2017Q1 Reports: ACL 2020

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ACL 2020 will be held in America, in collaboration with NAACL as usual. The mailing list acl20cc@aclweb.org has been set up with Ming as owner and with Shiqi and Emily as addressees.

The ACL 2020 Coordinating Committee, made up of 5 members of the Executive Committee of the ACL and 4 members from NAACL, has been proposed.

From NAACL (confirmed):

  • Emily M. Bender, University of Washington, Chair (2016-2017);
  • Colin Cherry, National Research Council Canada, Secretary (2016-2017);
  • Joel Tetreault, Yahoo Labs, Treasurer (2017-2018);
  • Julia Hockenmaier, University of the Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

From ACL:

  • Ming Zhou, Microsoft Research Asia, China, Vice-President-Elect (2017);
  • Shiqi Zhao, Baidu, China, Secretary (2016-2020);
  • Graeme Hirst, University of Toronto, Canada, Treasurer (2013-2017);
  • Yejin Choi, University of Washington, USA (conference officer);
  • Priscilla Rasmussen, ACL business manager.

The plan is to have the call for bids ready for distribution after this year's ACL conference.