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Sent to Committee Members (managers not included).

Subject: [ACL 2017] Reminder to submit the survey and set up your TPMS profile.

Dear [reviewerFirstName] [reviewerLastName],

Thanks for accepting our invitation to be a reviewer for the upcoming
ACL 2017 in Vancouver!  We are excited to have you onboard as a
reviewer for a total of up to 4 papers (both long and short, as the
deadline for both is joint);.

As a reminder, we need your help in best matching you to appropriate
papers.  The reviewing assignment will feature bidding (on the key
dates of 9-12 February) by you, but historically this is insufficient
information that has resulted in unsatisfactory matching in the past.
 To improve this process, please help us out by following these two
steps, as soon as you can (best by next Wednesday, 18 January):

1) Fill out the survey to help us match you to an area.  This survey
will allow you to enter in your conflict domains, ask for a reduced
load of papers and help declare keywords that you see qualified to
review for.


2) Please also help create or update your Toronto Paper Matching
System (TPMS) profile at:


This system will likely be used in the longer term, to further help
area chairs match you to papers.  You upload papers you have written
to build your profile that will allow the TPMS system to match you to
submissions.  Area chairs will use the automated scores, along with
your bids and your keywords from the survey to assign paper to you.

If you've already finished these two steps, and still received this email, please pardon us; we may be out of sync regarding your responses.  Thank you for your help!  


- Regina and Min
for ACL 2017

P.S. Here is a reminder of the KEY DATES for the reviewing process for ACL 2017:


- Long + short paper joint submission deadline: 6 February
- Paper Bidding: 9-12 February
- Assignments out to reviewers: 13 February
- Reviewing period: 13-27 February (two weeks)
- Reviews due: 27 February
- Author response: 13-15 March
- Reviewers to read author responses, update reviews: 16-20 March
- Notification of acceptance: 30 March
- Camera ready deadline: 15 April

ACL 2017 Long Papers - https://www.softconf.com/acl2017/papers
ACL 2017 Short Papers - https://www.softconf.com/acl2017/shortpapers