Martin Chodorow; Xinhao Wang
Automated Scoring of Picture-based Story Narration

W15-0606 [bib]: Shervin Malmasi; Aoife Cahill
Measuring Feature Diversity in Native Language Identification

W15-0607 [bib]: Vidas Daudaravicius
Automated Evaluation of Scientific Writing: AESW Shared Task Proposal

W15-0608 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Noura Farra; Swapna Somasundaran; Jill Burstein
Scoring Persuasive Essays Using Opinions and their Targets

W15-0609 [bib]: Cyril Goutte; Guillaume Durand; Serge Leger
Towards Automatic Description of Knowledge Components

W15-0610 [bib]: Michael Heilman; Nitin Madnani
The Impact of Training Data on Automated Short Answer Scoring Performance

W15-0611 [bib]: Evan Jaffe; Michael White; William Schuler; Eric Fosler-Lussier; Alex Rosenfeld; Douglas Danforth
Interpreting Questions with a Log-Linear Ranking Model in a Virtual Patient Dialogue System

W15-0612 [bib]: Lakshmi Ramachandran; Jian Cheng; Peter Foltz
Identifying Patterns For Short Answer Scoring Using Graph-based Lexico-Semantic Text Matching

W15-0613 [bib]: Elena Volodina; Dijana Pijetlovic
Lark Trills for Language Drills: Text-to-speech technology for language learners

W15-0614 [bib]: Maolin Wang; Shervin Malmasi; Mingxuan Huang
The Jinan Chinese Learner Corpus

W15-0615 [bib]: Torsten Zesch; Michael Heilman; Aoife Cahill
Reducing Annotation Efforts in Supervised Short Answer Scoring

W15-0616 [bib]: Fan Zhang; Diane Litman
Annotation and Classification of Argumentative Writing Revisions

W15-0617 [bib]: Wei-Fan Chen; MeiHua Chen; Lun-Wei Ku
Embarrassed or Awkward? Ranking Emotion Synonyms for ESL Learners' Appropriate Wording

W15-0618 [bib]: Girish Kumar; Rafael Banchs; Luis Fernando D'Haro
RevUP: Automatic Gap-Fill Question Generation from Educational Texts

W15-0619 [bib]: Nitin Madnani; Martin Chodorow; Aoife Cahill; Melissa Lopez; Yoko Futagi; Yigal Attali
Preliminary Experiments on Crowdsourced Evaluation of Feedback Granularity

W15-0620 [bib]: Shervin Malmasi; Joel Tetreault; Mark Dras
Oracle and Human Baselines for Native Language Identification

W15-0621 [bib]: Joshua Wilson; Trish Martin
Using PEGWriting to Support the Writing Motivation and Writing Quality of Eighth-Grade Students: A Quasi-Experimental Study

W15-0622 [bib]: Ditty Mathew; Dhivya Eswaran; Sutanu Chakraborti
Towards Creating Pedagogic Views from Encyclopedic Resources

W15-0623 [bib]: Nobal Bikram Niraula; Vasile Rus
Judging the Quality of Automatically Generated Gap-fill Question using Active Learning

W15-0624 [bib]: Lakshmi Ramachandran; Peter Foltz
Generating Reference Texts for Short Answer Scoring Using Graph-based Summarization

W15-0625 [bib]: Helen Yannakoudakis; Ronan Cummins
Evaluating the performance of Automated Text Scoring systems

W15-0626 [bib]: Torsten Zesch; Michael Wojatzki; Dirk Scholten-Akoun
Task-Independent Features for Automated Essay Grading

W15-0627 [bib]: Ekaterina Kochmar; Ted Briscoe
Using Learner Data to Improve Error Correction in Adjective–Noun Combinations

W15-0628 [bib]: Alistair Willis
Using NLP to Support Scalable Assessment of Short Free Text Responses

W15-0629 [bib]: Courtney Napoles; Chris Callison-Burch
Automatically Scoring Freshman Writing: A Preliminary Investigation

Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature

W15-07 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-0700: Front Matter

W15-0701 [bib]: Olga Scrivner; Sandra Kübler
Tools for Digital Humanities: Enabling Access to the Old Occitan Romance of Flamenca

W15-0702 [bib]: Nina McCurdy; Vivek Srikumar; Miriah Meyer
RhymeDesign: A Tool for Analyzing Sonic Devices in Poetry

W15-0703 [bib]: Marie Dubremetz; Joakim Nivre
Rhetorical Figure Detection: the Case of Chiasmus

W15-0704 [bib]: Prashant Jayannavar; Apoorv Agarwal; Melody Ju; Owen Rambow
Validating Literary Theories Using Automatic Social Network Extraction

W15-0705 [bib]: Julian Brooke; Adam Hammond; Graeme Hirst
GutenTag: an NLP-driven Tool for Digital Humanities Research in the Project Gutenberg Corpus

W15-0706 [bib]: Fabienne Cap; Ina Rösiger; Jonas Kuhn
A Pilot Experiment on Exploiting Translations for Literary Studies on Kafka's "Verwandlung"

W15-0707 [bib]: Andreas van Cranenburgh; Corina Koolen
Identifying Literary Texts with Bigrams

W15-0708 [bib]: Rodolfo Delmonte
Visualizing Poetry with SPARSAR – Visual Maps from Poetic Content

W15-0709 [bib]: Stefan Evert; Thomas Proisl; Thorsten Vitt; Christof Schöch; Fotis Jannidis; Steffen Pielström
Towards a better understanding of Burrows's Delta in literary authorship attribution

W15-0710 [bib]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis; Ann Ighe; Mats Malm
Gender-Based Vocation Identification in Swedish 19th Century Prose Fiction using Linguistic Patterns, NER and CRF Learning

W15-0711 [bib]: Markus Krug; Frank Puppe; Fotis Jannidis; Luisa Macharowsky; Isabella Reger; Lukas Weimar
Rule-based Coreference Resolution in German Historic Novels

W15-0712 [bib]: Borja Navarro
A computational linguistic approach to Spanish Golden Age Sonnets: metrical and semantic aspects

W15-0713 [bib]: Laurent Besacier; Lane Schwartz

W15-0714 [bib]: Antonio Toral; Andy Way
Translating Literary Text between Related Languages using SMT

Proceedings of the The 3rd Workshop on EVENTS: Definition, Detection, Coreference, and Representation

W15-08 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-0800: Front Matter

W15-0801 [bib]: Agata Cybulska; Piek Vossen
Translating Granularity of Event Slots into Features for Event Coreference Resolution.

W15-0802 [bib]: Nicolas R Fauceglia; Yiu-Chang Lin; Xuezhe Ma; Eduard Hovy
Word Sense Disambiguation via PropStore and OntoNotes for Event Mention Detection

W15-0803 [bib]: Anna Feltracco; Elisabetta Jezek; Bernardo Magnini
Opposition Relations among Verb Frames

W15-0804 [bib]: Annette Hautli-Janisz; Tracy Holloway King; Gilian Ramchand
Encoding event structure in Urdu/Hindi VerbNet

W15-0805 [bib]: Nathan Keane; Connie Yee; Liang Zhou
Using Topic Modeling and Similarity Thresholds to Detect Events

W15-0806 [bib]: Chen Li; Roxana Girju
Detecting Causally Embedded Structures Using an Evolutionary Algorithm

W15-0807 [bib]: Zhengzhong Liu; Teruko Mitamura; Eduard Hovy
Evaluation Algorithms for Event Nugget Detection : A Pilot Study

W15-0808 [bib]: Bell Manrique-Losada; Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo
Event analysis for information extraction from business-based technical documents

W15-0809 [bib]: Teruko Mitamura; Yukari Yamakawa; Susan Holm; Zhiyi Song; Ann Bies; Seth Kulick; Stephanie Strassel
Event Nugget Annotation: Processes and Issues

W15-0810 [bib]: Emily Olshefski
Game-Changing Event Definition and Detection in an eSports Corpus

W15-0811 [bib]: Arpit Sharma; Nguyen Vo; Somak Aditya; Chitta Baral
Identifying Various Kinds of Event Mentions in K-Parser Output

W15-0812 [bib]: Zhiyi Song; Ann Bies; Stephanie Strassel; Tom Riese; Justin Mott; Joe Ellis; Jonathan Wright; Seth Kulick; Neville Ryant; Xiaoyi Ma
From Light to Rich ERE: Annotation of Entities, Relations, and Events

W15-0813 [bib]: Yu Takabatake; Hajime Morita; Daisuke Kawahara; Sadao Kurohashi; Ryuichiro Higashinaka; Yoshihiro Matsuo
Classification and Acquisition of Contradictory Event Pairs using Crowdsourcing

W15-0814 [bib]: Piek Vossen; Egoitz Laparra; German Rigau; Itziar Aldabe
Semantic Interoperability for Cross-lingual and cross-document Event Detection

W15-0815 [bib]: Connie Yee; Nathan Keane; Liang Zhou
Modeling and Characterizing Social Media Topics Using the Gamma Distribution

Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Multiword Expressions

W15-09 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-0900: Front Matter

W15-0901 [bib]: Michael Nokel; Natalia Loukachevitch
A Method of Accounting Bigrams in Topic Models

W15-0902 [bib]: Federico Sangati; Andreas van Cranenburgh
Multiword Expression Identification with Recurring Tree Fragments and Association Measures

W15-0903 [bib]: Fabienne Cap; Manju Nirmal; Marion Weller; Sabine Schulte im Walde
How to Account for Idiomatic German Support Verb Constructions in Statistical Machine Translation

W15-0904 [bib]: Meghdad Farahmand; Aaron Smith; Joakim Nivre
A Multiword Expression Data Set: Annotating Non-Compositionality and Conventionalization for English Noun Compounds

W15-0905 [bib]: Meghdad Farahmand; Joakim Nivre
Modeling the Statistical Idiosyncrasy of Multiword Expressions

W15-0906 [bib]: Elena Tutubalina
Clustering-based Approach to Multiword Expression Extraction and Ranking

W15-0907 [bib]: Paul Kay; Laura A. Michaelis
How Constructions Mean

W15-0908 [bib]: Alexandre Rondon; Helena Caseli; Carlos Ramisch
Never-Ending Multiword Expressions Learning

W15-0909 [bib]: Bahar Salehi; Nitika Mathur; Paul Cook; Timothy Baldwin
The Impact of Multiword Expression Compositionality on Machine Translation Evaluation

W15-0910 [bib]: Branimir Boguraev; Esme Manandise; Benjamin Segal
The Bare Necessities: Increasing Lexical Coverage for Multi-Word Domain Terms with Less Lexical Data

W15-0911 [bib]: Khang Nhut Lam; Feras Al Tarouti; Jugal Kalita
Phrase translation using a bilingual dictionary and n-gram data: A case study from Vietnamese to English

W15-0912 [bib]: Gülşen Eryiğit; Kübra ADALI; Dilara Torunoğlu-Selamet; Umut Sulubacak; Tuğba Pamay
Annotation and Extraction of Multiword Expressions in Turkish Treebanks

W15-0913 [bib]: Aron Marvel; Jean-Pierre Koenig
Event Categorization beyond Verb Senses

W15-0914 [bib]: Adam Goodkind; Andrew Rosenberg
Muddying The Multiword Expression Waters: How Cognitive Demand Affects Multiword Expression Production

W15-0915 [bib]: Julian Brooke; Adam Hammond; David Jacob; Vivian Tsang; Graeme Hirst; Fraser Shein
Building a Lexicon of Formulaic Language for Language Learners

Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation

W15-10 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1000: Front Matter

W15-1001 [bib]: Dun Deng; Nianwen Xue; Shiman Guo
Harmonizing word alignments and syntactic structures for extracting phrasal translation equivalents

W15-1002 [bib]: Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone; Giuseppe Attardi
Non-projective Dependency-based Pre-Reordering with Recurrent Neural Network for Machine Translation

W15-1003 [bib]: Federico Fancellu; Bonnie Webber
Translating Negation: Induction, Search And Model Errors

W15-1004 [bib]: Nora Aranberri
SMT error analysis and mapping to syntactic, semantic and structural fixes

W15-1005 [bib]: Maryam Aminian; Mahmoud Ghoneim; Mona Diab
Unsupervised False Friend Disambiguation Using Contextual Word Clusters and Parallel Word Alignments

W15-1006 [bib]: Marianna Apidianaki; Benjamin Marie
METEOR-WSD: Improved Sense Matching in MT Evaluation

W15-1007 [bib]: Mikel Artetxe; Eneko Agirre; Iñaki Alegria; Gorka Labaka
Analyzing English-Spanish Named-Entity enhanced Machine Translation

W15-1008 [bib]: Marion Weller; Alexander Fraser; Sabine Schulte im Walde
Predicting Prepositions for SMT

W15-1009 [bib]: Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone
Translation reranking using source phrase dependency features

W15-1010 [bib]: Tom Vanallemeersch; Vincent Vandeghinste
Semantics-based pretranslation for SMT using fuzzy matches

W15-1011 [bib]: Mohammad Salameh; Colin Cherry; Grzegorz Kondrak
What Matters Most in Morphologically Segmented SMT Models?

W15-1012 [bib]: Shumin Wu; Martha Palmer
Improving Chinese-English PropBank Alignment

Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics

W15-11 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1100: Front Matter

W15-1101 [bib]: Cassandra L. Jacobs
Predictions for self-priming from incremental updating models unifying comprehension and production

W15-1102 [bib]: Yafei Wang; John Yen; David Reitter
Pragmatic Alignment on Social Support Type in Health Forum Conversations

W15-1103 [bib]: Gabriel Doyle; Michael Frank
Audience size and contextual effects on information density in Twitter conversations

W15-1104 [bib]: Bill Noble; Raquel Fernandez
Centre Stage: How Social Network Position Shapes Linguistic Coordination

W15-1105 [bib]: Spiros Georgiladakis; Elias Iosif; Alexandros Potamianos
Fusion of Compositional Network-based and Lexical Function Distributional Semantic Models

W15-1106 [bib]: Clayton Greenberg; Vera Demberg; Asad Sayeed
Verb polysemy and frequency effects in thematic fit modeling

W15-1107 [bib]: Yang Xu; David Reitter
An Evaluation and Comparison of Linguistic Alignment Measures

W15-1108 [bib]: Lawrence Phillips; Lisa Pearl
Utility-based evaluation metrics for models of language acquisition: A look at speech segmentation

W15-1109 [bib]: Marten van Schijndel; Brian Murphy; William Schuler
Evidence of syntactic working memory usage in MEG data

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Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology: From Linguistic Signal to Clinical Reality

W15-12 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1200: Front Matter

W15-1201 [bib]: Glen Coppersmith; Mark Dredze; Craig Harman; Kristy Hollingshead
From ADHD to SAD: Analyzing the Language of Mental Health on Twitter through Self-Reported Diagnoses

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Quantifying the Language of Schizophrenia in Social Media

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The role of personality, age, and gender in tweeting about mental illness

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Recursive Neural Networks for Coding Therapist and Patient Behavior in Motivational Interviewing

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Putting Feelings into Words: Cross-Linguistic Markers of the Referential Process

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Similarity Measures for Quantifying Restrictive and Repetitive Behavior in Conversations of Autistic Children

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A Computer Program for Tracking the Evolution of a Psychotherapy Treatment

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Semantics (ExProM 2015)

W15-13 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1300: Front Matter

W15-1306 [bib]: Lauri Karttunen
Limits of Natural Logic

W15-1301 [bib]: Federico Fancellu; Bonnie Webber
Translating Negation: A Manual Error Analysis

W15-1302 [bib]: Ines Rehbein
Filled Pauses in User-generated Content are Words with Extra-propositional Meaning

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A Compositional Interpretation of Biomedical Event Factuality

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Committed Belief Tagging on the Factbank and LU Corpora: A Comparative Study

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Extending NegEx with Kernel Methods for Negation Detection in Clinical Text

Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Metaphor in NLP

W15-14 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1400: Front Matter

W15-1401 [bib]: Hyeju Jang; Miaomiao Wen; Carolyn Rose
Effects of Situational Factors on Metaphor Detection in an Online Discussion Forum

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Supervised Word-Level Metaphor Detection: Experiments with Concreteness and Reweighting of Examples

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Modeling the interaction between sensory and affective meanings for detecting metaphor

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Exploring Sensorial Features for Metaphor Identification

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MetaNet: Deep semantic automatic metaphor analysis

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High-Precision Abductive Mapping of Multilingual Metaphors

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A Corpus of Rich Metaphor Annotation

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Understanding Cultural Conflicts using Metaphors and Sociolinguistic Measures of Influence

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Chinese CogBank: Where to See the Cognitive Features of Chinese Words

W15-1410 [bib]: Tony Veale
Fighting Words and Antagonistic Worlds

Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Vector Space Modeling for Natural Language Processing

W15-15 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1500: Front Matter

W15-1501 [bib]: Oren Melamud; Omer Levy; Ido Dagan
A Simple Word Embedding Model for Lexical Substitution

W15-1502 [bib]: Vivek Kumar Rangarajan Sridhar
Unsupervised Text Normalization Using Distributed Representations of Words and Phrases

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A Multi-classifier Approach to support Coreference Resolution in a Vector Space Model

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Neural context embeddings for automatic discovery of word senses

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Distributional Representations of Words for Short Text Classification

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Relation Extraction: Perspective from Convolutional Neural Networks

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Distributional Semantic Concept Models for Entity Relation Discovery

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A Deep Architecture for Non-Projective Dependency Parsing

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Short Text Clustering via Convolutional Neural Networks

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A Word-Embedding-based Sense Index for Regular Polysemy Representation

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Simple Semi-Supervised POS Tagging

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Learning Distributed Representations for Multilingual Text Sequences

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Combining Distributed Vector Representations for Words

W15-1514 [bib]: Mohit Bansal
Dependency Link Embeddings: Continuous Representations of Syntactic Substructures

W15-1515 [bib]: Giuseppe Attardi
DeepNL: a Deep Learning NLP pipeline

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A Vector Space Approach for Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis

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Word Embeddings vs Word Types for Sequence Labeling: the Curious Case of CV Parsing

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Morpho-syntactic Regularities in Continuous Word Representations: A multilingual study.

