2017Q3 Reports: SIGSEM

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The SIGSEM board

The current board is composed of:

  • Johan Bos (President);
  • Katrin Erk (Secretary);
  • Marco Baroni (Information Officer);
  • Gemma Boleda (Information Officer);
  • Alexander Koller (Information Officer);
  • Matthew Purver (Information Officer).

The contact addresses of the board members are here.

Past and Future Elections

Elections were held in the spring of 2017. The new boards members will start to serve after the summer break.


The current SIGSEM membership counts around 800 members. We have started cleaning up the database with members, by removing registered members whose email addresses aren't valid anymore after a couple of email bounces, of people who we can't reach otherwise. There is an active, moderated mailinglist. Our website, [http://www.sigsem.org SIGSEM], is wiki-based and is regularly updated by SIGSEM's information officers.

Major SIGSEM Events: IWCS and *SEM

The next IWCS will take place in September 2017 in Montpellie, France. The *SEM events are jointly organized by SIGSEM and SIGLEX. *SEM-2017 will take place in Vancouver, Canada, collocated with ACL.

Endorsed events in 2016

  • *SEM-2016: Fifth Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics, Berlin, Germany, August 11/12
  • NLCS 2016: Fourth Workshop on Natural Language and Computer Science, New York City, NY, July 10 2016.
  • DSALT: Distributional Semantics and Linguistic Theory, an ESSLLI 2016 Workshop. Bolzano, Italy, August 15-19, 2016.