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Sent to Track Chairs.

Subject: [ACL 2017] Area Chairs: Volunteers for Session Chairs (just 5 mins, please answer by Friday 16 Jun, if possible)

Dear [reviewerFirstName] [reviewerLastName]:

On behalf of the program co-chairs and organizing committee, we'd like to thank you for volunteering your time and effort in the area chairing process for ACL 2017.

We are now in the midst of preparing for the conference, and we're writing to solicit volunteers for session chairs during the conference.  Here is the link the same preliminary conference schedule worksheet, now updated for your input.


You can write in your names into the spreadsheet cells directly indicating that you want to chair (or be a backup).  Sessions will be filled first come, first served.  Just follow the worksheet tabs to the individual dates spreadsheets and indicate which session you'd be able to chair.  You can also indicate that any session is fine or that any session on a particular date is fine on the "Notes" worksheet -- we'll then assign you as we can to cover duties.  Please make your inputs in the areas with a gold background.  Note that we need two session chairs for Sessions 7A, 7B due to their lengths.

If you may not be able to assist but have colleagues whom are attending ACL and willing to chair, you can also let us know (via reply to Min <kanmy@comp.nus.edu.sg>, to ask them).  We will approach them in a second round if needed.

Every oral presentation session needs a session chair (32 of them), and we need to session chairs to commit to getting to the session early, signal whether speakers will use their own laptops or put their slides on a provided laptop before the session starts, have questions prepared in case no one else has any and ask questioners to introduce themselves).  It's always nice to see the authors of the papers you shepherded all the way through the process make it to the stage for presentation.

We will attempt to get this done soon (by Friday 16 Jun), so that names of session chairs can go into the handbook, and on the website to help authors of oral papers know whom to approach for coordination. 
Thanking you yet again for your hard work!

Regina and Min
ACL 2017

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ACL 2017 Short - https://www.softconf.com/acl2017/shortpapers