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Towards Combined Matrix and Tensor Factorization for Universal Schema Relation Extraction

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Bilingual Word Representations with Monolingual Quality in Mind

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Distributed Word Representations Improve NER for e-Commerce

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Semantic Information Extraction for Improved Word Embeddings

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Named Entity Recognition for Arabic Social Media

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Vector Space Models for Scientific Document Summarization

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Unsupervised Topic Modeling for Short Texts Using Distributed Representations of Words

W15-1527 [bib]: Ji Liu; Diana Inkpen
Estimating User Location in Social Media with Stacked Denoising Auto-encoders

Proceedings of The 9th Linguistic Annotation Workshop

W15-16 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1600: Front Matter

W15-1601 [bib]: Nancy Chang; Praveen Paritosh; David Huynh; Collin Baker
Scaling Semantic Frame Annotation

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An Analytic and Empirical Evaluation of Return-on-Investment-Based Active Learning

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Annotating genericity: a survey, a scheme, and a corpus

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Design and Annotation of the First Italian Corpus for Text Simplification

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On the Discoursive Structure of Computer Graphics Research Papers

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A Qualitative Analysis of a Corpus of Opinion Summaries based on Aspects

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Developing Language-tagged Corpora for Code-switching Tweets

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Annotating Geographical Entities on Microblog Text

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The Annotation Process of the ITU Web Treebank

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Part of Speech Annotation of Intermediate Versions in the Keystroke Logged Translation Corpus

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A Hierarchy with, of, and for Preposition Supersenses

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Bilingual English-Czech Valency Lexicon Linked to a Parallel Corpus

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Correction Annotation for Non-Native Arabic Texts: Guidelines and Corpus

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Balancing the Existing and the New in the Context of Annotating Non-Canonical Language

W15-1616 [bib]: Aoife Cahill
Parsing Learner Text: to Shoehorn or not to Shoehorn

W15-1617 [bib]: Barbara Plank; Héctor Martínez Alonso; Anders Søgaard
Non-canonical language is not harder to annotate than canonical language

W15-1618 [bib]: Nathan Schneider
What I’ve learned about annotating informal text (and why you shouldn’t take my word for it)

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On Grammaticality in the Syntactic Annotation of Learner Language

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Across Languages and Genres: Creating a Universal Annotation Scheme for Textual Relations

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Annotating the Implicit Content of Sluices

W15-1622 [bib]: Jesse Dunietz; Lori Levin; Jaime Carbonell
Annotating Causal Language Using Corpus Lexicography of Constructions

Proceedings of the third International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media

W15-17 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1700: Front Matter

W15-1701 [bib]: Takashi Awamura; Daisuke Kawahara; Eiji ARAMAKI; Tomohide Shibata; Sadao Kurohashi
Location Name Disambiguation Exploiting Spatial Proximity and Temporal Consistency

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Paraphrase Identification and Semantic Similarity in Twitter with Simple Features

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A Language Detection System for Short Chats in Mobile Games

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Long Nights, Rainy Days, and Misspent Youth: Automatically Extracting and Categorizing Occasions Associated with Consumer Products.

W15-1705 [bib]: Matthew Riemer; Sophia Krasikov; Harini Srinivasan
A Deep Learning and Knowledge Transfer Based Architecture for Social Media User Characteristic Determination

Proceedings of the 20th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2015)

W15-18 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-1800: Front Matter

W15-1801 [bib]: Kevin Knight
Invited Talk: How Much Information Does a Human Translator Add to the Original?

W15-1802 [bib]: Catherine Pelachaud
Invited Talk: Modeling Socio-Emotional Humanoid Agent

W15-1803 [bib]: Sebastian Riedel
Invited Talk: Embedding Probabilistic Logic for Machine Reading

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Defining the Eukalyptus forest – the Koala treebank of Swedish

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A case study on supervised classification of Swedish pseudo-coordination

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Supersense tagging for Danish

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CG-3 — Beyond Classical Constraint Grammar

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Automatic Lemmatisation of Lithuanian MWEs

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Linguistically Motivated Question Classification

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Resolving Spatial References using Crowdsourced Geographical Data

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Combining Relational and Distributional Knowledge for Word Sense Disambiguation

W15-1812 [bib]: Peter Juel Henrichsen
Talebob - an Interactive Speech Trainer for Danish

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The Effect of Author Set Size in Authorship Attribution for Lithuanian

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Looking hard: Eye tracking for detecting grammaticality of automatically compressed sentences

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Towards the Classification of the Finnish Internet Parsebank: Detecting Translations and Informality

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Improving cross-domain dependency parsing with dependency-derived clusters

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An Optimal Quadratic Approach to Monolingual Paraphrase Alignment

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Sentence Compression For Automatic Subtitling

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Topic Models: Accounting Component Structure of Bigrams

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Improving Verb Phrase Extraction from Historical Text by use of Verb Valency Frames

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Universal Dependencies for Finnish

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Automatic word stress annotation of Russian unrestricted text

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Self Organizing Maps for the Visual Analysis of Pitch Contours

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Improving the Cross-Lingual Projection of Syntactic Dependencies

W15-1825 [bib]: Julián Zapata; Andreas Søeborg Kirkedal
Assessing the Performance of Automatic Speech Recognition Systems When Used by Native and Non-Native Speakers of Three Major Languages in Dictation Workflows

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Inferring the location of authors from words in their texts

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Automatic conversion of colloquial Finnishto standard Finnish

W15-1828 [bib]: Vytautas Mickevičius; Tomas Krilavičius; Vaidas Morkevičius; Aušra Mackutė-Varoneckienė
Automatic Thematic Classification of the Titles of the Seimas Votes

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Sentiment analysis on conversational texts

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Adapting word2vec to Named Entity Recognition

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Active learning for sense annotation

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Uncovering Noun-Noun Compound Relations by Gamification

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A multivariate model for classifying texts' readability

W15-1834 [bib]: Robert Östling; Carl Börstell; Lars Wallin
Enriching the Swedish Sign Language Corpus with Part of Speech Tags Using Joint Bayesian Word Alignment and Annotation Transfer

W15-1835 [bib]: Gustavo Henrique Paetzold
Using Positional Suffix Trees to Perform Agile Tree Kernel Calculation

W15-1836 [bib]: Ildikó Pilán
Helping Swedish words come to their senses: word-sense disambiguation based on sense associations from the SALDO lexicon

W15-1837 [bib]: Askars Salimbajevs; Jevgenijs Strigins
Using sub-word n-gram models for dealing with OOV in large vocabulary speech recognition for Latvian

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Analysing Inconsistencies and Errors in PoS Tagging in two Icelandic Gold Standards

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From digital library to n-grams: NB N-gram

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The Corpus of American Norwegian Speech (CANS)

W15-1841 [bib]: Johan Bos
Open-Domain Semantic Parsing with Boxer

W15-1842 [bib]: Sam Hardwick; Miikka Silfverberg; Krister Lindén
Extracting Semantic Frames using hfst-pmatch

W15-1843 [bib]: Arne Neumann
discoursegraphs: A graph-based merging tool and converter for multilayer annotated corpora

W15-1844 [bib]: Tommi A. Pirinen
Omorfi — Free and open source morphological lexical database for Finnish

W15-1845 [bib]: Evelina Rennes; Arne Jönsson
A Tool for Automatic Simplification of Swedish Texts

Proceedings of the fourth workshop on NLP for computer-assisted language learning

W15-19: Entire volume

W15-1900: Front Matter

W15-1901: Heike Da Silva Cardoso; Magdalena Wolska
Misspellings in Responses to Listening Comprehension Questions: Prospects for Scoring based on Phonetic Normalization

W15-1902: Peter Juel Henrichsen
Taking the Danish Speech Trainer from CALL to ICALL

W15-1903: Andrea Horbach; Jonathan Poitz; Alexis Palmer
Using Shallow Syntactic Features to Measure Influences of L1 and Proficiency Level in EFL Writings

W15-1904: Andrey Kutuzov; Elizaveta Kuzmenko
Semi-automated typical error annotation for learner English essays: integrating frameworks

W15-1905: Ulrike Pado; Cornelia Kiefer
Short Answer Grading: When Sorting Helps and When it Doesn’t

W15-1906: Heli Uibo; Jaak Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt; Jack Rueter; Sulev Iva
Oahpa! Õpi! Opiq! Developing free online programs for learning Estonian and Võro

Proceedings of the workshop on Semantic resources and semantic annotation for Natural Language Processing and the Digital Humanities at NODALIDA 2015

W15-20: Entire volume

W15-2000: Front Matter

W15-2001: Lars Borin; Luis Nieto Piña; Richard Johansson
Here be dragons? The perils and promises of inter-resource lexical-semantic mapping

W15-2002: Karin Friberg Heppin; Dana Dannélls
Polysemy, underspecification, and aspects – Questions of lumping or splitting in the construction of Swedish FrameNet

W15-2003: Natalia Loukachevitch; Ilia Chetviorkin
Determining the most frequent senses using Russian linguistic ontology RuThes

W15-2004: Magnus Norrby; Pierre Nugues
Extraction of lethal events from Wikipedia and a semantic repository

W15-2005: Sussi Olsen; Bolette S. Pedersen; Héctor Martínez Alonso; Anders Johannsen
Coarse-grained sense annotation of Danish across textual domains

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (Depling 2015)

W15-21 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2100: Front Matter

W15-2101 [bib]: Christopher Manning
Invited Talk: The Case for Universal Dependencies

W15-2102 [bib]: Alain Polguère
Invited Talk: Lexicon Embedded Syntax

W15-2103 [bib]: Lars Ahrenberg
Converting an English-Swedish Parallel Treebank to Universal Dependencies

W15-2104 [bib]: Petra Barančíková; Rudolf Rosa
Targeted Paraphrasing on Deep Syntactic Layer for MT Evaluation

W15-2105 [bib]: Verginica Barbu Mititelu; Cătălina Mărănduc; Elena Irimia
Universal and Language-specific Dependency Relations for Analysing Romanian

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Emotion and Inner State Adverbials in Russian

W15-2107 [bib]: Alicia Burga; Simon Mille; Anton Granvik; Leo Wanner
Towards a multi-layered dependency annotation of Finnish

W15-2108 [bib]: Jan Buys; Phil Blunsom
A Bayesian Model for Generative Transition-based Dependency Parsing

W15-2109 [bib]: Radek Čech; Ján Mačutek; Michaela Koščová
On the relation between verb full valency and synonymy

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Classifying Syntactic Categories in the Chinese Dependency Network

W15-2111 [bib]: Ondřej Dušek; Eva Fučíková; Jan Hajič; Martin Popel; Jana Šindlerová; Zdeňka Urešová
Using Parallel Texts and Lexicons for Verbal Word Sense Disambiguation

W15-2112 [bib]: Richard Futrell; Kyle Mahowald; Edward Gibson
Quantifying Word Order Freedom in Dependency Corpora

W15-2113 [bib]: Kim Gerdes; Sylvain Kahane
Non-constituent coordination and other coordinative constructions as Dependency Graphs

W15-2114 [bib]: Thomas Groß; Timothy Osborne
The Dependency Status of Function Words: Auxiliaries

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Diachronic Trends in Word Order Freedom and Dependency Length in Dependency-Annotated Corpora of Latin and Ancient Greek

W15-2116 [bib]: Eva Hajičová; Marie Mikulová; Jarmila Panevová
Reconstructions of Deletions in a Dependency-based Description of Czech: Selected Issues

W15-2117 [bib]: Samar Husain; Shravan Vasishth
Non-projectivity and processing constraints: Insights from Hindi

W15-2118 [bib]: András Imrényi
From mutual dependency to multiple dimensions: remarks on the DG analysis of "functional heads" in Hungarian

W15-2119 [bib]: Yingqi Jing; Haitao Liu
Mean Hierarchical Distance Augmenting Mean Dependency Distance

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Towards Cross-language Application of Dependency Grammar

W15-2121 [bib]: Sylvain Kahane; Nicolas Mazziotta
Dependency-based analyses for function words – Introducing the polygraphic approach

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At the Lexicon-Grammar Interface: The Case of Complex Predicates in the Functional Generative Description

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Enhancing FreeLing Rule-Based Dependency Grammars with Subcategorization Frames

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Towards Universal Web Parsebanks

W15-2125 [bib]: Paola Merlo
Evaluation of Two-level Dependency Representations of Argument Structure in Long-Distance Dependencies

W15-2126 [bib]: Jasmina Milićević
The Subjectival Surface-Syntactic Relation in Serbian

W15-2127 [bib]: Timothy Osborne; Daniel Maxwell
A Historical Overview of the Status of Function Words in Dependency Grammar

W15-2128 [bib]: Timothy Osborne
Diagnostics for Constituents: Dependency, Constituency, and the Status of Function Words

W15-2129 [bib]: Timothy Osborne; Shudong Ma
A DG Account of the Descriptive and Resultative de-Constructions in Chinese

W15-2130 [bib]: Timothy Osborne; Junying Liang
A Survey of Ellipsis in Chinese

W15-2131 [bib]: Rudolf Rosa
Multi-source Cross-lingual Delexicalized Parser Transfer: Prague or Stanford?

W15-2132 [bib]: Magdaléna Rysová; Kateřina Rysová
Secondary Connectives in the Prague Dependency Treebank

W15-2133 [bib]: Mojgan Seraji; Bernd Bohnet; Joakim Nivre
ParsPer: A Dependency Parser for Persian

W15-2134 [bib]: Natalia Silveira; Christopher Manning
Does Universal Dependencies need a parsing representation? An investigation of English

W15-2135 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Kiril Simov; Petya Osenova
Catena Operations for Unified Dependency Analysis

W15-2136 [bib]: Jana Šindlerová; Eva Fučíková; Zdeňka Urešová
Zero Alignment of Verb Arguments in a Parallel Treebank

W15-2137 [bib]: Jörg Tiedemann
Cross-Lingual Dependency Parsing with Universal Dependencies and Predicted PoS Labels

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Exploring Confidence-based Self-training for Multilingual Dependency Parsing in an Under-Resourced Language Scenario

Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Parsing Technologies

W15-22 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2200: Front Matter

W15-2201 [bib]: Juntao Yu; Mohab Elkaref; Bernd Bohnet
Domain Adaptation for Dependency Parsing via Self-Training

W15-2202 [bib]: Daniel Flannery; Shinsuke Mori
Combining Active Learning and Partial Annotation for Domain Adaptation of a Japanese Dependency Parser

W15-2203 [bib]: Sumire Uematsu; Yusuke Miyao
Incorporating Complementary Annotation to a CCGbank for Improving Derivations for Japanese

W15-2204 [bib]: Bruno Guillaume; Guy Perrier
Dependency Parsing with Graph Rewriting

W15-2205 [bib]: Elisabeth Lien; Milen Kouylekov
Semantic Parsing for Textual Entailment

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A Framework for Procedural Text Understanding

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Suitability of ParTes Test Suite for Parsing Evaluation

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Coordination-Aware Dependency Parsing (Preliminary Report)

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MSTParser Model Interpolation for Multi-Source Delexicalized Transfer

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Non-Deterministic Oracles for Unrestricted Non-Projective Transition-Based Dependency Parsing

W15-2211 [bib]: Phong Le
Enhancing the Inside-Outside Recursive Neural Network Reranker for Dependency Parsing

W15-2212 [bib]: Natalie Schluter
Maximising Spanning Subtree Scores for Parsing Tree Approximations of Semantic Dependency Digraphs

W15-2213 [bib]: Joseph Irwin; Yuji Matsumoto
CKY Parsing with Independence Constraints

W15-2214 [bib]: Pablo Gamallo
Dependency Parsing with Compression Rules

W15-2215 [bib]: Agnieszka Faleńska; Anders Björkelund; Özlem Çetinoğlu; Wolfgang Seeker
Stacking or Supertagging for Dependency Parsing – What’s the Difference?

Proceedings of the 14th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MoL 2015)

W15-23 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2300: Front Matter

W15-2301 [bib]: Thomas Graf; Brigitta Fodor; James Monette; Gianpaul Rachiele; Aunika Warren; Chong Zhang
A Refined Notion of Memory Usage for Minimalist Parsing

W15-2302 [bib]: Philippe de Groote
Abstract Categorial Parsing as Linear Logic Programming

W15-2303 [bib]: Sean A. Fulop; David Kephart
Topology of Language Classes

W15-2304 [bib]: Stergios Chatzikyriakidis; Zhaohui Luo
Individuation Criteria, Dot-types and Copredication: A View from Modern Type Theories

W15-2305 [bib]: András Kornai; Marcus Kracht
Lexical Semantics and Model Theory: Together at Last?

