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Program Co-Chair Duties

Conference Handbook - Program Chair Duties

The Program Co-Chairs are responsible for assembling the main conference program. This includes

  • selecting the Program Committee
  • constructing and distributing the Call-for-Papers
  • setting up the mentoring service for authors from countries where English is not the language of scientific exchange
  • overseeing the reviewing process
  • organizing the Program Committee Meeting
  • overseeing the selection of accepted papers
  • communicating the review results to authors
  • overseeing the Best Paper Award
  • selecting invited speakers
  • creating the conference program
  • constructing a program handout
  • communicating with the General Chair and the Executive Committee
  • providing updates to the Program Chair section of the Conference Handbook

Author List Clean-up Code my be helpful

Some suggestions made by Jan Wiebe and Su Jian (program chairs for ACL-AFNLP 2009): program chair suggestions