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Sent to Track Chairs.

Subject: [ACL 2017] Area Chairs: Help to review the schedule and select best papers by **Fri 26 May**

Dear [reviewerFirstName] [reviewerLastName],

Greetings!  We are close to the final step of publishing the conference schedule after some work to consolidate the schedule consideration.  We would like to now share with you the preliminary schedule: 

[Please do not share with others outside the AC Pool]

This is a work in progress and demands your participation to ensure that a good schedule is found.  There are *two* things we need your assistance with that needs your attention.  

Meta chairs, please help accomplish these tasks by Friday, 26 May.  They should take less than an hour to complete.  The instructions are summarized here, but also described on the Notes sheet in the above link.

1) Outstanding Papers.  This is the select the pool of high quality papers that will be chosen at the outstanding paper sessions on the last day of the main conference (Wed).  They must be rated 4 or above, read by ACs to ensure that they are quality submissions, and be nominated by at least one reviewer.  TACL papers do not quality.  At most ~5% of papers should be nominated.  We ask that ACs refrain from nominating their own papers, letting their co-ACs to nominate if they feel ok (you may write Min directly for problems with COI).

A few (1-3) will be selected by a separate best paper committee that will be convening soon.

2) Help organize the sessions for your area.  Move papers to other sessions belonging to your area, if any, and change presentation mode if needed.  You may only edit papers that belong to your area.  Cross area changes should be done by the PC chairs.

In the worksheet change the session ID as appropriate.  For cross area suggestions (e.g., cross area suggestions, such as swapping sessions), please write below in the notes or add a note or comment to the paper in the worksheet.

- Regina and Min
ACL 2017