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The instructions have changed from previous conferences. Please read them very carefully.

1. The first author must submit a hardcopy original version of the copyright form (available here) by June 1, 2004, to the address given below at Columbia University. All papers must use this form; you cannot substitute a different form (such as one provided by your company).

2. The "first author" is the first in the list of authors on the camera-ready final version of the paper (starting at the top, left). No substitutes are allowed.

3. No other author should submit the form.

4. The form must be submitted in hardcopy. No fax or electronic submission will be accepted.

5. Print out the form. On the form, fill in the title and the entire author list. Then, for "Name and Address of Organization", fill in the relevant information for the first author. The first author (if he or she is authorized by his or her organization) signs under "Signature(s)" and prints his or her name below. Note that the "(s)" no longer applies, there will only be one signature and one name on these lines. If the first author is authorized by his or her organization to transfer copyright, the last line ("Title(s) (if not Author)") remains blank.

6. If the first author is not authorized by his or her organization to transfer copyright to ACL, a person authorized to do so needs to fill out the last three lines of the form. The first author does not fill out those three lines. (The top part is filled out as described above.) The last line ("Title(s) (if not Author)") should explain the relationship between the signer and the first author (for example "Supervisor of Annegret Richter-Evans").

7. If you would like confirmation that your copyright form has been received, send an email to with as subject line "Copyright: <first author last name>, <first author given name>, <paper title>". We will respond when we get your form. If you send your form early, you can save the express mail fees.

8 If we do not have the hardcopy copyright form for the first author by June 1, 5pm EDT, the paper will not be included in the proceedings.

Address for copyright transfer forms:

Columbia University Department of Computer Science
ATTN: ACL Copyright
1214 Amsterdam Avenue
Mailcode: 0401
New York, NY 10027-7003