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Sent to Track Chairs.

Subject: [ACL 2017] Thank you and group picture on Wednesday directly after business meeting

Dear [reviewerFirstName:Area] [reviewerLastName:Chair]

Congratulations on our successful venture on putting together the great scientific programme for ACL 2017!   We put on a number of experiments this year that were successful, largely due to your unwavering support and willingness to be part of something pioneering.

We wish to extend a personal note of thanks to all of you for your hard work, and for many of you, in playing multiple roles in helping with meta area chairing, session chairing, blog author and commenter, best paper selection, among others.

As a parting task/gift/responsibility, we invite you to join us to take a **group photograph directly after the business meeting on Wednesday, 2:30pm**.  Please come to the front of the venue (Salons D/E/F) . This will be posted with an "official" thanks post on the ACL PC Chairs' blog.