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Sent to Track Chairs.

Subject: [ACL 2017] Area Chairs: Please proofcheck all reviewers' by Friday 7 Jul

Hi all:

We are compiling the final preface and list of reviewers for ACL 2017.  We have compiled the listings from START's list of short, long and secondary reviewers, and previously solicited excellent reviewers to acknowledge from you.

We had trouble matching up names from both lists so there may be some names that are missing in the current acknowledgements.  Do take a few minutes and check that the reviewer pool for your area is properly represented (in the organizers.tex file).

You can find and edit online the organizers.tex file on Overleaf:


(You may need to click "Project" and select "organizers.tex" to get the tex file to show up.  Alternatively, you can let Min know <kanmy@comp.nus.edu.sg> of any edits).

Thank you!

- Regina and Min

P.S. - Thanks to all of you for volunteering for the session chairs' role.  The final assignments are listed on the Chairs' Blog individual posts for each day and on the AC copy of the schedule <link/>.  Please check your assignment if applicable to you.