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  1. Administer and oversee the ACL election
  2. Write ACL newsletter
  3. Maintain the ACL web site in conjunction with the person providing ACL web technical support
  4. Maintain and update conference handbook.
  5. Maintain and update ACL policies and procedures.
  6. Maintain ACL constitution
  7. Record minutes at the two Executive Board meetings each year.
  8. Help with setting up agendas for the executive board meetings
  9. Interact with local organizers to arrange ACL executive board dinner
  10. Arrange with local organizers and meeting organizers the various meetings at the ACL conference
  11. Interface with ACL conference committees.
  12. Interact with officers to remind them of tasks to be done.
  13. Update/renew Priscilla's contract and salary.
  14. Handle ACL correspondence


January: remind nominating committee to get nominees for new officers June: collect bios and candidate statements from nominees for officers four-months before conference:

  • Contact various conference chairs about meetings at the conference
  • Student meeting/lunch: local chair and student co-chairs
  • CL editorial board meeting/lunch: local chair and CL editor
  • Exec board meeting/lunch: local chair
  • Exec board dinner: local chair
  • After conference breakfast meeting: local chair

two-months before conference:

  • Arrange menu for executive board dinner
  • Compile list of invitees to executive board meeting and issue invites
  • Compile list of invitees to executive board dinner and issue invites

At conference:

  • Invite additional officer nominations from the membership

One month after conference:

  • Collect bios and candidate statements from additional nominees
  • Establish web page for election
  • Mail ballot to members and conduct electronic election


  • Begin working on ACL newsletter


  • Canvass executive board about office manager's salary for the next year
  • Interact with office manager about salary for the next year and contract


  • Priscilla mails the ACL newsletter


ACL election: It is important that the membership list be complete and up-to-date prior to the election. Thus it is essential to make sure that new memberships received at the ACL conference are included in the membership database immediately after the conference. The election is done electronically, using Perl scripts that have been constructed for that purpose and which are updated from year to year. They should be available from the previous secretary.

ACL newsletter: The easiest way to approach the newsletter is to compile items of interest throughout the year. Much of the newsletter is just updated yearly with new officers, etc. It is best to contact the local chapters to make sure that the newsletter's list of their officers is correct, rather than relying on web sites that might not have been updated after an election. The most recent ACL newsletter can be found at

ACL web site: Currently, Drago Radev provides technical support for the web site hosted; this includes maintaining the acl aliases, mailing lists, interfacing with the host administrators when problems arise, etc. The content of the web page is the responsibility of the ACL secretary, but the ACL archives are maintained by Richard Sproat. The password for the web site can be obtained from the previous secretary.

Officer reminders: With new officers and new executive board members each year, it is often not obvious what each individual's responsibilities are. Thus it is helpful for the secretary to remind the officers and executive committee members of tasks that they are responsible for. For example, the nominating committee needs to be reminded that it often takes much longer than expected to secure a slate of officers for the election and thus that they need to begin working on this in February.

Conference handbook: The conference handbook is currently located at

ACL policies: ACL policies are currently recorded at

ACL officer duties: ACL officer duties are currently recorded at