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SIGANN membership remains at about 250.


Nancy Ide and Adam Meyers were re-elected to the President and Secretary positions in 2014. Another election will be held later this year.


The SIGANN Committee is comprised of past and present Program Committee Chairs for SIGANN's annual workshop, the Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW). The committee currently includes Stefanie Dipper, Annemarie Friedrich, Chu-Ren Huang, Nancy Ide, Lori Levin, Adam Meyers, Antonio Pareja-Lora, Massimo Poesio, Sameer Pradhan, Ines Rehbein, Nathan Schneider, Manfred Stede, Katrin Tomanek, Fei Xia, Nianwen Xue, and Heike Zinsmeister.


The SIG's major activity is the organization of the annual workshop. In 2016 the Tenth Linguistic Annotation Workshop was held in conjunction with ACL in Berlin, Germany. The 2016 workshop marked LAW's tenth anniversary. The Eleventh Linguistic Annotation Workshop was held in Valencia, Spain, in conjunction with EACL.

Website and mailing list

We have a working website that lists upcoming events of interest to our members and links to LAW proceedings. We have a listserv list that is used for notices and discussion; this will be moved to google groups later this year.