Workshops at Conferences

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Workshops held in conjunction with ACL conferences are treated in a uniform manner with respect to fees and budgeting constraints:

  • All workshops will charge a standard registration fee; that fee is determined by the ACL treasurer in conjunction with the ACL business manager and the general conference chair.
  • The workshop fee will cover basic workshop expenses such as room charges, proceedings, etc. The workshop fee does not cover extras such as invited speakers, banquet, lunch (unless lunches are covered for all workshops), etc.
  • The workshop registration fee will be waived for one invited speaker at each workshop but no remuneration or other reimbursement of expenses will be covered from the workshop registration fees. To have additional invited speakers, the workshop will need to get sponsors or, if sponsored by a SIG, use their SIG sub-account.
  • When a non-SIG workshop obtains outside sponsorship, all sponsorship funds should be used for that particular workshop. If any funds are left over, they will be applied to general conference sponsorship. (They cannot be carried over to subsequent years, as ad hoc non-SIG workshops and workshop series do not have financial persistence.)