ACL Reviewer Guidelines

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The following guidelines can be used by conferences and journals who adopt the ACL Policies on Submission, Review and Citation.

Preserving Double Blind Review

  • Reviewing may involve an online search for related work. However, do not set out to uncover the identity of the authors and try not to let any suspicions regarding author identity affect your judgement. To reduce the risk of bias, it is a good idea to read the paper and draft an initial review before you carry out any online searches that risk discovering authorship. You should be especially careful if an area chair has informed you that a non-anonymized version of the paper is available online.
  • If you do become aware of the authors’ identity (by whatever means), let the area chairs (but not your fellow reviewers) know.
  • If you come across a preprint or paper that has a substantial text overlap with the submission, report this to the area chairs even if the existence of a preprint has been declared, since you do not know whether the authors of the discovered paper are the authors of the submission under review, and so the possibility of plagiarism needs to be considered.