W15-2306 [bib]: Dimitri Kartsaklis; Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
A Frobenius Model of Information Structure in Categorical Compositional Distributional Semantics

W15-2307 [bib]: David McAllester
A Synopsis of Morphoid Type Theory

W15-2308 [bib]: Ryo Yoshinaka
General Perspective on Distributionally Learnable Classes

W15-2309 [bib]: Alexander Clark
Canonical Context-Free Grammars and Strong Learning: Two Approaches

W15-2310 [bib]: Jane Chandlee; Rémi Eyraud; Jeffrey Heinz
Output Strictly Local Functions

W15-2311 [bib]: Giorgio Magri; René Kager
How to Choose Successful Losers in Error-Driven Phonotactic Learning

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A Concatenation Operation to Derive Autosegmental Graphs

W15-2313 [bib]: Sylvain Kahane; Nicolas Mazziotta
Syntactic Polygraphs. A Formalism Extending Both Constituency and Dependency

Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Learning

W15-24 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2400: Front Matter

W15-2401 [bib]: Maria Barrett; Anders Søgaard
Using reading behavior to predict grammatical functions

W15-2402 [bib]: Sigrid Klerke; Sheila Castilho; Maria Barrett; Anders Søgaard
Reading metrics for estimating task efficiency with MT output

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Evaluating Models of Computation and Storage in Human Sentence Processing

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An agent-based model of a historical word order change

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Towards a Model of Prediction-based Syntactic Category Acquisition: First Steps with Word Embeddings

W15-2406 [bib]: Giovanni Cassani; Robert Grimm; Walter Daelemans; Steven Gillis
Which distributional cues help the most? Unsupervised contexts selection for lexical category acquisition

W15-2407 [bib]: Miquel Cornudella; Thierry Poibeau
Language Emergence in a Population of Artificial Agents Equipped with the Autotelic Principle

W15-2408 [bib]: Pablo Faria
A Computational Study of Cross-situational Lexical Learning of Brazilian Portuguese

W15-2409 [bib]: Çağrı Çöltekin
Units in segmentation: a computational investigation

W15-2410 [bib]: Aleksandrs Berdicevskis
Estimating Grammeme Redundancy by Measuring Their Importance for Syntactic Parser Performance

W15-2411 [bib]: Thomas Brochhagen
Improving Coordination on Novel Meaning through Context and Semantic Structure

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Perceptual, conceptual, and frequency effects on error patterns in English color term acquisition

W15-2413 [bib]: Bogdan Ludusan; Amanda Seidl; Emmanuel Dupoux; Alex Cristia
Motif discovery in infant- and adult-directed speech

W15-2414 [bib]: Antal van den Bosch; Joan Bresnan
Modeling dative alternations of individual children

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Discourse in Machine Translation

W15-25 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2500: Front Matter

W15-2501 [bib]: Christian Hardmeier; Preslav Nakov; Sara Stymne; Jörg Tiedemann; Yannick Versley; Mauro Cettolo
Pronoun-Focused MT and Cross-Lingual Pronoun Prediction: Findings of the 2015 DiscoMT Shared Task on Pronoun Translation

W15-2502 [bib]: Michal Novák; Dieke Oele; Gertjan van Noord
Comparison of Coreference Resolvers for Deep Syntax Translation

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Analysing ParCor and its Translations by State-of-the-art SMT Systems

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Document-Level Machine Translation Evaluation with Gist Consistency and Text Cohesion

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The Role of Expectedness in the Implicitation and Explicitation of Discourse Relations

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Detecting Document-level Context Triggers to Resolve Translation Ambiguity

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A Proposal for a Coherence Corpus in Machine Translation

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Part-of-Speech Driven Cross-Lingual Pronoun Prediction with Feed-Forward Neural Networks

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Automatic Post-Editing for the DiscoMT Pronoun Translation Task

W15-2510 [bib]: Christian Hardmeier
A Document-Level SMT System with Integrated Pronoun Prediction

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Predicting Pronoun Translation Using Syntactic, Morphological and Contextual Features from Parallel Data

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Rule-Based Pronominal Anaphora Treatment for Machine Translation

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Pronoun Translation and Prediction with or without Coreference Links

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Predicting Pronouns across Languages with Continuous Word Spaces

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Baseline Models for Pronoun Prediction and Pronoun-Aware Translation

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A Maximum Entropy Classifier for Cross-Lingual Pronoun Prediction

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Measuring ’Registerness’ in Human and Machine Translation: A Text Classification Approach

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Translation Model Adaptation Using Genre-Revealing Text Features

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Crosslingual Annotation and Analysis of Implicit Discourse Connectives for Machine Translation

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Novel Document Level Features for Statistical Machine Translation

W15-2521 [bib]: Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski
Exploration of Inter- and Intralingual Variation of Discourse Phenomena

W15-2522 [bib]: Christian Hardmeier
On Statistical Machine Translation and Translation Theory

Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis

W15-26 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2600: Front Matter

W15-2601 [bib]: Wen-wai Yim; Sharon Kwan; Meliha Yetisgen
In-depth annotation for patient level liver cancer staging

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Predicting Continued Participation in Online Health Forums

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Redundancy in French Electronic Health Records: A preliminary study

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Is it possible to recover personal health information from an automatically de-identified corpus of French EHRs?

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An Analysis of Biomedical Tokenization: Problems and Strategies

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Annotation of Clinically Important Follow-up Recommendations in Radiology Reports

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On the Impact of Twitter-based Health Campaigns: A Cross-Country Analysis of Movember

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Exploring Word Embedding for Drug Name Recognition

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Creating a rule based system for text mining of Norwegian breast cancer pathology reports

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Parser Adaptation to the Biomedical Domain without Re-Training

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Expanding a dictionary of marker words for uncertainty and negation using distributional semantics

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Held-out versus Gold Standard: Comparison of Evaluation Strategies for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction from Medline abstracts

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Checking a structured pathology report for completeness of content using terminological knowledge

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Effectively Crowdsourcing Radiology Report Annotations

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Identifying Key Concepts from EHR Notes Using Domain Adaptation

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Information Extraction from Biomedical Texts: Learning Models with Limited Supervision

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Adverse Drug Event classification of health records using dictionary based pre-processing and machine learning

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NLP–Based Readability Assessment of Health–Related Texts: a Case Study on Italian Informed Consent Forms

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Mining and Ranking Biomedical Synonym Candidates from Wikipedia

W15-2620 [bib]: Aron Henriksson
Representing Clinical Notes for Adverse Drug Event Detection

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Linking Computational Models of Lexical, Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics

W15-27 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2700: Front Matter

W15-2701 [bib]: Tamara Polajnar; Laura Rimell; Stephen Clark
An Exploration of Discourse-Based Sentence Spaces for Compositional Distributional Semantics

W15-2702 [bib]: Kleio-Isidora Mavridou; Annemarie Friedrich; Melissa Peate Sørensen; Alexis Palmer; Manfred Pinkal
Linking discourse modes and situation entity types in a cross-linguistic corpus study

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Recovering discourse relations: Varying influence of discourse adverbials

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Semantics and Discourse Processing for Expressive TTS

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Semantically Enriched Models for Modal Sense Classification

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Identification and Disambiguation of Lexical Cues of Rhetorical Relations across Different Text Genres

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Bridging Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics through Clausal Adjuncts

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Lexical Level Distribution of Metadiscourse in Spoken Language

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Idiom Paraphrases: Seventh Heaven vs Cloud Nine

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Where Was Alexander the Great in 325 BC? Toward Understanding History Text with a World Model

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Predicting word sense annotation agreement

W15-2712 [bib]: Raffaella Bernardi; Gemma Boleda; Raquel Fernandez; Denis Paperno
Distributional Semantics in Use

Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Vision and Language

W15-28 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2800: Front Matter

W15-2801 [bib]: Jayant Krishnamurthy
Visually-Verifiable Textual Entailment: A Challenge Task for Combining Language and Vision

W15-2802 [bib]: Preethi Vaidyanathan; Emily Prud'hommeaux; Cecilia O. Alm; Jeff B. Pelz; Anne R. Haake
Computational Integration of Human Vision and Natural Language through Bitext Alignment

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Towards Reliable Automatic Multimodal Content Analysis

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Lingusitic Analysis of Multi-Modal Recurrent Neural Networks

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Defining Visually Descriptive Language

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Semantic Tuples for Evaluation of Image to Sentence Generation

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Image Representations and New Domains in Neural Image Captioning

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Image with a Message: Towards Detecting Non-Literal Image Usages by Visual Linking

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Visual Classifier Prediction by Distributional Semantic Embedding of Text Descriptions

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Understanding Urban Land Use through the Visualization of Points of Interest

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Comparing Attribute Classifiers for Interactive Language Grounding

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Generating Semantically Precise Scene Graphs from Textual Descriptions for Improved Image Retrieval

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Do Distributed Semantic Models Dream of Electric Sheep? Visualizing Word Representations through Image Synthesis

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A Weighted Combination of Text and Image Classifiers for User Gender Inference

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Coupling Natural Language Processing and Animation Synthesis in Portuguese Sign Language Translation

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Describing Spatial Relationships between Objects in Images in English and French

Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis

W15-29 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-2900: Front Matter

W15-2901 [bib]: Zornitsa Kozareva
Multilingual Affect Polarity and Valence Prediction in Metaphors

W15-2902 [bib] [attachment]: David Vilares; Miguel A. Alonso; Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez
Sentiment Analysis on Monolingual, Multilingual and Code-Switching Twitter Corpora

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Connotation in Translation

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Enhanced Twitter Sentiment Classification Using Contextual Information

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Your Sentiment Precedes You: Using an author’s historical tweets to predict sarcasm

W15-2906 [bib]: Thomas Kober; David Weir
Optimising Agile Social Media Analysis

W15-2907 [bib]: Takaaki Tsunoda; Takashi Inui; Satoshi Sekine
Utilizing review analysis to suggest product advertisement improvements

W15-2908 [bib] [attachment]: Wiltrud Kessler; Roman Klinger; Jonas Kuhn
Towards Opinion Mining from Reviews for the Prediction of Product Rankings

W15-2909 [bib]: Leticia Cagnina; Paolo Rosso
Classification of deceptive opinions using a low dimensionality representation

W15-2910 [bib]: Josef Ruppenhofer; Jasper Brandes
Extending effect annotation with lexical decomposition

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Analysing domain suitability of a sentiment lexicon by identifying distributionally bipolar words

W15-2912 [bib]: Saif Mohammad
Imagisaurus: An Interactive Visualizer of Valence and Emotion in the Roget's Thesaurus

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Personality Traits on Twitter—or—How to Get 1,500 Personality Tests in a Week

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Negation Scope Detection for Twitter Sentiment Analysis

W15-2915 [bib]: Sebastian Ebert; Ngoc Thang Vu; Hinrich Schütze
A Linguistically Informed Convolutional Neural Network

W15-2916 [bib]: Chiraag Sumanth; Diana Inkpen
How much does word sense disambiguation help in sentiment analysis of micropost data?

W15-2917 [bib]: Wernard Schmit; Sander Wubben
Predicting Ratings for New Movie Releases from Twitter Content

W15-2918 [bib]: Márton Miháltz; Tamás Váradi; István Csertő; Éva Fülöp; Tibor Pólya; Pál Kővágó
Beyond Sentiment: Social Psychological Analysis of Political Facebook Comments in Hungary

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Verb-centered Sentiment Inference with Description Logics

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Mining HEXACO personality traits from Enterprise Social Media

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Opinion Holder and Target Extraction for Verb-based Opinion Predicates – The Problem is Not Solved

W15-2922 [bib]: Umar Maqsud
Synthetic Text Generation for Sentiment Analysis

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Detecting speculations, contrasts and conditionals in consumer reviews

W15-2924 [bib]: Credell Simeon; Robert Hilderman
Using Combined Lexical Resources to Identify Hashtag Types

W15-2925 [bib]: Phillip Smith; Mark Lee
Sentiment Classification via a Response Recalibration Framework

Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

W15-30 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3000: Front Matter

W15-3001 [bib]: Ondřej Bojar; Rajen Chatterjee; Christian Federmann; Barry Haddow; Matthias Huck; Chris Hokamp; Philipp Koehn; Varvara Logacheva; Christof Monz; Matteo Negri; Matt Post; Carolina Scarton; Lucia Specia; Marco Turchi
Findings of the 2015 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

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Statistical Machine Translation with Automatic Identification of Translationese

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Data Selection With Fewer Words

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DFKI's experimental hybrid MT system for WMT 2015

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ParFDA for Fast Deployment of Accurate Statistical Machine Translation Systems, Benchmarks, and Statistics

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CUNI in WMT15: Chimera Strikes Again

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CimS - The CIS and IMS Joint Submission to WMT 2015 addressing morphological and syntactic differences in English to German SMT

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The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Translation Systems for the WMT 2015

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New Language Pairs in TectoMT

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Tuning Phrase-Based Segmented Translation for a Morphologically Complex Target Language

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The AFRL-MITLL WMT15 System: There’s More than One Way to Decode It!

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GF Wide-coverage English-Finnish MT system for WMT 2015

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UdS-Sant: English–German Hybrid Machine Translation System

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The RWTH Aachen German-English Machine Translation System for WMT 2015

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Exact Decoding with Multi Bottom-Up Tree Transducers

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Sheffield Systems for the Finnish-English WMT Translation Task

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Morphological Segmentation and OPUS for Finnish-English Machine Translation

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Abu-MaTran at WMT 2015 Translation Task: Morphological Segmentation and Web Crawling

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Edinburgh's Syntax-Based Systems at WMT 2015

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The FBK Participation in the WMT15 Automatic Post-editing Shared Task

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USAAR-SAPE: An English–Spanish Statistical Automatic Post-Editing System

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Why Predicting Post-Edition is so Hard? Failure Analysis of LIMSI Submission to the APE Shared Task

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Hierarchical Machine Translation With Discontinuous Phrases

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Discontinuous Statistical Machine Translation with Target-Side Dependency Syntax

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ListNet-based MT Rescoring

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Results of the WMT15 Metrics Shared Task

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Results of the WMT15 Tuning Shared Task

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Extended Translation Models in Phrase-based Decoding

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Investigations on Phrase-based Decoding with Recurrent Neural Network Language and Translation Models

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Referential Translation Machines for Predicting Translation Quality and Related Statistics

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UAlacant word-level machine translation quality estimation system at WMT 2015

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QUality Estimation from ScraTCH (QUETCH): Deep Learning for Word-level Translation Quality Estimation

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LORIA System for the WMT15 Quality Estimation Shared Task

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Data enhancement and selection strategies for the word-level Quality Estimation

W15-3040 [bib]: Carolina Scarton; Liling Tan; Lucia Specia
USHEF and USAAR-USHEF participation in the WMT15 QE shared task

W15-3041 [bib]: Kashif Shah; Varvara Logacheva; Gustavo Paetzold; Frédéric Blain; Daniel Beck; Fethi Bougares; Lucia Specia
SHEF-NN: Translation Quality Estimation with Neural Networks

W15-3042 [bib]: Liugang Shang; Dongfeng Cai; Duo Ji
Strategy-Based Technology for Estimating MT Quality

W15-3043 [bib]: Arda Tezcan; Veronique Hoste; Bart Desmet; Lieve Macken
UGENT-LT3 SCATE System for Machine Translation Quality Estimation

W15-3044 [bib]: Boxing Chen; Hongyu Guo; Roland Kuhn
Multi-level Evaluation for Machine Translation

W15-3045 [bib]: Elisabet Comelles; Jordi Atserias
VERTa: a Linguistically-motivated Metric at the WMT15 Metrics Task

W15-3046 [bib]: Marina Fomicheva; Núria Bel; Iria da Cunha; Anton Malinovskiy
UPF-Cobalt Submission to WMT15 Metrics Task

W15-3047 [bib]: Rohit Gupta; Constantin Orasan; Josef van Genabith
Machine Translation Evaluation using Recurrent Neural Networks

W15-3048 [bib]: Benjamin Marie; Marianna Apidianaki
Alignment-based sense selection in METEOR and the RATATOUILLE recipe

W15-3049 [bib]: Maja Popović
chrF: character n-gram F-score for automatic MT evaluation

W15-3050 [bib]: Miloš Stanojević; Khalil Sima'an
BEER 1.1: ILLC UvA submission to metrics and tuning task

W15-3051 [bib]: Mihaela Vela; Liling Tan
Predicting Machine Translation Adequacy with Document Embeddings

W15-3052 [bib]: Sami Virpioja; Stig-Arne Grönroos
LeBLEU: N-gram-based Translation Evaluation Score for Morphologically Complex Languages

W15-3053 [bib]: Hui Yu; Qingsong Ma; Xiaofeng Wu; Qun Liu
CASICT-DCU Participation in WMT2015 Metrics Task

W15-3054 [bib]: Grant Erdmann; Jeremy Gwinnup
Drem: The AFRL Submission to the WMT15 Tuning Task

W15-3055 [bib]: Liangyou Li; Hui Yu; Qun Liu
MT Tuning on RED: A Dependency-Based Evaluation Metric

W15-3056 [bib]: Chi-kiu Lo; Philipp Dowling; Dekai Wu
Improving evaluation and optimization of MT systems against MEANT

W15-3057 [bib]: Kyoshiro Sugiyama; Masahiro Mizukami; Graham Neubig; Koichiro Yoshino; Sakriani Sakti; Tomoki Toda; Satoshi Nakamura
An Investigation of Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics in Cross-lingual Question Answering

W15-3058 [bib]: Hideki Isozaki; Natsume Kouchi
Dependency Analysis of Scrambled References for Better Evaluation of Japanese Translation

W15-3059 [bib]: Francisco Guzmán; Ahmed Abdelali; Irina Temnikova; Hassan Sajjad; Stephan Vogel
How do Humans Evaluate Machine Translation

W15-3060 [bib]: Markus Freitag; Jan-Thorsten Peter; Stephan Peitz; Minwei Feng; Hermann Ney
Local System Voting Feature for Machine Translation System Combination

Proceedings of the Eighth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing

