2017Q3 Reports: SIGMOL

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SIGMOL is the special interest group on mathematics of language, which refers to the study of mathematical structures and methods that are of importance to the study of language.


Biennial Meeting

The main activity of the SIG is the organization of the biennial meeting “Mathematics of Language (MOL)”. The most recent meeting, MOL 2017, was held at Queen Mary University of London July 13-14 (http://mol-wollic2017.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/mol2017/); the chair of the local organizing committee was Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh. The meeting received 23 submissions, 11 of which were accepted for presentation. The proceedings of the meeting, which included two papers by invited speakers, was published in the ACL Anthology. The next meeting is planned for 2019, with precise dates and location to be determined by the end of 2017.

Kuroda Prize

The SIG awards the S.-Y. Kuroda Prize for Lasting Contributions to the Mathematics of Language. The award process is controlled by a SIG by-law. The 2017 prize was awarded to James Rogers of Earlham College (http://www.molweb.org/award-2017.html). The award ceremony was held during MOL 2017.

Members and Officers

As of 2017-07-14 SIGMOL has 274 registered members. Its current officers are president Philippe de Groote (INRIA Nancy, France) and vice president Makoto Kanazawa (National Institute of Informatics, Japan). The term of Makoto Kanazawa will end when a new vice president is elected in early 2018. The term of Philippe de Groote will end at the next business meeting of the SIG, which will be held during the next biennial meeting of the association (MOL 2019). At that time the vice president will take over the duties of the president and the outgoing president will take over the duties of the vice president.

Makoto Kanazawa, 2017-07-15