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Student Chair Duties

Conference Handbook - Student Chair Duties

The Student Chairs are responsible for assembling the Student Paper Committee, requesting student papers, selecting appropriate ones, arranging for their presentation (including the format, such as workshop or posters, and if appropriate refreshments, presentation and computer requirements, and all other special needs. In addition, the student workshop chairs are responsible for proposing travel grant recipients --- see policy on general student travel funding

If the student papers are presented in a workshop, then the same general instructions apply as hold for Workshop Chairs (see workshop-chair). Most details are described in the ACL Policy on Workshops (, also reproduced here as ACL-policy-worksp-support.

The workshops must be self-financing (at least); profits belong to ACL, but may (with agreement by the Exec) be used to support invited speakers and students.

Student Program Committee

The Student Chair, in collaboration with the faculty advisor(s) appointed by the ACL Exec, must assemble and submit a list of reviewers to the ACL Exec. After this list has been approved, the Student Chair can invite the reviewers to serve on the Student Program Committee.

Call for Papers

Sample calls for student papers appear in Student Session Call-for-Papers .


Proceedings are printed and distributed by the ACL. For formatting (title page, etc.) see student-workshop-proceedings.