W15-31 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3100: Front Matter

W15-3101 [bib]: Frances Yung; Kevin Duh; Yuji Matsumoto
Sequential Annotation and Chunking of Chinese Discourse Structure

W15-3102 [bib]: Shichang Wang; Chu-Ren Huang; Yao Yao; Angel Chan
Create a Manual Chinese Word Segmentation Dataset Using Crowdsourcing Method

W15-3103 [bib] [dataset]: Aaron Li-Feng Han; Xiaodong Zeng; Derek F. Wong; Lidia S. Chao
Chinese Named Entity Recognition with Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning Model

W15-3104 [bib]: Jiahong Yuan; Xiaoying Xu; Wei Lai; Weiping Ye; Xinru Zhao; Mark Liberman
Sentence selection for automatic scoring of Mandarin proficiency

W15-3105 [bib] [presentation]: Ting-Hao Huang; Yun-Nung Chen; Lingpeng Kong
ACBiMA: Advanced Chinese Bi-Character Word Morphological Analyzer

W15-3106 [bib] [presentation]: Yuen-Hsien Tseng; Lung-Hao Lee; Li-Ping Chang; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Introduction to SIGHAN 2015 Bake-off for Chinese Spelling Check

W15-3107 [bib]: Shuiyuan Zhang; Jinhua Xiong; Jianpeng Hou; Qiao Zhang; Xueqi Cheng
HANSpeller++: A Unified Framework for Chinese Spelling Correction

W15-3108 [bib]: Yih-Ru Wang; Yuan-Fu Liao
Word Vector/Conditional Random Field-based Chinese Spelling Error Detection for SIGHAN-2015 Evaluation

W15-3109 [bib]: Tao-Hsing Chang; Hsueh-Chih Chen; Cheng-Han Yang
Introduction to a Proofreading Tool for Chinese Spelling Check Task of SIGHAN-8

W15-3110 [bib]: Xiangwen Liao; Binyang Li; Liheng Xu
Overview of Topic-based Chinese Message Polarity Classification in SIGHAN 2015

W15-3111 [bib] [presentation]: Yuhui Cao; Zhao Chen; Ruifeng Xu; Tao Chen; Lin Gui
A Joint Model for Chinese Microblog Sentiment Analysis

W15-3112 [bib]: Xin Kang; Yunong Wu; Zhifei Zhang
Learning Salient Samples and Distributed Representations for Topic-Based Chinese Message Polarity Classification

W15-3113 [bib]: Qiuchi Li; Qiyu Zhi; Miao Li
An combined sentiment classification system for SIGHAN-8

W15-3114 [bib] [dataset]: MinJun Park; Yulin Yuan
Linguistic Knowledge-driven Approach to Chinese Comparative Elements Extraction

W15-3115 [bib]: Hongzheng Li; Yaohong Jin
A CRF Method of Identifying Prepositional Phrases in Chinese Patent Texts

W15-3116 [bib]: Sophia Lee; Zhongqing Wang
Emotion in Code-switching Texts: Corpus Construction and Analysis

W15-3117 [bib]: Aarne Ranta; Tian Yan; Haiyan Qiao
Chinese in the Grammatical Framework: Grammar, Translation, and Other Applications Anonymous

W15-3118 [bib] [poster]: Yiqi Bai; Wenjing Yang; Hao Zhang; Jingwen Wang; Ming Jia; Roland Tong; Jie Wang
KWB: An Automated Quick News System for Chinese Readers

W15-3119 [bib]: Gongye Jin; Daisuke Kawahara; Sadao Kurohashi
Chinese Semantic Role Labeling using High-quality Syntactic Knowledge

W15-3120 [bib] [poster]: Weijian Xie; Peijie Huang; Xinrui Zhang; Kaiduo Hong; Qiang Huang; Bingzhou Chen; Lei Huang
Chinese Spelling Check System Based on N-gram Model

W15-3121 [bib]: Wei-Cheng Chu; Chuan-Jie Lin
NTOU Chinese Spelling Check System in Sighan-8 Bake-off

W15-3122 [bib]: hongjie li; zhongqian sun; wei yang
Topic-Based Chinese Message Sentiment Analysis: A Multilayered Analysis System

W15-3123 [bib]: Hongzhao Zhou; Yonglin Teng; Min Hou; Wei He; Hongtao Zhu; Xiaolin Zhu; Yanfei Mu
Rule-Based Weibo Messages Sentiment Polarity Classification towards Given Topics

W15-3124 [bib]: Chun Liao; Chong Feng; Sen Yang; Heyan Huang
Topic-Based Chinese Message Polarity Classification System at SIGHAN8-Task2

W15-3125 [bib]: Tao-Hsing Chang; Ming-Jhih Lin; Chun-Hsien Chen; Shao-Yu Wang
CT-SPA: Text sentiment polarity prediction model using semi-automatically expanded sentiment lexicon

W15-3126 [bib] [poster]: Dashu Ye; Peijie Huang; Kaiduo Hong; Zhuoying Tang; Weijian Xie; Guilong Zhou
Chinese Microblogs Sentiment Classification using Maximum Entropy

W15-3127 [bib]: Yang Wang; Yaqi Wang; Shi Feng; Daling Wang; Yifei Zhang
NDMSCS: A Topic-Based Chinese Microblog Polarity Classification System

W15-3128 [bib]: Yaqi Wang; Shi Feng; Daling Wang; Yifei Zhang
NEUDM: A System for Topic-Based Message Polarity Classification

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Arabic Natural Language Processing

W15-32 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3200: Front Matter

W15-3201 [bib]: Hamdy Mubarak; Kareem Darwish
Classifying Arab Names Geographically

W15-3202 [bib] [notes]: Ahmad Al Sallab; Hazem Hajj; Gilbert Badaro; Ramy Baly; Wassim El Hajj; Khaled Bashir Shaban
Deep Learning Models for Sentiment Analysis in Arabic

W15-3203 [bib]: Gilbert Badaro; Ramy Baly; Rana Akel; Linda Fayad; Jeffrey Khairallah; Hazem Hajj; Khaled Shaban; Wassim El-Hajj
A Light Lexicon-based Mobile Application for Sentiment Mining of Arabic Tweets

W15-3204 [bib]: Alla Rozovskaya; Houda Bouamor; Nizar Habash; Wajdi Zaghouani; Ossama Obeid; Behrang Mohit
The Second QALB Shared Task on Automatic Text Correction for Arabic

W15-3205 [bib]: Abdulhadi Shoufan; Sumaya Alameri
Natural Language Processing for Dialectical Arabic: A Survey

W15-3206 [bib]: Faisal Al-Shargi; Owen Rambow
DIWAN: A Dialectal Word Annotation Tool for Arabic

W15-3207 [bib]: Ahmed Hamdi; Alexis Nasr; Nizar Habash; Nuria Gala
POS-tagging of Tunisian Dialect Using Standard Arabic Resources and Tools

W15-3208 [bib]: Houda Saadane; Nizar Habash
A Conventional Orthography for Algerian Arabic

W15-3209 [bib]: Houda Bouamor; Wajdi Zaghouani; Mona Diab; Ossama Obeid; Kemal Oflazer; Mahmoud Ghoneim; Abdelati Hawwari
A Pilot Study on Arabic Multi-Genre Corpus Diacritization

W15-3210 [bib]: Noura Farra; Kathy McKeown; Nizar Habash
Annotating Targets of Opinions in Arabic using Crowdsourcing

W15-3211 [bib]: Samantha Wray; Hamdy Mubarak; Ahmed Ali
Best Practices for Crowdsourcing Dialectal Arabic Speech Transcription

W15-3212 [bib]: Shabib AlGahtani; John McNaught
Joint Arabic Segmentation and Part-Of-Speech Tagging

W15-3213 [bib]: Ahmed Ali; Walid Magdy; Steve Renals
Multi-Reference Evaluation for Dialectal Speech Recognition System: A Study for Egyptian ASR

W15-3214 [bib]: Nouf AlShenaifi; Rehab AlNefie; Maha Al-Yahya; Hend Al-Khalifa
Arib$@$QALB-2015 Shared Task: A Hybrid Cascade Model for Arabic Spelling Error Detection and Correction

W15-3215 [bib]: Michael Nawar
CUFE$@$QALB-2015 Shared Task: Arabic Error Correction System

W15-3216 [bib]: Mohammed Attia; Mohamed Al-Badrashiny; Mona Diab
GWU-HASP-2015$@$QALB-2015 Shared Task: Priming Spelling Candidates with Probability

W15-3217 [bib]: Houda Bouamor; Hassan Sajjad; Nadir Durrani; Kemal Oflazer
QCMUQ$@$QALB-2015 Shared Task: Combining Character level MT and Error-tolerant Finite-State Recognition for Arabic Spelling Correction

W15-3218 [bib]: Hamdy Mubarak; Kareem Darwish; Ahmed Abdelali
QCRI$@$QALB-2015 Shared Task: Correction of Arabic Text for Native and Non-Native Speakers’ Errors

W15-3219 [bib]: Wajdi Zaghouani; Taha Zerrouki; Amar Balla
SAHSOH$@$QALB-2015 Shared Task: A Rule-Based Correction Method of Common Arabic Native and Non-Native Speakers’ Errors

W15-3220 [bib]: Djamel MOSTEFA; Jaber ABUALASAL; Omar ASBAYOU; Mahmoud GZAWI; Ramzi Abbès
TECHLIMED$@$QALB-Shared Task 2015: a hybrid Arabic Error Correction System

W15-3221 [bib]: Fethi Bougares; Houda Bouamor
UMMU$@$QALB-2015 Shared Task: Character and Word level SMT pipeline for Automatic Error Correction of Arabic Text

W15-3222 [bib]: Hanan Aldarmaki; Mona Diab
Robust Part-of-speech Tagging of Arabic Text

W15-3223 [bib]: Yonatan Belinkov; Alberto Barrón-Cedeño; Hamdy Mubarak
Answer Selection in Arabic Community Question Answering: A Feature-Rich Approach

W15-3224 [bib]: Mohamed H. Gad-elrab; Mohamed Amir Yosef; Gerhard Weikum
EDRAK: Entity-Centric Data Resource for Arabic Knowledge

Proceedings of the Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks (GEAF) 2015 Workshop

W15-33 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3300: Front Matter

W15-3301 [bib]: Aarne Ranta; Christina Unger; Daniel Vidal Hussey
Grammar Engineering for a Customer: a Case Study with Five Languages

W15-3302 [bib]: David Moeljadi; Francis Bond; Sanghoun Song
Building an HPSG-based Indonesian Resource Grammar (INDRA)

W15-3303 [bib]: Zhenzhen Fan; Sanghoun Song; Francis Bond
An HPSG-based Shared-Grammar for the Chinese Languages: ZHONG [|]

W15-3304 [bib]: Manjuan Duan; William Schuler
Parsing Chinese with a Generalized Categorial Grammar

W15-3305 [bib]: Krasimir Angelov
Orthography Engineering in Grammatical Framework

W15-3306 [bib]: Thomas Hallgren; Ramona Enache; Aarne Ranta
A Cloud-Based Editor for Multilingual Grammars

W15-3307 [bib] [presentation]: Normunds Gruzitis; Dana Dannells; Benjamin Lyngfelt; Aarne Ranta
Formalising the Swedish Constructicon in Grammatical Framework

W15-3308 [bib]: Sanghoun Song
Representing Honorifics via Individual Constraints

W15-3309 [bib]: Berthold Crysmann
Resumption and Extraction in an Implemented HPSG of Hausa

Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora

W15-34 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3400: Front Matter

W15-3401 [bib]: Benjamin K. Tsou
Augmented Comparative Corpora and Monitoring Corpus in Chinese: LIVAC and Sketch Search Engine Compared

W15-3402 [bib] [presentation]: Alberto Barrón-Cedeño; Cristina España-Bonet; Josu Boldoba; Lluís Màrquez
A Factory of Comparable Corpora from Wikipedia

W15-3403 [bib]: Yulia Grishina; Manfred Stede
Knowledge-lean projection of coreference chains across languages

W15-3404 [bib]: Laurent Jakubina; Phillippe Langlais
Projective methods for mining missing translations in DBpedia

W15-3405 [bib]: Alexis Linard; Béatrice Daille; Emmanuel Morin
Attempting to Bypass Alignment from Comparable Corpora via Pivot Language

W15-3406 [bib]: Katsunori Kotani; Takehiko Yoshimi
Application of a Corpus to Identify Gaps between English Learners and Native Speakers

W15-3407 [bib]: Somayeh Bakhshaei; Shahram Khadivi; Reza Safabakhsh
A Generative Model for Extracting Parallel Fragments from Comparable Documents

W15-3408 [bib]: Zi Long; Takehito Utsuro; Tomoharu Mitsuhashi; Mikio Yamamoto
Evaluating Features for Identifying Japanese-Chinese Bilingual Synonymous Technical Terms from Patent Families

W15-3409 [bib]: Hyeong-Won Seo; Minah Cheon; Jae-Hoon Kim
Extracting Bilingual Lexica from Comparable Corpora Using Self-Organizing Maps

W15-3410 [bib] [presentation]: Miguel Rios; Serge Sharoff
Obtaining SMT dictionaries for related languages

W15-3411 [bib]: Serge Sharoff; Pierre Zweigenbaum; Reinhard Rapp
BUCC Shared Task: Cross-Language Document Similarity

W15-3412 [bib]: Atefeh Zafarian; Amir Pouya Agha Sadeghi; Fatemeh Azadi; Sonia Ghiasifard; Zeinab Ali Panahloo; Somayeh Bakhshaei; Seyyed Mohammad Mohammadzadeh Ziabary
AUT Document Alignment Framework for BUCC Workshop Shared Task

W15-3413 [bib] [presentation]: Emmanuel Morin; Amir Hazem; Florian Boudin; Elizaveta Loginova-Clouet
LINA: Identifying Comparable Documents from Wikipedia

Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Semantics-Driven Statistical Machine Translation (S2MT 2015)

W15-35 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3500: Front Matter

W15-3501 [bib] [presentation]: Alastair Butler
Round trips with meaning stopovers

W15-3502 [bib]: Elior Sulem; Omri Abend; Ari Rappoport
Conceptual Annotations Preserve Structure Across Translations: A French-English Case Study

W15-3503 [bib] [presentation]: Jinan Xu; Jiangming Liu; Yufeng Chen; Yujie Zhang; Fang Ming; Shaotong Li
Integrating Case Frame into Japanese to Chinese Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Model

W15-3504 [bib] [presentation]: Aleš Tamchyna; Chris Quirk; Michel Galley
A Discriminative Model for Semantics-to-String Translation

Proceedings of the ACL 2015 Workshop on Novel Computational Approaches to Keyphrase Extraction

W15-36 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3600: Front Matter

W15-3601 [bib] [presentation]: Min-Yen Kan
Keywords, phrases, clauses and sentences: topicality, indicativeness and informativeness at scales

W15-3602 [bib]: Christopher Norman; Akiko Aizawa
Technical Term Extraction Using Measures of Neology

W15-3603 [bib]: Nicolai Erbs; Pedro Bispo Santos; Torsten Zesch; Iryna Gurevych
Counting What Counts: Decompounding for Keyphrase Extraction

W15-3604 [bib]: Preslav Nakov
The Web as an Implicit Training Set: Application to Noun Compounds Syntax and Semantics

W15-3605 [bib] [presentation]: Florian Boudin
Reducing Over-generation Errors for Automatic Keyphrase Extraction using Integer Linear Programming

W15-3606 [bib]: Suppawong Tuarob; Wanghuan Chu; Dong Chen; Conrad Tucker
TwittDict: Extracting Social Oriented Keyphrase Semantics from Twitter

W15-3607 [bib] [presentation]: Apurba Paul; Dipankar Das
Identification and Classification of Emotional Key Phrases from Psychological Texts

Proceedings of the 9th SIGHUM Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities (LaTeCH)

W15-37 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3700: Front Matter

W15-3701 [bib]: Yen-Fu Luo; Anna Rumshisky; Mikhail Gronas
Catching the Red Priest: Using Historical Editions of Encyclopaedia Britannica to Track the Evolution of Reputations

W15-3702 [bib]: JinYeong Bak; Alice Oh
Five Centuries of Monarchy in Korea: Mining the Text of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty

W15-3703 [bib]: Yufang Hou; Anette Frank
Analyzing Sentiment in Classical Chinese Poetry

W15-3704 [bib]: Victoria Anugrah Lestari; Ruli Manurung
Measuring the Structural and Conceptual Similarity of Folktales using Plot Graphs

W15-3705 [bib]: Nils Reiter
Towards Annotating Narrative Segments

W15-3706 [bib]: Eva Pettersson; Beáta Megyesi; Joakim Nivre
Ranking Relevant Verb Phrases Extracted from Historical Text

W15-3707 [bib]: Stephen Wan; Cécile Paris
Ranking election issues through the lens of social media

W15-3708 [bib]: Johannes Bjerva; Raf Praet
Word Embeddings Pointing the Way for Late Antiquity

W15-3709 [bib]: Ryan Georgi; Fei Xia; William Lewis
Enriching Interlinear Text using Automatically Constructed Annotators

W15-3710 [bib]: Tanja Samardzic; Robert Schikowski; Sabine Stoll
Automatic interlinear glossing as two-level sequence classification

W15-3711 [bib]: Aitor Arronte Alvarez
Enriching Digitized Medieval Manuscripts: Linking Image, Text and Lexical Knowledge

W15-3712 [bib] [notes]: Klemo Vladimir; Marin Silic; Nenad Romic; Goran Delac; Sinisa Srbljic
A preliminary study on similarity-preserving digital book identifiers

