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Sent to Track Chairs. CC:ed to [notify]

Subject: acronymYR: Track chair information Dear [reviewerFirstName] [reviewerLastName]: Thanks for agreeing to be an area chair for ACL 2017! We have a new public letter for all of you to read: http://wp.me/p819z9-4d There are some points here that merit discussion from you and we are inviting your comments and feedback on these points. You can comment directly on the blog, or on social media reposts to Facebook or Twitter -- we'll try to monitor those as well. We know we owe a few of you replies with respect to your earlier comments that we may have not addressed in our replies to you (sorry about that!) and if that's the case, we'd invite you to write your concerns publicly if you're ok with that. Of course, if you have any problems that you'd like to air in private, please do correspond with us directly and we'll be happy to respond as best as we can. Best regards, Regina and Min for ACL 2017 <acl17chairs@gmail.com> P.S. We're in the midst of writing up another post that will list all current ACs (of course, including you), along with some of the current statistics on the AC nomination process. You should see that soon! [acronymYR] [localURL]