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Sent to Track Chairs.

Subject: Assignment stage on your own!

Dear [reviewerFirstName] [reviewerLastName],

We are now close to finished with the bidding process.  We just want to recap a few things and also let you know the next steps.

BIDDING: The bidding was started late.  Reviewers who bid early may have also seen all of the papers (not just the ones in your track) and may not have been able to bid on short papers.  That should be fixed now.

TPMS REGISTRATION: we believe only about 30-40% of reviewers have a working TPMS profile that matches their START email address (some reviewers might have other TPMS accounts but may not match what START has on file).

NEXT STEPS: With bidding ending (there's no "official" timing for it
to end), we are turning the conference reviewing duties over to you.
Your track is welcomed to set the start of reviewing season after you
finish assignment, nominally by the 13th, but you can decide among
yourselves when to start (hopefully with 24 hours of that timing),
when you are satisfied with the assignments you have set, taking into
account explicit bids and TPMS calculations (where available).  We'll
send you an email draft (please modify as you see fit) that will be
stored within START that you can use to notify reviewers to start the reviewing

TPMS is a complicated beast, and we will send out a separate email for its usage that we have drafted.  As you know it is being used for the first time this year, and it is definitely rough around the edges.  We appreciate your cooperation in using this system.

In doing the assignments, we hope that you will try to balance for
reviewers' seniority as well as load.  Please also be on the lookout
for reviewers that are not keeping up -- we believe some of the
reviewers may not be checking their emails.

We have now modified the shared PC worksheet at: https://goo.gl/mtR1KV

There is now a sheet for each track (if you'd like to use it, please
do, feel free to ignore if you prefer not), that lists the info provided by the
reviewers in the survey form (inclusive of load limits -- which have already been imported into START -- and other info
-- such as periods of unavailability).  We've also seeded columns in yellow for
you to mark seniority in some way, and two columns for reminders.  As
this is a shared worksheet, you may find it best to copy this
somewhere else, such that you do not have any problems with
confidential info leaking beyond your group of ACs.

As always, we appreciate your constant communication, and where possible, through your meta ACs to keep intra track communications productively among yourselves :D  

- Regina and Min