W15-3713 [bib]: Andrea Bellandi; Davide Albanesi; Giulia Benotto; Emiliano Giovannetti; Gianfranco Di Segni
When Translation Requires Interpretation: Collaborative Computer–Assisted Translation of Ancient Texts

W15-3714 [bib] [presentation]: Chaya Liebeskind; Ido Dagan
Integrating Query Performance Prediction in Term Scoring for Diachronic Thesaurus

W15-3715 [bib] [presentation]: Tommaso Petrolito; Ruggero Petrolito; Francesco Perono Cacciafoco; Gregoire Winterstein
Minoan linguistic resources: The Linear A Digital Corpus

W15-3716 [bib]: Tim vor der Brück; Steffen Eger; Alexander Mehler
Lexicon-assisted tagging and lemmatization in Latin: A comparison of six taggers and two lemmatization models

Proceedings of BioNLP 15

W15-38 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3800: Front Matter

W15-3801 [bib]: James Allen; Will de Beaumont; Lucian Galescu; Choh Man Teng
Complex Event Extraction using DRUM

W15-3802 [bib]: Roland Roller; Mark Stevenson
Making the most of limited training data using distant supervision

W15-3803 [bib]: Yifan Peng; Samir Gupta; Cathy Wu; Vijay Shanker
An extended dependency graph for relation extraction in biomedical texts

W15-3804 [bib]: Chrysoula Zerva; Sophia Ananiadou
Event Extraction in pieces:Tackling the partial event identification problem on unseen corpora

W15-3805 [bib]: Michael Spranger; Sucheendra Palaniappan; Samik Ghosh
Extracting Biological Pathway Models From NLP Event Representations

W15-3806 [bib]: Ramesh Nallapati; Radu Florian
Shallow Training is cheap but is it good enough? Experiments with Medical Fact Coding

W15-3807 [bib]: Youngjun Kim; Ellen Riloff
Stacked Generalization for Medical Concept Extraction from Clinical Notes

W15-3808 [bib]: Mohsen Hassan; Olfa Makkaoui; Adrien Coulet; Yannick Toussain
Extracting Disease-Symptom Relationships by Learning Syntactic Patterns from Dependency Graphs

W15-3809 [bib]: Timothy Miller; Steven Bethard; Dmitriy Dligach; Chen Lin; Guergana Savova
Extracting Time Expressions from Clinical Text

W15-3810 [bib]: Yue Liu; Tao Ge; Kusum Mathews; Heng Ji; Deborah McGuinness
Exploiting Task-Oriented Resources to Learn Word Embeddings for Clinical Abbreviation Expansion

W15-3811 [bib]: Amy Siu; Gerhard Weikum
Semantic Type Classification of Common Words in Biomedical Noun Phrases

W15-3812 [bib]: Rize Jin; Jinseon You; Jin-Woo Chung; Hee-Jin Lee; Maria Wolters; Jong Park
CoMAGD: Annotation of Gene-Depression Relations

W15-3813 [bib]: Meizhi Ju; Haomin Li; Huilong Duan
Lexical Characteristics Analysis of Chinese Clinical Documents

W15-3814 [bib]: Chen Li; Runqing Song; Maria Liakata; Andreas Vlachos; Stephanie Seneff; Xiangrong Zhang
Using word embedding for bio-event extraction

W15-3815 [bib]: Samuel J. Severance; K. Bretonnel Cohen
Measuring the readability of medical research journal abstracts

W15-3816 [bib]: Weisong Liu; Shu Cai
Translating Electronic Health Record Notes from English to Spanish: A Preliminary Study

W15-3817 [bib]: Abdulaziz Alamri; Mark Stevenson
Automatic Detection of Answers to Research Questions from Medline Abstracts

W15-3818 [bib]: Jitendra Jonnagaddala; Hong-Jie Dai; Pradeep Ray; Siaw-Teng Liaw
A preliminary study on automatic identification of patient smoking status in unstructured electronic health records

W15-3819 [bib]: Borbála Siklósi; Attila Novák
Restoring the intended structure of Hungarian ophthalmology documents

W15-3820 [bib]: MUNEEB TH; Sunil Sahu; Ashish Anand
Evaluating distributed word representations for capturing semantics of biomedical concepts

W15-3821 [bib]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes; Andrew MacKinlay; Bo Han
Investigating Public Health Surveillance using Twitter

W15-3822 [bib]: yonghui wu; Jun Xu; Yaoyun Zhang; Hua Xu
Clinical Abbreviation Disambiguation Using Neural Word Embeddings

W15-3823 [bib] [notes]: Na Hong; Dingcheng Li; Yue Yu; Hongfang Liu; Christopher G. Chute; Guoqian Jiang
Representing Clinical Diagnostic Criteria in Quality Data Model Using Natural Language Processing

Proceedings of the Fifth Named Entity Workshop

W15-39 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-3900: Front Matter

W15-3901 [bib]: Min Zhang; Haizhou Li; Rafael E. Banchs; A. Kumaran
Whitepaper of NEWS 2015 Shared Task on Machine Transliteration

W15-3902 [bib]: Rafael E. Banchs; Min Zhang; Xiangyu Duan; Haizhou Li; A. Kumaran
Report of NEWS 2015 Machine Transliteration Shared Task

W15-3903 [bib]: Greg Kondrak
How do you spell that? A journey through word representations

W15-3904 [bib]: Cicero dos Santos; Victor Guimarães
Boosting Named Entity Recognition with Neural Character Embeddings

W15-3905 [bib]: Oi Yee Kwong
Regularity and Flexibility in English-Chinese Name Transliteration

W15-3906 [bib]: Livy Real; Alexandre Rademaker
HAREM and Klue: how to put two tagsets for named entities annotation together

W15-3907 [bib]: Quang Hong Pham; Minh-Le Nguyen; Binh Thanh Nguyen; Nguyen Viet Cuong
Semi-supervised Learning for Vietnamese Named Entity Recognition using Online Conditional Random Fields

W15-3908 [bib]: Yan Shao; Jörg Tiedemann; Joakim Nivre
Boosting English-Chinese Machine Transliteration via High Quality Alignment and Multilingual Resources

W15-3909 [bib]: Andrew Finch; Lemao Liu; Xiaolin Wang; Eiichiro Sumita
Neural Network Transduction Models in Transliteration Generation

W15-3910 [bib]: Dandan Wang; Xiaohui Yang; Jinan Xu; Yufeng Chen; Nan Wang; Bojia Liu; Jian Yang; Yujie Zhang
A Hybrid Transliteration Model for Chinese/English Named Entities —BJTU-NLP Report for the 5th Named Entities Workshop

W15-3911 [bib]: Garrett Nicolai; Bradley Hauer; Mohammad Salameh; Adam St Arnaud; Ying Xu; Lei Yao; Grzegorz Kondrak
Multiple System Combination for Transliteration

W15-3912 [bib]: Anoop Kunchukuttan; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Data representation methods and use of mined corpora for Indian language transliteration

W15-3913 [bib]: Yu-Chun Wang; Chun-Kai Wu; Richard Tzong-Han Tsai
NCU IISR English-Korean and English-Chinese Named Entity Transliteration Using Different Grapheme Segmentation Approaches

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Continuous Vector Space Models and their Compositionality

W15-40 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-4000: Front Matter

W15-4001 [bib]: Kazuma Hashimoto; Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
Learning Embeddings for Transitive Verb Disambiguation by Implicit Tensor Factorization

W15-4002 [bib] [poster]: Samuel R. Bowman; Christopher Potts; Christopher D. Manning
Recursive Neural Networks Can Learn Logical Semantics

W15-4003 [bib]: Jackie Chi Kit Cheung
Concept Extensions as the Basis for Vector-Space Semantics: Combining Distributional and Ontological Information about Entities

W15-4004 [bib]: Dongxu Zhang; Bin Yuan; Dong Wang; Rong Liu
Joint Semantic Relevance Learning with Text Data and Graph Knowledge

W15-4005 [bib]: Kunal Sachdeva; Dipti Sharma
Exploring the effect of semantic similarity for Phrase-based Machine Translation

W15-4006 [bib]: Alex Ter-Sarkisov; Holger Schwenk; Fethi Bougares; Loïc Barrault
Incremental Adaptation Strategies for Neural Network Language Models

W15-4007 [bib]: Kristina Toutanova; Danqi Chen
Observed versus latent features for knowledge base and text inference

Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation (HyTra)

W15-41 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-4100: Front Matter

W15-4101 [bib]: João Silva; João Rodrigues; Luís Gomes; António Branco
Bootstrapping a hybrid deep MT system

W15-4102 [bib] [software]: Matīss Rikters
Multi-system machine translation using online APIs for English-Latvian

W15-4103 [bib]: Aleš Tamchyna; Ondrej Bojar
What a Transfer-Based System Brings to the Combination with PBMT

W15-4104 [bib]: George Tambouratzis; Vassiliki Pouli
Establishing sentential structure via realignments from small parallel corpora

W15-4105 [bib]: Liling Tan; Josef van Genabith; Francis Bond
Passive and Pervasive Use of Bilingual Dictionary in Statistical Machine Translation

W15-4106 [bib]: Rafael E. Banchs
Automated Simultaneous Interpretation: Hints of a Cognitive Framework for Machine Translation

W15-4107 [bib]: Carla Parra Escartín; Manuel Arcedillo
A fuzzier approach to machine translation evaluation: A pilot study on post-editing productivity and automated metrics in commercial settings

W15-4108 [bib]: Reinhard Rapp
A Methodology for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora

W15-4109 [bib]: Marta R. Costa-jussà
Ongoing Study for Enhancing Chinese-Spanish Translation with Morphology Strategies

W15-4110 [bib]: Zhongjun He
Baidu Translate: Research and Products

W15-4111 [bib]: Geng Xinhui
On Improving the Human Translation Process by Using MT Technologies under a Cognitive Framework

W15-4112 [bib]: Kurt Eberle
Towards a shared task for shallow semantics-based translation (in an industrial setting)

Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics: Resources and Applications

W15-42 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-4200: Front Matter

W15-4201 [bib]: Aonghus McGovern; Alexander O'Connor; Vincent Wade
From DBpedia and WordNet hierarchies to LinkedIn and Twitter

W15-4202 [bib]: J. Fernando Sánchez-Rada; Carlos A. Iglesias; Ronald Gil
A Linked Data Model for Multimodal Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

W15-4203 [bib]: Livy Real; Fabricio Chalub; Valeria dePaiva; Claudia Freitas; Alexandre Rademaker
Seeing is Correcting: curating lexical resources using social interfaces

W15-4204 [bib]: Sebastian Krause; Leonhard Hennig; Aleksandra Gabryszak; Feiyu Xu; Hans Uszkoreit
Sar-graphs: A Linked Linguistic Knowledge Resource Connecting Facts with Language

W15-4205 [bib]: John Philip McCrae; Philipp Cimiano; Victor Rodriguez-Doncel; Daniel Vila Suero; Jorge Gracia; Luca Matteis; Roberto Navigli; Andrejs Abele; Gabriela Vulcu; Paul Buitelaar
Reconciling Heterogeneous Descriptions of Language Resources

W15-4206 [bib]: Víctor Rodriguez-Doncel; Penny Labropoulou
RDF Representation of Licenses for Language Resources

W15-4207 [bib]: Benjamin Siemoneit; John Philip McCrae; Philipp Cimiano
Linking Four Heterogeneous Language Resources as Linked Data

W15-4208 [bib]: Enrico Santus; Frances Yung; Alessandro Lenci; Chu-Ren Huang
EVALution 1.0: an Evolving Semantic Dataset for Training and Evaluation of Distributional Semantic Models

W15-4209 [bib]: Chih-Yao LEE; Shu-Kai HSIEH
Linguistic Linked Data in Chinese: The Case of Chinese Wordnet

Proceedings of the Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text

W15-43 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-4300: Front Matter

W15-4301 [bib]: Teresa Lynn; Kevin Scannell; Eimear Maguire
Minority Language Twitter: Part-of-Speech Tagging and Analysis of Irish Tweets

W15-4302 [bib]: Anna Jørgensen; Dirk Hovy; Anders Søgaard
Challenges of studying and processing dialects in social media

W15-4303 [bib]: Mohammad Arshi Saloot; Norisma Idris; Liyana Shuib; Ram Gopal Raj; AiTi Aw
Toward Tweets Normalization Using Maximum Entropy

W15-4304 [bib]: Marlies van der Wees; Arianna Bisazza; Christof Monz
Five Shades of Noise: Analyzing Machine Translation Errors in User-Generated Text

W15-4305 [bib]: Magali Sanches Duran; Maria das Graças Volpe Nunes; Lucas Avanço
A Normalizer for UGC in Brazilian Portuguese

W15-4306 [bib] [dataset]: Leon Derczynski; Isabelle Augenstein; Kalina Bontcheva
USFD: Twitter NER with Drift Compensation and Linked Data

W15-4307 [bib]: Colin Cherry; Hongyu Guo; Chengbi Dai
NRC: Infused Phrase Vectors for Named Entity Recognition in Twitter

W15-4308 [bib]: Md Shad Akhtar; Utpal Kumar Sikdar; Asif Ekbal
IITP: Multiobjective Differential Evolution based Twitter Named Entity Recognition

W15-4309 [bib]: Tian Tian; Marco Dinarelli; Isabelle Tellier
Data Adaptation for Named Entity Recognition on Tweets with Features-Rich CRF

W15-4310 [bib]: Eun-Suk Yang; Yu-Seop Kim
Hallym: Named Entity Recognition on Twitter with Word Representation

W15-4311 [bib]: Dmitry Supranovich; Viachaslau Patsepnia
IHS_RD: Lexical Normalization for English Tweets

W15-4312 [bib]: Russell Beckley
Bekli:A Simple Approach to Twitter Text Normalization.

W15-4313 [bib]: Ning Jin
NCSU-SAS-Ning: Candidate Generation and Feature Engineering for Supervised Lexical Normalization

W15-4314 [bib] [dataset]: Joachim Wagner; Jennifer Foster
DCU-ADAPT: Learning Edit Operations for Microblog Normalisation with the Generalised Perceptron

W15-4315 [bib]: Yerai Doval Mosquera; Jesús Vilares; Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez
LYSGROUP: Adapting a Spanish microtext normalization system to English.

W15-4316 [bib]: Md Shad Akhtar; Utpal Kumar Sikdar; Asif Ekbal
IITP: Hybrid Approach for Text Normalization in Twitter

W15-4317 [bib]: Wookhee Min; Bradford Mott
NCSU_SAS_WOOKHEE: A Deep Contextual Long-Short Term Memory Model for Text Normalization

W15-4318 [bib]: Gábor Berend; Ervin Tasnádi
USZEGED: Correction Type-sensitive Normalization of English Tweets Using Efficiently Indexed n-gram Statistics

W15-4319 [bib]: Timothy Baldwin; Marie-Catherine de Marneffe; Bo Han; Young-Bum Kim; Alan Ritter; Wei Xu
Shared Tasks of the 2015 Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text: Twitter Lexical Normalization and Named Entity Recognition

W15-4320 [bib]: Ikuya Yamada; Hideaki Takeda; Yoshiyasu Takefuji
Enhancing Named Entity Recognition in Twitter Messages Using Entity Linking

W15-4321 [bib]: Zhiqiang Toh; Bin Chen; Jian Su
Improving Twitter Named Entity Recognition using Word Representations

W15-4322 [bib]: Fréderic Godin; Baptist Vandersmissen; Wesley De Neve; Rik Van de Walle
Multimedia Lab $@$ ACL WNUT NER Shared Task: Named Entity Recognition for Twitter Microposts using Distributed Word Representations

W15-4323 [bib]: Samuel Leeman-Munk; James Lester; James Cox
NCSU_SAS_SAM: Deep Encoding and Reconstruction for Normalization of Noisy Text

W15-4324 [bib]: Julie Wulff; Anders Søgaard
Learning finite state word representations for unsupervised Twitter adaptation of POS taggers

W15-4325 [bib]: Fahad Albogamy; Allan Ramasy
Towards POS Tagging for Arabic Tweets

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Natural Language Processing Techniques for Educational Applications

W15-44 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-4400: Front Matter

W15-4401 [bib] [presentation]: Lung-Hao Lee; Liang-Chih Yu; Li-Ping Chang
Overview of the NLP-TEA 2015 Shared Task for Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis

W15-4402 [bib]: Wu Shih-Hung; Po-Lin Chen; Liang-Pu Chen; Ping-Che Yang; Ren-Dar Yang
Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis by Conditional Random Fields

W15-4403 [bib]: Chuan-Jie Lin; Shao-Heng Chen
NTOU Chinese Grammar Checker for CGED Shared Task

W15-4404 [bib]: Lis Pereira; Yuji Matsumoto
Collocation Assistant for Learners of Japanese as a Second Language

W15-4405 [bib]: Renlong Ai; Sebastian Krause; Walter Kasper; Feiyu Xu; Hans Uszkoreit
Semi-automatic Generation of Multiple-Choice Tests from Mentions of Semantic Relations

W15-4406 [bib] [presentation]: Tao Chen; Naijia Zheng; Yue Zhao; Muthu Kumar Chandrasekaran; Min-Yen Kan
Interactive Second Language Learning from News Websites

W15-4407 [bib]: Chung-Chi Huang; Mei-Hua Chen; Ping-Che Yang
Bilingual Keyword Extraction and its Educational Application

W15-4408 [bib]: Simon Ostermann; Andrea Horbach; Manfred Pinkal
Annotating Entailment Relations for Shortanswer Questions

W15-4409 [bib]: Minah Cheon; Hyeong-Won Seo; Jae-Hoon Kim; Eun-Hee Noh; Kyung-Hee Sung; EunYong Lim
An Automated Scoring Tool for Korean Supply-type Items Based on Semi-Supervised Learning

