2017Q3 Reports: Conference Handbook Chair

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Conference Handbook Chair

Christian Federmann, Microsoft

On the advise of the ACL 2016 organizers, we create a new chair position this year to be in charge of assembling the printed conference handbook. Christian Federmann performed the role this year. Here is his report:

To create the conference handbook, I realized on several resources that were created by Matt Post. I followed the recommendations in his [Handbook_chair_duties | handbook chair duties description] that is available from the ACL Wiki, and used the source code and scripts that was developed for previous ACL handbooks available on Github. Based on an email discussion with Priscilla, Matt, Drago and others, I created a timeline for handbook creation. For handbook production, I blocked off time during June 30 through July 13 to ensure that the main conference materials' integration process went smoothly. I identified a list of external inputs for the handbook and set deadlines for myself to collect materials and approach respective contacts. Based on discussions with the publication chairs, sponsors and OmniPress, we ended up with the following production timeline for the ACL 2017 handbook:

  • 6/08: Ping sponsors about their print ads, due by June 30
  • 6/15: Workshop materials collected from organizers
  • 6/30: Final proceedings available from publication chairs
  • 7/01: Start building final handbook
  • 7/13: Final handbook to OmniPress for printing
  • 7/13: Printing starts
  • 7/20: Shipping handbook to Vancouver
  • 7/27: Printed handbook arrives in Vancouver

Sharan Freundschuh Atak <sfreunds@gmail.com> is the designer who provided the design for front cover of the handbook and the layout of the sponsor logos for the back cover.