2017Q3 Reports: SIGHAN

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SIGHAN Officers

The SIGHAN officers serve from April 15, 2016 until April 14, 2018. The current board consists of:

  • Chair - Min ZHANG (Soochow University)
  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect - Nianwen XUE (Brandeis University)
  • Treasurer - SUN Le (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Secretary/Web Master - Gina-Anne LEVOW (University of Washington)


We are now preparing for the ninth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing to be held in conjunction with IJCNLP 2017 on December 1, 2017. The workshop will feature high quality papers in all aspects of Chinese language processing. The workshop will also feature Bakeoff shared tasks on important challenges tasks for Chinese language processing. The workshop organizing committee includes Yue Zhang (Singapore University of Technology and Design) and Zhifang Sui (Peking University). Zhifang Sui is also coordinating the Bakeoff events.