W15-4410 [bib]: Mukta Majumder; Sujan Kumar Saha
A System for Generating Multiple Choice Questions: With a Novel Approach for Sentence Selection

W15-4411 [bib]: Hideki Tanaka; Tadashi Kumano; Isao Goto
The "News Web Easy” news service as a resource for teaching and learning Japanese: An assessment of the comprehension difficulty of Japanese sentence-end expressions

W15-4412 [bib]: Tomoya Mizumoto; Masato Mita; Yuji Matsumoto
Grammatical Error Correction Considering Multi-word Expressions

W15-4413 [bib]: Ralph Vincent Regalado; Michael Louie Boñon; Nadine Chua; Rene Rose Piñera; Shannen Rose Dela Cruz
Salinlahi III: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Filipino Heritage Language Learners

W15-4414 [bib]: Hasan Kaya; Gülşen Eryiğit
Using Finite State Transducers for Helping Foreign Language Learning

W15-4415 [bib]: Yang Xiang; Xiaolong Wang; Wenying Han; Qinghua Hong
Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis Using Ensemble Learning

W15-4416 [bib] [poster]: Jui-Feng Yeh; Chan Kun Yeh; Kai-Hsiang Yu; Ya-Ting Li; Wan-Ling Tsai
Condition Random Fields-based Grammatical Error Detection for Chinese as Second Language

W15-4417 [bib]: Yinchen Zhao; Mamoru Komachi; Hiroshi Ishikawa
Improving Chinese Grammatical Error Correction with Corpus Augmentation and Hierarchical Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation

W15-4418 [bib] [poster]: Xiupeng Wu; Peijie Huang; Jundong Wang; Qingwen Guo; Yuhong Xu; Chuping Chen
Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis System Based on Hybrid Model

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Computing News Storylines

W15-45 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-4500: Front Matter

W15-4501 [bib]: Dan Simonson; Anthony Davis
Interactions between Narrative Schemas and Document Categories

W15-4502 [bib]: Xiang Li; Thien Huu Nguyen; Kai Cao; Ralph Grishman
Improving Event Detection with Abstract Meaning Representation

W15-4503 [bib] [presentation]: Tatyana Makhalova; Dmitry Ilvovsky; Boris Galitsky
News clustering approach based on discourse text structure

W15-4504 [bib]: Katsiaryna Stalpouskaya; Christian Baden
To Do or Not to Do: the Role of Agendas for Action in Analyzing News Coverage of Violent Conflict

W15-4505 [bib] [presentation]: Tadashi Nomoto
MediaMeter: A Global Monitor for Online News Coverage

W15-4506 [bib]: Andrey Fedorovsky; Maxim Ionov; Varvara Litvinova; Tatyana Olenina; Darya Trofimova
Expanding the horizons: adding a new language to the news personalization system

W15-4507 [bib]: Piek Vossen; Tommaso Caselli; Yiota Kontzopoulou
Storylines for structuring massive streams of news

W15-4508 [bib]: Egoitz Laparra; Itziar Aldabe; German Rigau
From TimeLines to StoryLines: A preliminary proposal for evaluating narratives

W15-4509 [bib]: Ben Miller; Jennifer Olive; Shakthidhar Gopavaram; Ayush Shrestha
Cross-Document Non-Fiction Narrative Alignment

Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

W15-46 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-4600: Front Matter

W15-4601 [bib]: Frank Fischer
Keynote: The Interplay of Discussion, Cognition and Instruction in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environments

W15-4602 [bib]: Merwan Barlier; Julien Perolat; Romain Laroche; Olivier Pietquin
Human-Machine Dialogue as a Stochastic Game

W15-4603 [bib]: Iñigo Casanueva; Thomas Hain; Heidi Christensen; Ricard Marxer; Phil Green
Knowledge transfer between speakers for personalised dialogue management

W15-4604 [bib]: Matthew Marge; Alexander Rudnicky
Miscommunication Recovery in Physically Situated Dialogue

W15-4605 [bib]: Takuya Hiraoka; Kallirroi Georgila; Elnaz Nouri; David Traum; Satoshi Nakamura
Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Party Trading Dialog

W15-4606 [bib]: Tiancheng Zhao; Alan W Black; Maxine Eskenazi
An Incremental Turn-Taking Model with Active System Barge-in for Spoken Dialog Systems

W15-4607 [bib]: Pamela Jordan; Patricia Albacete; Sandra Katz
Exploring the Effects of Redundancy within a Tutorial Dialogue System: Restating Students' Responses

W15-4608 [bib]: Márcio Dias; Thiago Pardo
A Discursive Grid Approach to Model Local Coherence in Multi-document Summaries

W15-4609 [bib]: Deepak Ramachandran; Adwait Ratnaparkhi
Belief Tracking with Stacked Relational Trees

W15-4610 [bib] [attachment]: Maike Paetzel; Ramesh Manuvinakurike; David DeVault
"So, which one is it?" The effect of alternative incremental architectures in a high-performance game-playing agent

W15-4611 [bib]: Ryuichiro Higashinaka; Kotaro Funakoshi; Masahiro Araki; Hiroshi Tsukahara; Yuka Kobayashi; Masahiro Mizukami
Towards Taxonomy of Errors in Chat-oriented Dialogue Systems

W15-4612 [bib]: Or Biran; Kathleen McKeown
PDTB Discourse Parsing as a Tagging Task: The Two Taggers Approach

W15-4613 [bib]: Eli Pincus; Kallirroi Georgila; David Traum
Which Synthetic Voice Should I Choose for an Evocative Task?

W15-4614 [bib]: Elina Zarisheva; Tatjana Scheffler
Dialog Act Annotation for Twitter Conversations

W15-4615 [bib]: Seokhwan Kim; Rafael E. Banchs; Haizhou Li
Towards Improving Dialogue Topic Tracking Performances with Wikification of Concept Mentions

W15-4616 [bib] [attachment]: Sangdo Han; Jeesoo Bang; Seonghan Ryu; Gary Geunbae Lee
Exploiting knowledge base to generate responses for natural language dialog listening agents

W15-4617 [bib]: Alexei V. Ivanov; Vikram Ramanarayanan; David Suendermann-Oeft; Melissa Lopez; Keelan Evanini; Jidong Tao
Automated Speech Recognition Technology for Dialogue Interaction with Non-Native Interlocutors

W15-4618 [bib]: Kyusong Lee; Paul Hongsuck Seo; Junhwi Choi; Sangjun Koo; Gary Geunbae Lee
Conversational Knowledge Teaching Agent that uses a Knowledge Base

W15-4619 [bib]: Rashedur Rahman
Information Theoretical and Statistical Features for Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection

W15-4620 [bib]: Laurent Prévot; Jan Gorisch; Roxane Bertrand; Emilien Gorene; Brigitte Bigi
A SIP of CoFee : A Sample of Interesting Productions of Conversational Feedback

W15-4621 [bib]: Alexandros Papangelis; Kallirroi Georgila
Reinforcement Learning of Multi-Issue Negotiation Dialogue Policies

W15-4622 [bib]: Jason D Williams; Eslam Kamal; Mokhtar Ashour; Hani Amr; Jessica Miller; Geoff Zweig
Fast and easy language understanding for dialog systems with Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)

W15-4623 [bib]: Graham Wilcock; Kristiina Jokinen
Multilingual WikiTalk: Wikipedia-based talking robots that switch languages.

W15-4624 [bib]: Gabriel Skantze; Martin Johansson
Modelling situated human-robot interaction using IrisTK

W15-4625 [bib]: Sara Rosenthal; Kathy McKeown
I Couldn’t Agree More: The Role of Conversational Structure in Agreement and Disagreement Detection in Online Discussions

W15-4626 [bib]: Christian Chiarcos; Niko Schenk
Memory-Based Acquisition of Argument Structures and its Application to Implicit Role Detection

W15-4627 [bib]: Stephanie Lukin; Lena Reed; Marilyn Walker
Generating Sentence Planning Variations for Story Telling

W15-4628 [bib]: Dilek Hakkani-Tur
Keynote: Graph-based Approaches for Spoken Language Understanding

W15-4629 [bib]: David Traum; Kallirroi Georgila; Ron Artstein; Anton Leuski
Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Processing for Time-Offset Interaction

W15-4630 [bib]: Maxine Eskenazi; Alan W Black; Sungjin Lee; David Traum

W15-4631 [bib]: Reid Swanson; Brian Ecker; Marilyn Walker
Argument Mining: Extracting Arguments from Online Dialogue

W15-4632 [bib]: Natalia Vanetik; Marina Litvak
Multilingual Summarization with Polytope Model

W15-4633 [bib]: Benoit Favre; Evgeny Stepanov; Jérémy Trione; Frederic Bechet; Giuseppe Riccardi
Call Centre Conversation Summarization: A Pilot Task at Multiling 2015

W15-4634 [bib] [attachment]: Abdelkrime Aries; Djamel Eddine Zegour; Khaled Walid Hidouci
AllSummarizer system at MultiLing 2015: Multilingual single and multi-document summarization

W15-4635 [bib]: Ahmet Aker; Emina Kurtic; Mark Hepple; Rob Gaizauskas; Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio
Comment-to-Article Linking in the Online News Domain

W15-4636 [bib]: Marta Vicente; Oscar Alcón; Elena Lloret
The University of Alicante at MultiLing 2015: approach, results and further insights

W15-4637 [bib]: Stefan Thomas; Christian Beutenmüller; Xose de la Puente; Robert Remus; Stefan Bordag
ExB Text Summarizer

W15-4638 [bib]: George Giannakopoulos; Jeff Kubina; John Conroy; Josef Steinberger; Benoit Favre; Mijail Kabadjov; Udo Kruschwitz; Massimo Poesio
MultiLing 2015: Multilingual Summarization of Single and Multi-Documents, On-line Fora, and Call-center Conversations

W15-4639 [bib]: Tsung-Hsien Wen; Milica Gasic; Dongho Kim; Nikola Mrksic; Pei-Hao Su; David Vandyke; Steve Young
Stochastic Language Generation in Dialogue using Recurrent Neural Networks with Convolutional Sentence Reranking

W15-4640 [bib]: Ryan Lowe; Nissan Pow; Iulian Serban; Joelle Pineau
The Ubuntu Dialogue Corpus: A Large Dataset for Research in Unstructured Multi-Turn Dialogue Systems

W15-4641 [bib]: Qizhe Xie; Kai Sun; Su Zhu; Lu Chen; Kai Yu
Recurrent Polynomial Network for Dialogue State Tracking with Mismatched Semantic Parsers

W15-4642 [bib]: Martin Johansson; Gabriel Skantze
Opportunities and Obligations to Take Turns in Collaborative Multi-Party Human-Robot Interaction

W15-4643 [bib]: Hatim KHOUZAIMI; Romain Laroche; Fabrice Lefevre
Optimising Turn-Taking Strategies With Reinforcement Learning

W15-4644 [bib]: Rivka Levitan; Štefan Beňuš; Agustin Gravano; Julia Hirschberg
Acoustic-prosodic entrainment in Slovak, Spanish, English and Chinese: A cross-linguistic comparison

W15-4645 [bib]: Dinesh Raghu; Sathish Indurthi; Jitendra Ajmera; Sachindra Joshi
A statistical approach for Non-Sentential Utterance Resolution for Interactive QA System

W15-4646 [bib]: Florian Nothdurft; Gregor Behnke; Pascal Bercher; Susanne Biundo; Wolfgang Minker
The Interplay of User-Centered Dialog Systems and AI Planning

W15-4647 [bib]: Raveesh Meena; Jose Lopes; Gabriel Skantze; Joakim Gustafson
Automatic Detection of Miscommunication in Spoken Dialogue Systems

W15-4648 [bib]: Wendong Ge; Bo Xu
Dialogue Management based on Multi-domain Corpus

W15-4649 [bib]: Stefan Ultes; Matthias Kraus; Alexander Schmitt; Wolfgang Minker
Quality-adaptive Spoken Dialogue Initiative Selection And Implications On Reward Modelling

W15-4650 [bib]: Hyeju Jang; Seungwhan Moon; Yohan Jo; Carolyn Rose
Metaphor Detection in Discourse

W15-4651 [bib]: Kazunori Komatani; Naoki Hotta; Satoshi Sato; Mikio Nakano
User Adaptive Restoration for Incorrectly-Segmented Utterances in Spoken Dialogue Systems

W15-4652 [bib]: Zhou Yu; Dan Bohus; Eric Horvitz
Incremental Coordination: Attention-Centric Speech Production in a Physically Situated Conversational Agent

W15-4653 [bib]: Lu Chen; Pei-Hao Su; Milica Gasic
Hyper-parameter Optimisation of Gaussian Process Reinforcement Learning for Statistical Dialogue Management

W15-4654 [bib]: Zhuoran Wang; Tsung-Hsien Wen; Pei-Hao Su; Yannis Stylianou
Learning Domain-Independent Dialogue Policies via Ontology Parameterisation

W15-4655 [bib]: Pei-Hao Su; David Vandyke; Milica Gasic; Nikola Mrksic; Tsung-Hsien Wen; Steve Young
Reward Shaping with Recurrent Neural Networks for Speeding up On-Line Policy Learning in Spoken Dialogue Systems

W15-4656 [bib]: Hayato Kobayashi; Kaori Tanio; Manabu Sassano
Effects of Game on User Engagement with Spoken Dialogue System

W15-4657 [bib]: Maria Schmidt; Markus Müller; Martin Wagner; Sebastian Stüker; Alex Waibel; Hansjörg Hofmann; Steffen Werner
Evaluation of Crowdsourced User Input Data for Spoken Dialog Systems

W15-4658 [bib]: Vikram Ramanarayanan; David Suendermann-Oeft; Alexei V. Ivanov; Keelan Evanini
A distributed cloud-based dialog system for conversational application development

W15-4659 [bib]: Deepak Ramachandran; Mark Fanty; Ronald Provine; Peter Yeh; William Jarrold; Adwait Ratnaparkhi; Benjamin Douglas
A TV Program Discovery Dialog System using recommendations

W15-4660 [bib]: Leonardo Campillos Llanos; Dhouha Bouamor; Éric Bilinski; Anne-Laure Ligozat; Pierre Zweigenbaum; Sophie Rosset
Description of the PatientGenesys Dialogue System

W15-4661 [bib]: Tejaswi Kasturi; Haojian Jin; Aasish Pappu; Sungjin Lee; Beverley Harrison; Ramana Murthy; Amanda Stent
The Cohort and Speechify Libraries for Rapid Construction of Speech Enabled Applications for Android

Proceedings of the 15th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG)

W15-47 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-4700: Front Matter

W15-4701 [bib]: Sasi Raja Sekhar Dokkara; Suresh Verma Penumathsa; Somayajulu Gowri Sripada
A Simple Surface Realization Engine for Telugu

W15-4702 [bib]: Cristina Barros; Elena Lloret
Input Seed Features for Guiding the Generation Process: A Statistical Approach for Spanish

W15-4703 [bib]: Bikash Gyawali; Claire Gardent; Christophe Cerisara
A Domain Agnostic Approach to Verbalizing n-ary Events without Parallel Corpora

W15-4704 [bib]: Michael White; David M. Howcroft
Inducing Clause-Combining Rules: A Case Study with the SPaRKy Restaurant Corpus

W15-4705 [bib]: Sina Zarrieß; Sebastian Loth; David Schlangen
Reading Times Predict the Quality of Generated Text Above and Beyond Human Ratings

W15-4706 [bib]: Adriana Baltaretu; Emiel Krahmer; Alfons Maes
Moving Targets: Human References to Unstable Landmarks

W15-4707 [bib]: Rachel Farrell; Gordon Pace; M Rosner
A Framework for the Generation of Computer System Diagnostics in Natural Language using Finite State Methods

W15-4708 [bib]: Dimitra Gkatzia; Saad Mahamood
A Snapshot of NLG Evaluation Practices 2005 - 2014

W15-4709 [bib]: Tomohiro Ohno; Kazushi Yoshida; Yoshihide Kato; Shigeki Matsubara
Japanese Word Reordering Executed Concurrently with Dependency Parsing and Its Evaluation

W15-4710 [bib]: Julie Sauvage-Vincent; Yannis Haralambous; John Puentes
Sentence Ordering in Electronic Navigational Chart Companion Text Generation

W15-4711 [bib]: Leen Sevens; Vincent Vandeghinste; Ineke Schuurman; Frank Van Eynde
Natural Language Generation from Pictographs

W15-4712 [bib]: Alessandro Mazzei
Translating Italian to LIS in the Rail Stations

W15-4713 [bib]: Caixia Yuan; Xiaojie Wang; Qianhui He
Response Generation in Dialogue Using a Tailored PCFG Parser

W15-4714 [bib]: Belén A. Baez Miranda; Sybille Caffiau; Catherine Garbay; François Portet
Generating Récit from Sensor Data: Evaluation of a Task Model for Story Planning and Preliminary Experiments with GPS Data

W15-4715 [bib]: Amanda Cercas Curry; Dimitra Gkatzia; Verena Rieser
Generating and Evaluating Landmark-Based Navigation Instructions in Virtual Environments

W15-4716 [bib]: Stephanie Inglis
Summarising Unreliable Data

W15-4717 [bib]: Adrian Muscat; Anja Belz
Generating Descriptions of Spatial Relations between Objects in Images

W15-4718 [bib]: Andrea Fischer; Vera Demberg; Dietrich Klakow
Towards Flexible, Small-Domain Surface Generation: Combining Data-Driven and Grammatical Approaches

