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Workshop Chair

Conference Handbook - Workshop Chair Duties

The Workshop Chair is responsible for collaborating with the workshop chairs for other ACL-affiliated conferences in the given year, in preparing and circulating the Call for Proposals, and in reviewing submissions.

Once the workshops for a given conference have been identified, the Workshop Chair is responsible for arranging dates, locations, refreshments, presentation and computer requirements, and all other special needs. It is essential that the workshop chair recognize the different kinds of workshops and understand the policies regarding each --- information regarding this can be found in Workshop overview and policies.

The call for workshop proposals should request that workshop organizers ask potential members of their proposed program committees to agree to serve, before submitting a workshop proposal. The call for proposals used at recent ACL conferences can be found at recent ACL calls for workshop proposals Before accepting a workshop proposal, the conference workshop chair should check with individual workshop chairs to make sure that the proposed members of the program committee have agreed to serve.

Large SIGs are expected to seek pre-approval for their workshops (see point 14 of the SIG Guidelines, at [1]).

The workshops must be self-financing (at least); profits belong to ACL (an exception is for SIG workshops --- see ACL-policy-on-Sig-workshops).

Sample Calls for Papers for recent ACL workshops from can be found in sample workshop calls for papers.

Proceedings are printed and distributed by the ACL. For formatting (title page, etc.) see workshop-proceedings.