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Invited Speakers

Conference Handbook - Invited Speakers

ACL typically has three invited talks: two by invited speakers and one by the recipient of the ACL Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • The invited speakers are selected by the program chairs, in consultation with the program committee and the Executive Board.
    • It is suggested that the selection of invited speakers be done as soon as the program committee is formed. If the invited speakers are not selected until the program committee meeting, the desired individuals may not be available for the conference.
    • In selecting invited speakers, it is desirable to select individuals who will expand the knowledge of ACL attendees or who can present a particularly timely lecture.
    • Criteria for selecting an invited speaker should consist of excellent credentials in the area of expertise, good presentation ability, topical subject matter, and subject matter complementary to the topics of the other invited speakers.
  • Invited speakers are provided with round-trip airfare (economy class) from home to the conference, lodging at a reasonable hotel for the duration of the conference, and a banquet ticket; registration fees for the main conference, tutorials, and workshops are waived. Invited speakers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements, keeping all receipts, and submitting originals of receipts to the ACL office for reimbursement.
  • The PC Chairs are responsible for contacting the invited speakers (see sample invitation letter ), scheduling their talks, and discussing with them the above policy on reimbursement.