W15-4719 [bib]: Paul Molins; Guy Lapalme
JSrealB: A Bilingual Text Realizer for Web Programming

W15-4720 [bib]: Dimitra Gkatzia; Amanda Cercas Curry; Verena Rieser; Oliver Lemon
A Game-Based Setup for Data Collection and Task-Based Evaluation of Uncertain Information Presentation

W15-4721 [bib]: Florin Haque; Helmut Horacek
Generating Referential Descriptions Involving Relations by a Best-First Searching Procedure – A System Demo

W15-4722 [bib]: Josiah Wang; Robert Gaizauskas
Generating Image Descriptions with Gold Standard Visual Inputs: Motivation, Evaluation and Baselines

W15-4723 [bib]: Rodrigo de Oliveira; Yaji Sripada; Ehud Reiter
Designing an Algorithm for Generating Named Spatial References

W15-4724 [bib]: Pierre-Luc Vaudry; Guy Lapalme
Narrative Generation from Extracted Associations

W15-4725 [bib]: Nadine Glas; Catherine Pelachaud
Topic Transition Strategies for an Information-Giving Agent

W15-4726 [bib]: Daniel Braun; Ehud Reiter; Advaith Siddharthan
Creating Textual Driver Feedback from Telemetric Data

W15-4727 [bib]: Cyril Labbé; Claudia Roncancio; Damien Bras
A Personal Storytelling about Your Favorite Data

Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing 2015 (FSMNLP 2015 Düsseldorf)

W15-4800: Front Matter

W15-4801: Andreas Maletti
Extended Tree Transducers in Natural Language Processing

W15-4802: Jan Daciuk
Preserving Trees in Minimal Automata

W15-4803: Tobias Denkinger
A Chomsky-Schützenberger Representation for Weighted Multiple Context-free Languages

W15-4804: Toni Dietze; Mark-Jan Nederhof
Count-based State Merging for Probabilistic Regular Tree Grammars

W15-4805: Kilian Gebhardt; Johannes Osterholzer
A Direct Link between Tree-Adjoining and Context-Free Tree Grammars

W15-4806: Senka Drobac; Miikka Silfverberg; Krister Lindén
Automated Lossless Hyper-Minimization for Morphological Analyzers

W15-4807: Mans Hulden
Grammar Design with Multi-tape Automata and Composition

W15-4808: Derek Kelleher; Tim Fernando; Carl Vogel
Temporal Forces and Type Coercion in Strings

W15-4809: Michael Maxwell
Accounting for Allomorphy in Finite-state Transducers

W15-4810: Mark-Jan Nederhof; Fahrurrozi Rahman
A Probabilistic Model of Ancient Egyptian Writing

W15-4811: Kay-Michael Würzner; Bryan Jurish
A Hybrid Approach to Grapheme-Phoneme Conversion

W15-4812: Anssi Yli-Jyrä
Three Equivalent Codes for Autosegmental Representations

Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation

W15-4900: Front Matter

W15-4901 [bib]: Nora Aranberri; Gorka Labaka; Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza; Kepa Sarasola
Exploiting portability to build an RBMT prototype for a new source language

W15-4902 [bib]: Mikel Artetxe; Gorka Labaka; Kepa Sarasola
Building hybrid machine translation systems by using an EBMT preprocessor to create partial translations

W15-4903 [bib]: Miquel Esplà-Gomis; Felipe Sánchez-Martínez; Mikel L. Forcada
Using on-line available sources of bilingual information for word-level machine translation quality estimation

W15-4904 [bib]: Mikel L. Forcada; Felipe Sánchez-Martínez
A general framework for minimizing translation effort: towards a principled combination of translation technologies in computer-aided translation

W15-4905 [bib]: Rohit Gupta; Constantin Orasan; Marcos Zampieri; Mihaela Vela; Josef Van Genabith
Can Translation Memories afford not to use paraphrasing?

W15-4906 [bib]: Arefeh Kazemi; Antonio Toral; Andy Way; Amirhassan Monadjemi; Mohammadali Nematbakhsh
Dependency-based Reordering Model for Constituent Pairs in Hierarchical SMT

W15-4907 [bib]: Varvara Logacheva; Lucia Specia
The role of artificially generated negative data for quality estimation of machine translation

W15-4908 [bib]: Eva Martínez Garcia; Cristina España-Bonet; Lluís Màrquez
Document-Level Machine Translation with Word Vector Models

W15-4909 [bib]: Linda Mitchell
The potential and limits of lay post-editing in an online community

W15-4910 [bib]: Joss Moorkens; Sharon O'Brien
Post-Editing Evaluations: Trade-offs between Novice and Professional Participants

W15-4911 [bib]: Peyman Passban; Andy Way; Qun Liu
Benchmarking SMT Performance for Farsi Using the TEP++ Corpus

W15-4912 [bib]: Mārcis Pinnis
Dynamic Terminology Integration Methods in Statistical Machine Translation

W15-4913 [bib]: Maja Popović; Mihael Arcan
Identifying main obstacles for statistical machine translation of morphologically rich South Slavic languages

W15-4914 [bib]: Maja Popović; Mihael Arcan; Eleftherios Avramidis; Aljoscha Burchardt; Arle Lommel
Poor man's lemmatisation for automatic error classification

W15-4915 [bib]: Ying Qin; Lucia Specia
Truly Exploring Multiple References for Machine Translation Evaluation

W15-4916 [bib]: Carolina Scarton; Marcos Zampieri; Mihaela Vela; Josef van Genabith; Lucia Specia
Searching for Context: a Study on Document-Level Labels for Translation Quality Estimation

W15-4917 [bib]: Isabel Slawik; Jan Niehues; Alex Waibel
Stripping Adjectives: Integration Techniques for Selective Stemming in SMT Systems

W15-4918 [bib]: Ekaterina Ageeva; Mikel L. Forcada; Francis M. Tyers; Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz
Evaluating machine translation for assimilation via a gap-filling task

W15-4919 [bib]: Francis M. Tyers; Felipe Sánchez-Martínez; Mikel L. Forcada
Unsupervised training of maximum-entropy models for lexical selection in rule-based machine translation

W15-4920 [bib]: Tom Vanallemeersch; Vincent Vandeghinste
Assessing linguistically aware fuzzy matching in translation memories

W15-4921 [bib]: Mihaela Vela; Josef van Genabith
Re-assessing the WMT2013 Human Evaluation with Professional Translators Trainees

W15-4922 [bib]: Katharina Wäschle; Stefan Riezler
Integrating a Large, Monolingual Corpus as Translation Memory into Statistical Machine Translation

W15-4923 [bib]: Marion Weller; Alexander Fraser; Sabine Schulte Im Walde
Target-Side Generation of Prepositions for SMT

W15-4924 [bib]: Ieva Zariņa; Pēteris Ņikiforovs; Raivis Skadiņš
Word Alignment Based Parallel Corpora Evaluation and Cleaning Using Machine Learning Techniques

W15-4925 [bib]: Niklas Laxström; Pau Giner; Santhosh Thottingal
Content Translation: Computer assisted translation tool for Wikipedia articles

W15-4926 [bib]: Magdalena Plamada; Gion Linder; Phillip Ströbel; Martin Volk
Pre-reordering for Statistical Machine Translation of Non-fictional Subtitles

W15-4927 [bib]: Bruno Pouliquen; Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt; Blanca Pinero; Michal Ziemski
SMT at the International Maritime Organization: experiences with combining in-house corpora with out-of-domain corpora

W15-4928 [bib]: Gregor Thurmair
Evaluation of the domain adaptation of MT systems in ACCURAT

W15-4929 [bib]: Mihael Arcan; Paul Buitelaar
MixedEmotions: Social Semantic Emotion Analysis for Innovative Multilingual Big Data Analytics Markets

W15-4930 [bib]: Pierrette Bouillon; Johanna Gerlach; Asheesh Gulati; Victoria Porro; Violeta Seretan
The ACCEPT Academic Portal: Bringing Together Pre-editing, MT and Post-editing into a Learning Environment

W15-4931 [bib]: Wenjun Du; Wuying Liu; Junting Yu; Mianzhu Yi
Russian-Chinese Sentence-level Aligned News Corpus

W15-4932 [bib]: Barry Haddow
HimL (Health in my Language)

W15-4933 [bib]: Nadira Hofmann
MT-enhanced fuzzy matching with Transit NXT and STAR Moses

W15-4934 [bib]: Christopher Hokamp; Qun Liu
HandyCAT - An Open-Source Platform for CAT Tool Research

W15-4935 [bib]: Valia Kordoni; Kostadin Cholakov; Markus Egg; Andy Way; Lexi Birch; Katia Kermanidis; Vilelmini Sosoni; Dimitrios Tsoumakos; Antal van den Bosch; Iris Hendrickx; Michael Papadopoulos; Panayota Georgakopoulou; Maria Gialama; Menno van Zaanen; Ioana Buliga; Mitja Jermol; Davor Orlic
TraMOOC: Translation for Massive Open Online Courses

W15-4936 [bib]: David Landan; Olga Beregovaya
Streamlining Translation Workflows with StyleScorer

W15-4937 [bib]: Epp Leete
Estonian-English Reversible Smart Phone Dictionary of Military Terms and Relevant Vocabulary

W15-4938 [bib]: David Lewis
FALCON: Federated Active Linguistic data CuratiON

W15-4939 [bib]: Eimear Maguire; John Judge; Teresa Lynn

W15-4940 [bib]: Gustavo Henrique Paetzold; Lucia Specia; Yves Savourel
Okapi+QuEst: Translation Quality Estimation within Okapi

W15-4941 [bib]: Georg Rehm
CRACKER: Cracking the Language Barrier

W15-4942 [bib]: Adriane Rinsche; Sabine Rinsches
LTC KnowHow: Empowering the Social Enterprise in the Language Industry

W15-4943 [bib]: Fatiha Sadat
Multi-Dialect Machine Translation (MuDMat)

W15-4944 [bib]: Antonio Toral; Tommi A. Pirinen; Andy Way; Gema Ramírez-Sánchez; Sergio Ortiz Rojas; Raphael Rubino; Miquel Esplà; Mikel L. Forcada; Vassilis Papavassiliou; Prokopis Prokopidis; Nikola Ljubešić
Abu-MaTran: Automatic building of Machine Translation

W15-4945 [bib]: Masao Utiyama; Kyo Kageura; Martin Thomas; Anthony Hartley
MNH-TT: A Platform to Support Collaborative Translator Training

W15-4946 [bib]: Vincent Vandeghinste; Tom Vanallemeersch; Frank Van Eynde; Geert Heyman; Sien Moens; Joris Pelemans; Patrick Wambacq; Iulianna Van der Lek - Ciudin; Arda Tezcan; Lieve Macken; Véronique Hoste; Eva Geurts; Mieke Haesen
Smart Computer Aided Translation Environment - SCATE

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Asian Translation (WAT2015)

W15-5001 [presentation] [poster]: Toshiaki Nakazawa; Hideya Mino; Isao Goto; Graham Neubig; Sadao Kurohashi; Eiichiro Sumita
Overview of the 2nd Workshop on Asian Translation

W15-5002 [presentation] [poster]: Terumasa Ehara
System Combination of RBMT plus SPE and Preordering plus SMT

W15-5003 [presentation] [poster]: Graham Neubig; Makoto Morishita; Satoshi Nakamura
Neural Reranking Improves Subjective Quality of Machine Translation: NAIST at WAT2015

W15-5004 [presentation] [poster]: Chenchen Ding; Masao Utiyama; Eiichiro Sumita
NICT at WAT 2015

W15-5005 [presentation] [poster]: Satoshi Sonoh; Satoshi Kinoshita
Toshiba MT System Description for the WAT2015 Workshop

W15-5006 [presentation] [poster]: John Richardson; Raj Dabre; Chenhui Chu; Fabien Cromi\`{e}res; Toshiaki Nakazawa; Sadao Kurohashi
KyotoEBMT System Description for the 2nd Workshop on Asian Translation

W15-5007 [presentation] [poster]: Zhongyuan Zhu
Evaluating Neural Machine Translation in English-Japanese Task

W15-5008 [presentation] [poster]: Hyoung-Gyu Lee; JaeSong Lee; Jun-Seok Kim; Chang-Ki Lee
NAVER Machine Translation System for WAT 2015

W15-5009 [presentation] [poster]: Liling Tan; Jon Dehdari; Josef van
An Awkward Disparity between BLEU / RIBES Scores and Human Judgements in Machine Translation

W15-5010 [presentation] [poster]: Hua Shan; Yujie Zhang; Lu Bai; Te Luo
A Dependency-to-String Model for Chinese-Japanese SMT System

W15-5011 [presentation] [poster]: Wei Yang; Zhongwen Zhao; Baosong Yang; Yves Lepage
Sampling-based Alignment and Hierarchical Sub-sentential Alignment in Chinese–Japanese Translation of Patents

W15-5012 [presentation] [poster]: Katsuhito Sudoh; Masaaki Nagata
Chinese-to-Japanese Patent Machine Translation based on Syntactic Pre-ordering forWAT 2015

W15-5013 [presentation] [poster]: Junki Matsuo; Kenichi Ohwada; Mamoru Komachi
Source Phrase Segmentation and Translation for Japanese-English Translation Using Dependency Structure

Proceedings of SLPAT 2015: 6th Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

W15-51 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-5100: Front Matter

W15-5101 [bib]: Jonas Beskow
Talking Heads, Signing Avatars and Social Robots

W15-5102 [bib]: Sarah Ebling; Matt Huenerfauth
Bridging the gap between sign language machine translation and sign language animation using sequence classification

W15-5103 [bib]: Sarah Ebling; Rosalee Wolfe; Jerry Schnepp; Souad Baowidan; John McDonald; Robyn Moncrief; Sandra Sidler-Miserez; Katja Tissi
Synthesizing the finger alphabet of Swiss German Sign Language and evaluating the comprehensibility of the resulting animations

W15-5104 [bib]: Mika Hatano; Shinji Sako; Tadashi Kitamura
Contour-based Hand Pose Recognition for Sign Language Recognition

W15-5105 [bib]: Matt Huenerfauth; Pengfei Lu; Hernisa Kacorri
Synthesizing and Evaluating Animations of American Sign Language Verbs Modeled from Motion-Capture Data

W15-5106 [bib]: Hernisa Kacorri; Matt Huenerfauth
Evaluating a Dynamic Time Warping Based Scoring Algorithm for Facial Expressions in ASL Animations

W15-5107 [bib]: Agnès Piquard-Kipffer; Odile Mella; Jérémy Miranda; Denis Jouvet; Luiza Orosanu
Qualitative investigation of the display of speech recognition results for communication with deaf people

W15-5108 [bib]: Lionel Fontan; Thomas Pellegrini; Julia Olcoz; Alberto Abad
Predicting disordered speech comprehensibility from Goodness of Pronunciation scores

W15-5109 [bib]: Seongjun Hahm; Daragh Heitzman; Jun Wang
Recognizing Dysarthric Speech due to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis with Across-Speaker Articulatory Normalization

W15-5110 [bib]: Rizwan Ishaq; Dhanananjaya Gowda; Paavo Alku; Begonya Garcia Zapirain
Vowel Enhancement in Early Stage Spanish Esophageal Speech Using Natural Glottal Flow Pulse and Vocal Tract Frequency Warping

W15-5111 [bib]: Stacey Oue; Ricard Marxer; Frank Rudzicz
Automatic dysfluency detection in dysarthric speech using deep belief networks

W15-5112 [bib]: Siddharth Sehgal; Stuart Cunningham
Model adaptation and adaptive training for the recognition of dysarthric speech

W15-5113 [bib]: R. Sriranjani; S. Umesh; M. Ramasubba Reddy
Pronunciation Adaptation For Disordered Speech Recognition Using State-Specific Vectors of Phone-Cluster Adaptive Training

W15-5114 [bib]: Jun Wang; Seongjun Hahm; Ted Mau
Determining an Optimal Set of Flesh Points on Tongue, Lips, and Jaw for Continuous Silent Speech Recognition

W15-5115 [bib]: Ka-Ho Wong; Yu Ting Yeung; Patrick C. M. Wong; Gina-Anne Levow; Helen Meng
Analysis of Dysarthric Speech using Distinctive Feature Recognition

W15-5116 [bib]: E.A. Draffan; Mike Wald; Nawar Halabi; Ouadie Sabia; Wajdi Zaghouani; Amatullah Kadous; Amal Idris; Nadine Zeinoun; David Banes; Dana Lawand
Generating acceptable Arabic Core Vocabularies and Symbols for AAC users

W15-5117 [bib]: Phil Green; Ricard Marxer; Stuart Cunningham; Heidi Christensen; Frank Rudzicz; Maria Yancheva; André Coy; Massimuliano Malavasi; Lorenzo Desideri
Remote Speech Technology for Speech Professionals - the CloudCAST initiative

W15-5118 [bib]: Anna Pompili; Cristiana Amorim; Alberto Abad; Isabel Trancoso
Speech and language technologies for the automatic monitoring and training of cognitive functions

W15-5119 [bib]: Leen Sevens; Vincent Vandeghinste; Ineke Schuurman; Frank Van Eynde
Extending a Dutch Text-to-Pictograph Converter to English and Spanish

W15-5120 [bib]: Reina Ueda; Ryo Aihara; Tetsuya Takiguchi; Yasuo Ariki
Individuality-Preserving Spectrum Modification for Articulation Disorders Using Phone Selective Synthesis

W15-5121 [bib]: Michel Vacher; Benjamin Lecouteux; Frédéric Aman; Solange Rossato; François Portet
Recognition of Distress Calls in Distant Speech Setting: a Preliminary Experiment in a Smart Home

