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Conference Handbook - How to Access the Repository

NB. The ACLPUB package has been incorporated into the START Conference Management software, for end-to-end processing of ACL Proceedings. This software should not be used, starting from 2010.

This is the aclpub package. Please see the doc subdirectory for documentation.


The aclpub package and documentation were built in 2005 by Jason Eisner and Philipp Koehn, based in part on scripts by David Yarowsky that had been used for several years previously.

Use the "cvs log" command to see what changes have been made since then. Please feel free to make further improvements.


Anyone can check out the latest version anonymously as follows: cvs -d checkout aclpub


Publication chairs and other interested users are expected to improve the aclpub package for themselves and future users.

Simply modify your own checked-out copy of the package, and commit those changes back into the CVS repository as appropriate.

To do this, you must obtain a username and password by emailing Jason Eisner <jason at cs dot jhu dot edu> and including "aclpub" in the subject line.

Then specify your password once via cvs -d login This will record password information in ~/.cvspass.

Thereafter, you can run commands that interact with the repository via cvs -d <command> where <command> is something like "checkout", "update", "commit", or "help".


If you want to simplify the above to cvs <command> then just set an environment variable in your shell startup file: export Alternatively, you could simplify to aclcvs <command> by defining a shell alias: alias aclcvs='cvs -d'

We would have preferred to use Subversion instead of CVS, but on many systems only CVS is installed by default. We could switch over in future.