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ACL 2018 - report by Joakim Nivre

In 2018 there will be an ACL conference in Melbourne, Australia. The conference will take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with local organisers from the University of Melbourne. The dates are: July 15-20, 2018.

Coordinating Committee

The conference coordinating committee is:

  • Joakim Nivre (chair; ACL past president in 2018) joakim.nivre@lingfil.uu.se
  • Shiqi Zhao (ACL secretary) zhaoshiqi.acl@gmail.com
  • Graeme Hirst (ACL treasurer) gh@cs.toronto.edu
  • Yejin Choi (ACL board) yejin@cs.washington.edu
  • Priscilla Rasmussen (ACL business officer) acl@aclweb.org
  • Pascale Fung (AFNLP representative) pascale@ece.ust.hk
  • Haizhou Li (AFNLP representative) hli@i2r.a-star.edu.sg
  • Yuji Matsumoto (AFNLP representative) matsu@is.naist.jp
  • Jong Park (AFNLP representative) park@cs.kaist.ac.kr

Key Organizers:

  • Claire Cardie, general chair, <cardie@cs.cornell.edu>
  • Iryna Gurevych, program co-chair, <gurevych@ukp.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
  • Yusuke Miyao, program co-chair, <yusuke@nii.ac.jp>
  • Tim Baldwin, local co-chair, <tbaldwin@unimelb.edu.au>
  • Karin Verspoor, local co-chair, <Karin.Verspoor@unimelb.edu.au>
  • Trevor Anthony Cohn, local co-chair <t.cohn@unimelb.edu.au>

The committee email list address is: acl18cc@aclweb.org.


In the last report, we reported on the appointment of Claire Cardie as general chair for the conference, the signing of the contract with Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the establishment of the conference website at acl2018.org.

Since that report:

  • We are very pleased to announce that Iryna Gurevych and Yusuke Miyao has accepted our invitation to the program co-chairs for the conference.
  • The general chair has recruited additional conference chairs, including workshop chairs, tutorial chairs, demo chairs, publication chairs, and faculty advisors for the SRW.
  • The local co-chairs have appointed a publicity chair, a handbook chair, local sponsorship chairs, and an exhibits coordinator.

Upcoming tasks

We hope to finish these goals in the next couple of weeks to months:

  • Presentation and video of ACL 2018 for presentation at ACL 2017 (responsible: local co-chairs).
  • Set up an email address for conference chairs (responsible: general chair).
  • Make contact with the international sponsorship committee (responsible: local co-chairs).
  • Finalize program chairs' timetable of calls, paper due dates etc. (responsible: program co-chairs).

After that, key tasks are:

  • Develop conference budget. Estimate registration dates and costs (responsible: general chair, local chairs, and Priscilla).
  • Create call for papers, work on finding area chairs and invited speakers (responsible: program chairs).