W15-5122 [bib]: Christophe Veaux; Junichi Yamagishi; Simon King
A Comparison of Manual and Automatic Voice Repair for Individual with Vocal Disabilities

W15-5123 [bib]: Maria Yancheva; Kathleen Fraser; Frank Rudzicz
Using linguistic features longitudinally to predict clinical scores for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias

W15-5124 [bib]: Inês Almeida; Luísa Coheur; Sara Candeias
From European Portuguese to Portuguese Sign Language

Proceedings of the Workshop Natural Language Processing for Translation Memories

W15-52 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-5200: Front Matter

W15-5201 [bib]: Carla Parra Escartín
Creation of new TM segments: Fulfilling translators' wishes

W15-5202 [bib]: Eduard Barbu
Spotting false translation segments in translation memories

W15-5203 [bib]: Katerina Raisa Timonera; Ruslan Mitkov
Improving Translation Memory Matching through Clause Splitting

W15-5204 [bib]: Konstantinos Chatzitheodoroou
Improving translation memory fuzzy matching by paraphrasing

W15-5205 [bib]: Vít Baisa; Ales Horak; Marek Medveď
Increasing Coverage of Translation Memories with Linguistically Motivated Segment Combination Methods

W15-5206 [bib]: Tapas Nayek; Sudip Kumar Naskar; Santanu Pal; Marcos Zampieri; Mihaela Vela; Josef van Genabith
CATaLog: New Approaches to TM and Post Editing Interfaces

The 5th Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing

W15-53 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-5300: Front Matter

W15-5301 [bib]: Željko Agić; Nikola Ljubešić
Universal Dependencies for Croatian (that work for Serbian, too)

W15-5302 [bib]: Vladimír Petkevič; Alexandr Rosen; Hana Skoumalová; Přemysl Vítovec
Analytic Morphology – Merging the Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Perspective in a Treebank

W15-5303 [bib]: Goran Glavaš; Jan Šnajder
Resolving Entity Coreference in Croatian with a Constrained Mention-Pair Model

W15-5304 [bib]: Adam Kaczmarek; Michał Marcińczuk
Evaluation of Coreference Resolution Tools for Polish from the Information Extraction Perspective

W15-5305 [bib]: Jakub Piskorski
Open Relation Extraction for Polish: Preliminary Experiments

W15-5306 [bib]: Tanja Samardžić; Nikola Ljubešić; Maja Miličević
Regional Linguistic Data Initiative (ReLDI)

W15-5307 [bib]: Mikhail Kopotev; Llorenç Escoter; Daria Kormacheva; Matthew Pierce; Lidia Pivovarova; Roman Yangarber
Online Extraction of Russian Multiword Expressions

W15-5308 [bib]: Marek Kozłowski; Maciej Kowalski; Maciej Kazula
E-law Module Supporting Lawyers in the Process of Knowledge Discovery from Legal Documents

W15-5309 [bib]: Domagoj Alagić; Jan Šnajder
Experiments on Active Learning for Croatian Word Sense Disambiguation

W15-5310 [bib]: Svetlozara Leseva; Ivelina Stoyanova; Maria Todorova; Tsvetana Dimitrova; Borislav Rizov; Svetla Koeva
Automatic Classification of WordNet Morphosemantic Relations

W15-5311 [bib]: Anisya Katinskaya; Serge Sharoff
Applying Multi-Dimensional Analysis to a Russian Webcorpus: Searching for Evidence of Genres

W15-5312 [bib]: Karin Harbusch; Denis Krusko
Distinctive Similarity of Clausal Coordinate Ellipsis in Russian Compared to Dutch, Estonian, German, and Hungarian

W15-5313 [bib]: Petya Osenova; Kiril Simov
Universalizing BulTreeBank: a Linguistic Tale about Glocalization

W15-5314 [bib]: Natalia Loukachevitch; Evgeniy Kotelnikov; Pavel Blinov
Types of Aspect Terms in Aspect-Oriented Sentiment Labeling

W15-5315 [bib]: Jurgita Kapočiūtė-Dzikienė; Andrius Utka; Ligita Šarkutė
Authorship Attribution and Author Profiling of Lithuanian Literary Texts

W15-5316 [bib]: Vytautas Mickevičius; Tomas Krilavičius; Vaidas Morkevičius
Classification of Short Legal Lithuanian Texts

Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Language Technology for Closely Related Languages, Varieties and Dialects

W15-54 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-5400: Front Matter

W15-5401 [bib]: Marcos Zampieri; Liling Tan; Nikola Ljubešić; Jörg Tiedemann; Preslav Nakov
Overview of the DSL Shared Task 2015

W15-5402 [bib]: Leon Derczynski
Handling and Mining Linguistic Variation in UGC

W15-5403 [bib]: Marc Franco-Salvador; Paolo Rosso; Francisco Rangel
Distributed Representations of Words and Documents for Discriminating Similar Languages

W15-5404 [bib]: Arun Kumar; Lluís Padró; Antoni Oliver
Joint Bayesian Morphology Learning for Dravidian Languages

W15-5405 [bib]: Ikechukwu Onyenwe; Mark Hepple; Chinedu Uchechukwu; Ignatius Ezeani
Use of Transformation-Based Learning in Annotation Pipeline of Igbo, an African Language

W15-5406 [bib]: Eckhard Bick
WikiTrans: Swedish-Danish Machine Translation in a Constraint Grammar Framework

W15-5407 [bib]: Shervin Malmasi; Mark Dras
Language Identification using Classifier Ensembles

W15-5408 [bib]: Tommi Jauhiainen; Heidi Jauhiainen; Krister Lindén
Discriminating Similar Languages with Token-Based Backoff

W15-5409 [bib]: Raül Fabra Boluda; Francisco Rangel; Paolo Rosso
NLEL UPV Autoritas Participation at Discrimination between Similar Languages (DSL) 2015 Shared Task

W15-5410 [bib]: Victoria Bobicev
Discriminating between Similar Languages Using PPM

W15-5411 [bib]: Marcos Zampieri; Binyam Gebrekidan Gebre; Hernani Costa; Josef van Genabith
Comparing Approaches to the Identification of Similar Languages

W15-5412 [bib]: Judit Àcs; László Grad-Gyenge; Thiago Bruno Rodrigues de Rezende Oliveira
A Two-level Classifier for Discriminating Similar Languages

W15-5413 [bib]: Cyril Goutte; Serge Leger
Experiments in Discriminating Similar Languages

W15-5414 [bib]: Fan Xu; Xiongfei Xu; Mingwen Wang; Maoxi Li
Building Monolingual Word Alignment Corpus for the Greater China Region

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Linked Open Data

W15-55 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-5500: Front Matter

W15-5501 [bib]: German Rigau
Cross-lingual Event Detection in Discourse

W15-5502 [bib]: Rivindu Perera; Parma Nand
Generating Lexicalization Patterns for Linked Open Data

W15-5503 [bib]: Steven Neale; João Silva; António Branco
Small in Size, Big in Precision: A Case for Using Language-Specific Lexical Resources for Word Sense Disambiguation

W15-5504 [bib]: Thierry Declerck; Piroska Lendvai
Towards the Representation of Hashtags in Linguistic Linked Open Data Format

W15-5505 [bib]: Maria Sukhareva; Christian Chiarcos
An Ontology-based Approach To Automatic Part-of-Speech Tagging Using Heterogeneously Annotated Corpora

W15-5506 [bib]: Kiril Simov; Atanas Kiryakov
Accessing Linked Open Data via A Common Ontology

W15-5507 [bib]: Ismail El Maarouf; Hatem Mousselly Sergieh; Eugene Alferov; Haofen Wang; Zhijia Fang; Doug Cooper
The GuanXi network: a new multilingual LLOD for Language Learning applications

Proceedings of the 10th Brazilian Symposium in Information and Human Language Technology

W15-5600: Front Matter

W15-5601: Leonel F. de Alencar; Philipp B. Costa; Mardônio J. C. França; Alexander Ewart; Katiuscia M. Andrade; Rossana M. C. Andrade
JCLext: A Java Tool for Compiling Finite-State Transducers from Full-Form Lexicons

W15-5602: Silvia M. W. Moraes; Isabel H. Manssour; Milene S. Silveira
7x1-PT: um Corpus extraído do Twitter para Análise de Sentimentos em Língua Portuguesa (7x1-PT: a Corpus extracted from Twitter for Sentiment Analysis in Portuguese Language)

W15-5603: Daniela Oliveira F. do Amaral; Maiki Buffet; Renata Vieira
Comparative Analysis between Notations to Classify Named Entities using Conditional Random Fields

W15-5604: Tiago Novaes Angelo; Cesar José Bonjuani Pagan; Romis Ribeiro Faissol Attux; Ricardo Ribeiro Gudwin
Do Extrator de Conhecimento Coletivo à Ágora Virtual: desenvolvendo uma ferramenta para democracia participativa (From Collective Knowledge Extractor to Virtual Agora: Developing a tool for Participatory Democracy)

W15-5605: Diana Santos
Um novo corpo e os seus desafios (A new corpus and the challenges it offers)

W15-5606: Leandro Lago da Silva; Valéria Delisandra Feltrim
Análise Automática de Coerência Textual em Resumos Científicos: Avaliando Quebras de Linearidade (Automatic Analysis of Textual Coherence in Scientific Abstracts: Evaluating Linearity Breaks)

W15-5607: Cláudia Freitas; Livy Real; Alexandre Rademaker
Anotação de corpus com a OpenWordNet-PT: um exercício de desambiguação (Sense annotation with OpenWordNet-PT: an exercise of word sense disambiguation)

W15-5608: Amanda Rassi; Jorge Baptista; Nuno Mamede; Oto Vale
Integrating support verb constructions into a parser

W15-5609: Frank Willian Cardoso de Oliveira; Valéria Delisandra Feltrim
Extração de Alvos em Comentários de Notícias em Português baseada na Teoria da Centralização (Target Extraction in News Reviews in Portuguese based on Centering Theory)

W15-5610: Arnaldo Candido Junior; Thiago Lima Vieira; Marcel Serikawa; Matheus Antonio Ribeiro Silva; Régis Zangirolami; Sandra Maria Aluísio
Portal Min@s: Uma Ferramenta Geral de Apoio ao Processamento de Córpus de Propósito Geral (Portal Min@s: A General Purpose Support Tool for Corpora Processing)

W15-5611: Débora D. Garcia; Bento Carlos Dias da Silva
PrepNet.Br: a Semantic Network for Prepositions

W15-5612: Paula C. Figueira Cardoso; Thiago A. S. Pardo
Joint semantic discourse models for automatic multi-document summarization

W15-5613: Lucelene Lopes; Renata Vieira
Building and Applying Profiles Through Term Extraction

W15-5614: Gabriel Domingos de Arruda; Norton Trevisan Roman; Ana Maria Monteiro
An Annotated Corpus for Sentiment Analysis in Political News

W15-5615: Alexandre C. Andreani; Valéria D. Feltrim
Campos Aleatórios Condicionais Aplicados à Detecção de Estrutura Retórica em Resumos de Textos Acadêmicos em Português (Conditional Random Fields Applied to Rhetorical Structure Detection in Academic Abstracts in Portuguese)

W15-5616: Mariza Miola Dosciatti; Lohann Paterno Coutinho Ferreira; Emerson Cabrera Paraiso
Anotando um Corpus de Notícias para a Análise de Sentimentos: um Relato de Experiência (Annotating a corpus of News for Sentiment Analysis: An Experience Report)

W15-5617: Rodrigo Wilkens; Leonardo Zilio; Eduardo Ferreira; Gabriel Gonçalves; Aline Villavicencio
Distributional Thesauri for Portuguese: methodology evaluation

W15-5618: Renata Tironi de Camargo; Ariani Di Felippo; Thiago A. S. Pardo
On Strategies of Human Multi-Document Summarization

W15-5619: Márcio de S. Dias; Thiago A. S. Pardo
Enriching entity grids and graphs with discourse relations: the impact in local coherence evaluation

W15-5620: Leonardo Zilio; Maria José Bocorny Finatto; Aline Villavicencio
VerbLexPor: um recurso léxico com anotação de papéis semânticos para o português (VerbLexPor: a lexical resource annotated with semantic roles for Portuguese)

W15-5621: Oto A. Vale; Jorge Baptista
Novo dicionário de formas flexionadas do Unitex-PB: avaliação da flexão verbal (New Dictionary of Inflected forms of UNITEX-PB: Evaluation of Verbal Inflection)

W15-5622: Leonardo Hamada; Nelson Neto
Desambiguação de Homógrafos-Heterófonos por Aprendizado de Máquina em Português Brasileiro (A Machine Learning Approach for Homographic Heterophone Disambiguation in Brazilian Portuguese)

W15-5623: Victor Pereira; Vládia Pinheiro
RePort - Um Sistema de Extração de Informações Aberta para Língua Portuguesa (Report - An Open Information Extraction System for Portuguese Language)

W15-5624: Erick R. Fonseca; Sandra Maria Aluísio
Semi-Automatic Construction of a Textual Entailment Dataset: Selecting Candidates with Vector Space Models

W15-5625: Guilherme T. Guimarães; Marcus V. Meirose; Silvia M. W. Moraes
N-Gramas de Caractere como Técnica de Normalização Morfológica para Língua Portuguesa: Um Estudo em Categorização de Textos (Character N-grams as a Morphological Normalization Technique for Portuguese Language: A Study in Text Categorization)

Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Natural Language Processing

W15-59 [bib]: Entire volume

W15-5900: Front Matter

W15-5901 [bib]: Yuji Matsumoto
Keynote Lecture 1: Scientific Paper Analysis

W15-5902 [bib]: Anoop Kunchukuttan; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Addressing Class Imbalance in Grammatical Error Detection with Evaluation Metric Optimization

W15-5903 [bib]: Pranjal Singh; Amitabha Mukerjee
Words are not Equal: Graded Weighting Model for Building Composite Document Vectors

W15-5904 [bib]: Dhawal Joharapurkar; Vaishak Salin; Vishal Krishna
Online Adspace Posts' Category Classification

W15-5905 [bib]: Sachin Pawar; Nitin Ramrakhiyani; Girish K. Palshikar; Pushpak Bhattacharyya; Swapnil Hingmire
Noun Phrase Chunking for Marathi using Distant Supervision

W15-5906 [bib]: Lars Bungum; Björn Gambäck
Self-Organizing Maps for Classification of a Multi-Labeled Corpus

W15-5907 [bib]: Devendra K. Tayal; Leena Ahuja; Shreya Chhabra
Word Sense Disambiguation in Hindi Language Using Hyperspace Analogue to Language and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering

W15-5908 [bib]: Sudha Bhingardive; Dhirendra Singh; Rudramurthy V; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Using Word Embeddings for Bilingual Unsupervised WSD

W15-5909 [bib]: Tirthankar Dasgupta; Manjira Sinha; Anupam Basu
Compositionality in Bangla Compound Verbs and their Processing in the Mental Lexicon

W15-5910 [bib]: Hanumant Redkar; Sandhya Singh; Nilesh Joshi; Anupam Ghosh; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
IndoWordNet Dictionary: An Online Multilingual Dictionary using IndoWordNet

W15-5911 [bib]: Apurva Nagvenkar; Jyoti Pawar; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Let Sense Bags Do Talking: Cross Lingual Word Semantic Similarity for English and Hindi

W15-5912 [bib]: Naman Gupta; Aditya Joshi; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
A temporal expression recognition system for medical documents by

W15-5913 [bib]: Martin Emms; Arun Jayapal
An unsupervised EM method to infer time variation in sense probabilities

W15-5914 [bib]: Sreelekha S; Piyush Dungarwal; Pushpak Bhattacharyya; Malathi D
Solving Data Sparsity by Morphology Injection in Factored SMT

W15-5915 [bib]: Shanta Phani; Shibamouli Lahiri; Arindam Biswas
Authorship Attribution in Bengali Language

W15-5916 [bib]: Diptesh Kanojia; Shehzaad Dhuliawala; Abhijit Mishra; Naman Gupta; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
TransChat: Cross-Lingual Instant Messaging for Indian Languages

W15-5917 [bib]: Shivam Sharma; Shubham Asthana; V. K. Mittal
A Database of Infant Cry Sounds to Study the Likely Cause of Cry

W15-5918 [bib]: Cohan Sujay Carlos
Perplexed Bayes Classifier

W15-5919 [bib]: Thoudam Doren Singh
An Empirical Study of Diversity of Word Alignment and its Symmetrization Techniques for System Combination

W15-5920 [bib]: Raksha Sharma; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Domain Sentiment Matters: A Two Stage Sentiment Analyzer

W15-5921 [bib]: Akshay Gulati
Extracting Information from Indian First Names

W15-5922 [bib]: Kavitha Rajan
punct-An Alternative Verb Semantic Ontology Representation

W15-5923 [bib]: Yukiko Sasaki Alam
SMT Errors Requiring Grammatical Knowledge for Prevention

W15-5924 [bib]: Maya Moneykumar; Elizabeth Sherly; Win Sam Varghese
Isolated Word Recognition System for Malayalam using Machine Learning

W15-5925 [bib]: Shehzaad Dhuliawala; Arjun Atreya V; Ravi Kumar Yadav; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Judge a Book by its Cover: Conservative Focused Crawling under Resource Constraints

W15-5926 [bib]: Gokul P.; Neethu Thomas; Crisil Thomas; Dr. Deepa P. Gopinath
Text Normalization and Unit Selection for a Memory Based Non Uniform Unit Selection TTS in Malayalam

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Morphological Analyzer for Gujarati using Paradigm based approach with Knowledge based and Statistical Methods

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