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EACL Report, January 2014

Stephen Clark, Chair

Lluis Marquez, Chair-Elect

Caroline Sporleder, Secretary

Mike Rosner, Treasurer

EACL 2014

Report by Stephen Clark

Progress continues to be very good, with the conference now only a few months away. A large number of long paper submissions were received, which were expertly handled by the Program Chairs Sharon Goldwater and Stefan Riezler, and the team of Area Chairs. 78 papers were accepted, 25% of all submissions. Short paper submissions are currently being reviewed. The indications are that we will have a strong technical program. There will also be a diverse set of 6 tutorials, and 15 associated workshops. Shuly Wintner continues to do an outstanding job as General Chair.

Financial Report

Report by Mike Rosner

Financial Report

Report by Mike Rosner


    31-Dec-12					 6,782
    Avignon surplus                              2,848
    EACL Sponsorship			        -1,681	
    31-Dec-13                                    7,949                                                            

EACL Sponsorships

Five students were sponsored for ACL 2013, for up to 500 Euro each, in line with the EACL Sponsorship Policy. The five students were nominated by the ACL Student Research Workshop (SRW) Chairs. We have also advertised sponsorship for EACL 2014, and again have asked the EACL SRW Chairs to handle the applications and make nominations to the Board.

EACL Officers per January 1, 2014

Chair: Stephen Clark (University of Cambridge, UK)

Chair-Elect: Lluis Marquez (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)

Secretary: Caroline Sporleder (Trier University, Germany)

Treasurer: Mike Rosner (University of Malta, Malta)

Advisory Board:

Frank Keller (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Alexander Koller (University of Potsdam, Germany)

Vivi Nastase (FBK, Italy)

Kemal Oflazer (Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar)

Student Board:

Desmond Elliott (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Douwe Kiela (University of Cambridge, UK)

Ivan Vulic (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)