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ACL 2019 - report by Marti Hearst

In 2019 there will be an ACL conference in the Europe/Middle East/Africa region.

Coordinating Committee

The conference coordinating committee is:

  • Marti Hearst (chair; ACL past president in 2019) hearst@berkeley.edu
  • Shiqi Zhao (ACL secretary) zhaoshiqi.acl@gmail.com
  • Graeme Hirst (ACL treasurer) gh@cs.toronto.edu
  • Yejin Choi (ACL board) yejin@cs.washington.edu
  • Priscilla Rasmussen (ACL business officer) acl@aclweb.org
  • Walter Daelemans (EACL representative) eacl-chair@aclweb.org
  • Lucia Specia (EACL representative) eacl-secretary@aclweb.org
  • Sharon Goldwater (EACL representative) sgwater@inf.ed.ac.uk
  • Mike Rosner (EACL representative) eacl-treasurer@aclweb.org

The committee email list address is: acl19cc@aclweb.org.


We received three draft bids by March 15, which were later resubmitted as final bids by May 1, after all bidders had received extensive feedback from the coordinating committee. Site visits took place from June 11-18, and an extensive report was written comparing the bids. The coordinating committee discussed the report and asked the bidders a few clarifying questions. A vote was taken and the coordinating committee chose one site unanimously. Bidders were notified on July 13.

The venue dates are now confirmed for July 28th till August 2nd, 2019.

The most important immediate steps ahead of us are:

  • Set up website (local chair in collaboration with ACL webmaster)
  • Finalize dates and sign contracts (local chair, treasurer, coordinating committee)
  • Appoint general chair (coordinating committee)

These tasks should be completed as soon as possible. The next milestone after that is in January 2018, when the coordinating committee should appoint program chairs.