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(Past Reports)
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* 2009: [[2009Q1 Reports|Q1 Reports]]; [[2009Q3 Reports|Q3 Reports]].
* 2009: [[2009Q1 Reports|Q1 Reports]]; [[2009Q3 Reports|Q3 Reports]].
* 2008: [[2008Q1 Reports|Q1 Reports]]; [[2008Q3 Reports|Q3 Reports]].
* 2008: [[2008Q1 Reports|Q1 Reports]]; [[2008Q3 Reports|Q3 Reports]].
* [http://www.aclweb.org/archive/reports.html Archive of 1993-2007]

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Instructions for 2010Q3 Reporting

  • Please request a wiki account, find the link to the report on the 2009Q3 page, and start editing
  • If your report includes contributions from others, they can edit the report directly or send contributions for you to collate
  • Don't include sensitive information in the public report; instead please email any additional reports in plain text format to admin-2009 at aclweb.org
Conference Reports
  • The general chairs are responsible for compiling the report; please include detailed sections for:
  • program chair: submission data; review process; workshops; tutorials; student workshop; demonstrations; publicity; publications
  • local chair: any changes to local arrangements; progress with finalizing room plan including satellite events; reception and banquet; website; on-site registration process; materials
  • sponsorship chair: local sponsorship; international sponsorship; comparison with budgetted sponsorship level
Secretary Report
  • elections for the exec; LTA
  • website, wiki, anthology
  • summary of resolutions from past year

Past Reports