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Publications Chair Duties

Conference Handbook - Publications Chair Duties

The Publications Chair (or "pub chair" for short) is responsible for producing the entire proceedings of the conference, including the main conference proceedings, companion volume(s), and workshop proceedings. Most of these volumes are actually edited by a separate book chair, responsible for the corresponding event (workshop, demo session, etc.), but the pub chair is responsible for coordinating the whole process. In addition, the pub chair is normally the book chair for at least the main conference proceedings and companion volume.

The production process is greatly facilitated by the ACLPUB package, a set of scripts, templates, and makefiles originally created by Jason Eisner and Philipp Koehn for ACL 2005 and subsequently modified by other pub chairs. The ACLPUB package contains the most up-to-date information on all aspects of the publication process, including all templates and style files, and detailed instructions for authors, book chairs, and pub chairs. It also includes the document How to Serve as Publications Chair for an ACL Conference (put together by Joakim Nivre and Noah Smith based on their experience as pub chairs for ACL-08: HLT). At this writing (2008) the job still depends on some communication between past and current publications chairs, since odd issues and questions will inevitably come up.

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Authors: Joakim Nivre and Noah Smith 2008.