2017Q3 Reports: NAACL 2018

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NAACL 2018


Conference chair: Marilyn Walker Program chairs: Heng Ji and Amanda Stent

The conference website will be at: naacl2018.org

GC and PC co-chairs are in contact with their counterparts for ACL 2018 and Coling 2018 to coordinate deadlines.

Dates and Location

NAACL 2018 will take place in a city in the US in June 2018. We are finalizing a contract with the hotel and will announce precise dates & location when the contract is signed.

After much discussion regarding hampered travel across the borders of the US (for people arriving from abroad but also for citizens of other countries living in the US), the NAACL board decided to schedule 2018 and 2019 in the US, given that ACL 2017 is in Canada and most of the chapter membership resides in the US. We also took note of the fact that ACL 2018 and 2019 will be outside the US, and EMNLP 2018 will likely be as well.