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Sent to All authors of non rejected submissions.

Subject: [ACL 2017] Presenter information for all authors


(Our apologies if you receive multiple emails for this reminder)

We hope you are excited about your presentation at ACL 2017!  Everything is coming together and we are looking forward to this exciting event!

Please take note of the following instructions for presenters for the upcoming conference.  As a rule, you may want to check the instructions on the ACL 2017 page for presenters: 


1) VIDEOS: We have hired a professional videographer to record all of the oral presentations at ACL once again this year.  We will make the videos available online after the conference.  Our goal is to improve the dissemination of the scientific materials that are generated for the conference.

What do you need to do?

Beyond creating a great presentation that you will be proud to have other people watch, you don't need to take any further action.  Please do check that the images that you use in your presentations are cleared for dissemination and have been attributed, where possible and applicable. The copyright agreement for the final submission of your paper granted ACL permissions to record your talk and distribute it under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Have feedback or want to opt out?

You can contact Chris Callison-Burch <ccb@upenn.edu>  To simplify the logistics, all talks will be recorded.  If you want to opt out after the conference, you can email Chris to have your talk removed from the archive.

2) TIMING FOR ORALS: Due to the overwhelming number of high quality papers, we have needed to shorten oral presentation timings.

Long paper talks are given 14 minutes plus 4 minutes for questions Short papers are given 10 minutes plus 2 minutes for questions The session chairs will moderate the sessions and ensure timing is adhered to. Papers are spaced apart with a 1 minute interval to provide some time for transitioning between presenters.

Please test your presentations in the break before your session by connecting with the chair for your session. The conference rooms will include 2 screens, projects, an audio system and lighting. There will be no shared computer available to use for presentations so please bring your own laptops. Most screens will have a display ratio of either 16:9 (for most presentations) or 13:7 (for smaller tutorials and workshops). The display connectors for the screens are mostly HDMI with VGA connections being somewhat rare. Please bring any display adapters you might need to connect your laptops to the screens and any audio connectors if you have a non-standard audio-out port.

3) POSTER DIMENSIONS: We are using the same provider as in previous years (e.g., at NAACL 2016).

Poster boards are 4 by 8 feet (121 x 242 cm) in size, and they can accommodate 2’ x 3’ or A0 sized posters in both landscape and portrait formats, or 4’x6’ in landscape format.

The extra space on the side of the poster is intended for the audience to listen to the poster presenter). There will be one poster per side of the board. Posters are likely to be arranged by subject area, so presenters may be co-located near other posters on similar topics.

There’s a local poster printing option for people who want to print their posters in Vancouver, rather than traveling with them. The FedEx office at 779 W Pender St, Vancouver will take your print order remotely and deliver to the hotel. Details of the services are available here: http://local.fedex.com/ca_english/bc/vancouver/office-0489/ .

Have a safe and uneventful trip to Vancouver and see you soon!


Regina and Min, on behalf of
Chris Calliston-Burch, ACL 2017 General Chair