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Sent to Track Chairs.


Dear [reviewerFirstName] [reviewerLastName]:

Hope your ACL submissions went well.  We received approximately 827
long and 588 short paper submissions.  These are before our work in
deleting duplicate and erroneous submissions (approximately 3-5% of
the papers), which we are going to do soon.

It's now time to get your reviewers and papers in order for bidding
which starts on the 9th.  **Today** we need your work to validate the
assigned submissions and reviewers to your area, which needs to be
completed in one day to facilitate subsequent bidding. This requires
your attention to both reviewers and submissions, and of course, their
intersection.  Let's go over these in a bit more detail.

1. [SUBMISSIONS] START has automatically propagated submissions into
your tracks, based on the authors' selection.  It's your turn to check
that the submissions do actually fit in your track.  Decide whether
any papers do not fit in your area and help us figure out where they
should go to instead.

2. [REVIEWERS] We've also moved the bulk of the reviewers into your
respective track committees.  Please do familiarise yourselves with
their expertise and check that they should belong to your area (A
fraction of reviewers have yet to be assigned but will move there
after additional consolidation from our side).  Again, if they don't
belong on your area, please let us know.

3. [INTERSECTION] Importantly, in the shared spreadsheet,
, in the 'A Stats' worksheet, please note columns H and I, which tell
you a rough surplus/shortfall of reviewers needed to cover your area
(but please do your own calculations too on this).  This is based on
the maximum load that your currently assigned reviewers can take --
defaulting to '4' when no input was given -- minus the needed 3
reviews per paper.

If you area has a shortfall, please invite additional reviewers,
checking the 'R' sheet in the above shared worksheet to ensure that
those reviewers you want to add have not been assigned to other areas.
In your invitations, please include (CC:) Min <kanmy@comp.nus.edu.sg>
so that we can have a complete record of the total number of

If your area can go through the papers and check for gross formatting
problems, duplications and submission violations, please feel free to.
We understand that it may not be possible to do this in a short period
of time, and we can pass these duties partially onto the reviewers or
deal with this later at the bidding stage..

We will start the bidding on the 9th, late, and will be sending you
more instructions on the review process and the integration of TPMS